"Respectful of the BOP and the legislation.". Richards wants to help move these conversations along in Virginia so patients don't encounter this to get their medicine. More:Pain over politics: How this Staunton Republican became an advocate for medical marijuana, "This is something they choose to do," says Richards. Green Leaf Medical, which will service Richmond and surrounding counties, recently finished up their first medical marijuana harvest and is currently processing the drug into multiple products. Certifying medical marijuana isn't done on a prescription pad. Given hospital medical marijuana policies in Virginia look like they are written in pencil, Richards will meet with administrators to answer questions that may have already surfaced in other states further down the road implementing medical cannabis programs. "Certification is very different," he says. Virginia marijuana news and information. It means a registered patient will have a medical marijuana certificate from the Virginia Board of Pharmacy that provides an "affirmative defense" that defeats or mitigates legal consequences. "We have to plant the plants," Richards said. The additional facilities, Green Leaf, Columbia Care and Beyond/Hello are preparing for operation but have not yet provided official opening dates. In Virginia, everything that the medical marijuana dispensaries do must go through the Virginia Board of Pharmacy approval process. The more patients that take these steps, that's where we've seen pushes of doctors wanting to get educated.". This means you have to wait until the five dispensaries opening in the state are ready to provide medical cannabis to patients. According to projections by the Marijuana Business Factbook, first-year sales are expected to reach $9 million in Virginia. That means it is safe. Virginia. You can't go to D.C. to get your medicine. They may have exhausted traditional medicine that hasn't helped them. BRISTOL, Va. (WWBT) - The first medical cannabis dispensary is set to open in Virginia on Saturday. Virginia Medical Marijuana Dispensaries To Begin Opening Soon, will sell cannabis oils, vape products, lozenges, capsules and more with single doses capped at, sales are expected to reach $9 million in Virginia. The Virginia Board of Pharmacy has established five zones that will each have five pharmaceutical processors operating so patients across Virginia have access to medical cannabis. To put it simply, it means they need to pass inspection or they won't be able to sell medical marijuana in Virginia. Earlier this year, Virginia lawmakers deferred allowing the state’s medical cannabis industry to give patients raw, smokable flowers in addition to THC and CBD oils and extracts, which are currently allowed. Other practitioners who specialize in medical cannabis may charge a fee to certify medical marijuana. To access medical cannabis in Virginia, patients have to register so click here for some steps to help you out with the process. Home. Virginia dispensaries will sell cannabis oils, vape products, lozenges, capsules and more with single doses capped at 10 milligrams of THC. There is no deadline for when the products must be registered with the board. The letter went on to clarify that CBD products sold in stores are likely produced from industrial hemp and are not regulated by the BOP. Another issue that physicians and hospitals deal with is insuring themselves and legal considerations. "They have to grow.". Virginia’s medical marijuana program is preparing for its launch as dispensaries are anticipated to begin opening this year. More:Roadblocks limit Virginia patient access to marijuana. Dharma Pharmaceuticals will open in Bristol at 9 a.m. to registered patients on Oct. 17. What You Get Using Veriheal in Virginia . click here for some steps to help you out with the process. According to D.C. Health division of medical marijuana and integrative therapy in their health regulation and licensing administration: "Virginia is not included because Virginia does not have a medical marijuana program.