Since the 1990s, the Yamaha Pacifica series has been one of the best received and most popular affordable electric guitars. 21 frets, 5 position blade, volume, tone, S/S/H pickups. It has been the first electric of many a player, myself included, and even the cheaper models have topped our list of best electric guitar starter packs.. Yamaha PAC112J Pacifica Electric Guitar - Yellow Natural Satin 6-string Solidbody Electric with Alder Body, Maple Neck, Rosewood Fingerboard, and Two Single-coil and One Humbucking Pickup - Natural Rated 4.5/5 1 review Write your review Item ID: PAC112JNT Solid Alder Body, Maple Neck, Rosewood Fingerboard, Strat Style Double Cutaway. Yamaha guitars are just like the professional outfit a CEO might wear or the sneakers a basketball legend might use for a game. This article seeks to compare two great models the Yamaha Pacifica 012 Vs 112. The aim is to hep you decide which is best for you.