Big Barda was a major player in the Batman Beyond episodes "The Call Part I & II." Big Barda Her green power ring was fused to her Mother Box, making her a rather unusual Green Lantern. : Popular pages. You guys play awfully rough. Barda forms a defense-training program for women called the New Female Furies. Well kid, I gotta admit. When she discovered that wrestling competitions were staged, she formed a team of fellow wrestlers and decided to train them to become the New Female Furies. Though naive regarding Earth customs, Barda relishes her roles of wife and housekeeper. Barda appears in the web serie, voiced by Misty Lee. After the wedding the couple briefly returned to New Genesis, but later settled on Earth with the intention of giving up both being superheroes and being show business performers for the purpose of living a normal life. : Big Barda made a cameo in the second part of the two-part episode called Apokolips... Now! Big Barda is an Apokoliptian warrior who is a member of Justice League Unlimited. No mention was made of Mister Miracle. | Around 250 years ago, on the hellish planet known as Apokolips, Big Breeda gave birth to a daughter whom she named Barda. Mega-rodArmor However, they soon return to Earth and take up temporary residence aboard the Justice League Refuge. She was a stern combatant who never gave any quarter, even in a training session. But they soon returned to Earth and took up residence in the Justice League Refuge. Barda's anger was, however, tempered down when Warhawk revealed himself to be alive and well. And now you're accusing him of murder. In an attempt to dissuade their successful pursuit, Manga Khan hired Lobo, paying him in dolphin feed, to kill them. Miracle, though they had to call in the rest of the Justice League International for help. Barda lent her Mother Box to Aquagirl who boom-tubed the creatures back to their home planet. But what Darkseid wants is the last part of his Anti-Life equation machine that is in posesion. She proves to be a Hero despite Lady Shiva mistrust. In Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Strikes Again, as America descends into anarchy and chaos, a former porn star called Hot Gates (a reference to Miller's 300 comic) takes up the mantle of "Big Barda" in order to declare herself dictator of Columbus, Ohio. She is part of the New Gods of New Genesis and is present during the peace pact that Highfather and Darkseid reach, symbolized by the union in matrimony of Bekka and Orion. In Mark Waid's Kingdom Come, where Orion overthrew Darkseid and became the ruler of Apokolips, Barda (now sporting an eye-patch) and Scott Free worked to teach the 'lowies' to think for themselves, with Orion's approval. Voiced by: Barda as a member of the Justice League Unlimited. Miracle and train Shilo Norman to take his place. He never made it past part-timer. [she punches Batman across the room, sending him smashing into a nearby console. Wonder Woman was originally intended to be featured, but the producers were unable to get the rights to portray her, so they settled with Barda instead. [uses her ring to conjure up a magnifying glass to get a closer look]  This gives Barda a level of strength roughly parallel to Wonder Woman as well as a high resistance to injury approaching invulnerability. Superman Before returning home, Big Barda slugged Granny Goodness for all the grief she had put them through.[3]. Release Dates Real name: Big Barda Once Mageddon is defeated, Barda and Orion resign from the JLA.[1][20]. You're saying you want me with you full-time? It was during her association with the Furies that she first encountered the son of New Genesis' Highfather, Scott Free. Batman Big Barda Her dedication to Darkseid shaken by what happened to Auralie and experiencing emotions she'd never felt before - emotions stirred up by Scott Free - Barda eventually decided to leave Apokolips as well. Big Barda was seen in " Elseworld's Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl.". She is voiced by Misty Lee. Chapter 3 gives an origin story for Barda similar to her canonical mainstream comic book continuity storyline, but sets the events later so that in the Beyond universe she was born later and didn't join the Justice League until Superman had already visibly aged and begun wearing the black and white costume he sports in the Beyond stories. Big Barda [14] In one instance, while training Fire, her weapon, the Mega-Rod, is stolen from her car. Soon after, Big Breeda revealed to Barda that she was her mother. When Superman recruited the new Batmaninto the JLU without consulting with them first, Barda and the other Leaguers took it rather pers… Barda appears in DC's Batman Beyond comics that were loosely based on the animated series: Justice League Beyond and Superman Beyond: Man of Tomorrow, where, as in the animated series, she belongs to the Justice League during the tenure of Terry McGinnis as Batman. [15], After their time with the JLI, the two leave Earth for New Genesis,[16] but, they soon return[17] and take up temporary residence aboard the Justice League Refuge.