[2][3][4] but is willing to Summon "Utopia" if the opponent demands it. After teaming up with Ray Shadows to defeat the Barians, Yuma received a few cards of Barian origin to augment his Deck. The first two rewards are cards that come from the Duel Construct's Deck and the third reward is a recipe for their Deck. ZEXAL will be coming to its hit PC and mobile game Yu-Gi-Oh! In addition, Yuma has also added in a large amount of Card Advantage cards and monsters with effects that can be activated from the Graveyard or hand, such as "Tasuke Knight" and "Damage Mage" respectively. Duelists can kindle the spirit of Yami Yugi, Jaden Yuki, Yusei Fudo and other beloved characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is available for free at the App Store® for iPad®, iPhone® and iPod touch®, Google Play™ for Android™ devices, and for PC via Steam. Duel Links in real-life can try out Speed Dueling, the new way to play the Yu-Gi-Oh! Ouroboros, Wicked Dragon of Destruction!! So I´ve done a little research, at it seems that the reason Yuma has a new English voice is because Eli James, who dubbed him in the anime, has traded in his voice actor career for a new one in politics, so he allegedly isn´t interested in recording any lines for any show or videogames ever again. After defeating Nash, Astral obtained all 100 "Numbers." Anonymous Reply. Based on the official Yu-Gi-Oh! The act 2 features Yuma Tsukumo ( Tasuku Hatanaka) vs. Reginald Kastle ( … He reserves his ace card, "Number 39: Utopia" and its upgraded form "Number C39: Utopia Ray" for intense Duels against other Number holders. 5D's. When Yuma's opponent is not wielding a "Number" or "Chaos Xyz" card themselves, Yuma often refrains from using his "Numbers". Zexal, and Tasuku Hatanaka is the Japanese voice. Like before, he largely relies on his "Syllable" archetypes such as "Gagaga" and "Gogogo", sporting new support and members for them alike such as "Chachaka Archer" and "Zubaba Buster". He used a Wooden Training Deck[6] consisting of "Statue" versions of "Dark Magician" monsters and other wooden cards from the latter's Duel Sanctuary card collection. So expect some recreations ^^. The Yu-Gi-Oh! It is supported with a lot of ATK increasing cards such as "Wonder Wand" and Trap Cards which protect his monsters from destruction such as "Bye Bye Damage". Zexal cast of characters. After fusing with Astral to form ZEXAL II, Yuma used Shining Evolution to transform "Limited Barian's Force" into "Numeron Force", which has the ability to upgrade "Number 39: Utopia" into "Number C39: Utopia Ray Victory". Duel Links Yuma Tsukumo Yu-Gi-Oh! Jay's first major role in Yu-Gi-Oh! Ghost Girl had annoying negates in Altergeist and even Revolver with his Rokkets displaying an array of multiple draconic negations. This card can be seen when Yuma modifies the Deck in, This card is discarded via the effect of ", This card is sent from his hand to the Graveyard via the effect of, This card can be seen on Yuma's desk as he examines the cards he received from Ray in. *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. VIEW OLDER REPLIES. Yuma Tsukumo is a Duelist Construct of Yuma Tsukumo from the Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duel Opera is an event that was held on JUMP Festa 2020. Community content is available under. Cornwell had to work at home. content to deliver the fun and excitement of the series to customers around the globe. As a Duelist Construct, his appearance is based on Yuma Tsukumo, and the outfit is one of the few clothes that Yuma wore and used when he is not wearing his Heartland Academy uniform in the Yu-Gi-Oh! It contains some support for his "Gagaga" monsters later on. Duel Links and allows players to become their favorite characters through the introduction of Skill Cards. Eli Jay is an English language voice actor for 4Kids Entertainment. Yuma Tsukumo & Astral, Tori Meadows and Bronk Stone can be unlocked by completing Character Unlock Missions, progressing in the ZEXAL world and playing secret missions. As he and Yuma were Dueling over the fate of Barian World, Astral naturally decided to keep the "Numbers" to himself during their Duel. However, as he gathers the "Numbers," Yuma's Deck slowly matures, especially after he receives cards from the Duel Sanctuary. In the beginning of the series, Yuma's Deck was very basic containing a random assortment of monsters with no central strategy tying them together. (by Kazuki Takahashi), which was serialized in SHUEISHA Inc.’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from 1996 and is now on the seventh iteration of the “Yu-Gi-Oh!” animated series (currently airing on TV Tokyo-affiliated channels). Noah provided the voice of Yuma Tsukumo in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links on September 29th. Zexal.” But just like most other interactions during the pandemic, even this job would be altered. Duel Generation. Around his neck, he is wearing a special pendent known as the Golden Key, and that key was given to him by his missing father Kazuma Tsukumo. franchise in competitive card battle action. In the new ZEXAL world, Duelists can now use Xyz Summoning to bring powerful Xyz Monsters to the field. “Xyz Summoning Introduced with Yuma Tsukumo and Astral Joining the Duel Links Universe”. 1. Every boy has a dream. Duel Links on September 29 th. Today we’ll be looking at the three biggest ones and how they have fared so far. His WDC profile lists his Deck's name as "Xyz One Turn Kill"[10][11] as he heavily focuses on using Xyz Monsters and normally wipes out of his opponent's remaining Life Points in the final turn. ZEXAL anime series. 58. The ZEXAL world introduces characters from the ZEXAL manga and animated series into the Duel Links universe. ZEXAL.1 He supports the cards with Spell and Trap Cards both new and old, including more Counter Trap Cards. Yu-Gi-Oh! This card can be seen among five opening cards on his pillar. For Yuma, his dream is to become the world’s greatest duelist. His voice is more annoying in Duel Links than it is in Zexal. The successor to the Yu-Gi-Oh!