The Greeks have staked-out their own scrumptious sausage category with Loukaniko, a pork sausage that has an unexpected twist: citrus peel. Thanks, I was just assuming pork. like a long thing where you get cuts of it. The sausage will then be stuffed into its casing and sold without being smoked. The word kielbasa is fairly well-known around the world, but most people don’t realize it’s actually the Polish word for “sausage” and refers to many types of sausages in Poland. Have questions? A Quick Guide to Sausages From Around the World. Ask fellow pitmasters! You can grill it and serve it as part of mezze, or enjoy it in a gyro, slathered in tzatziki and feta cheese. Italian sausage, brats, just simple salt and pepper? Cookies help us deliver our Services. It’s typically made from pork, but you’ll also find it made from beef, lamb, or poultry. Pimentón provides chorizo its characteristic red hue and is a staple in Spanish cuisine. I assume they grind/spice/mix/case their own, but what style of sausage do you think they tend to be before smoking? Dry-cured sausages can also be found, though they are less commonly available due to the precise technique required to make them. They come in sweet, mild, and spicy flavors and the distinguishing ingredient present in all varieties is fennel or anise seed. Prep and cook in 1 hour and 5 minutes, and while you're cooking the soup make simple white rice as a side. Krizmans bbq links are excellent for grilling or smoking. Try it in an unconventional dish like shakshuka or one that’s more classically Latin, like empanadas. The spice mixture has been as simple as salt and pepper to a more complex spice mixture including cayenne, onion powder, garlic powder, and other spices. “Once you get to about 150 degrees, the sausage just doesn’t take on anymore smoke.” The pre-smoked version was already “full” of smoke… Historically, sausage casings were made from the intestines of pigs or cows, but today you can also find collagen and cellulose casings. I normally see kielbasa, linguica, Cajun hotlinks, or bratwurst at bbq places. Beef and pork with spices. This is because they are not cooked but fermented, so makers must be careful to expose their sausages to the right sorts of yeasts and cultures to prevent contamination. Not sure how much that helps, but that's just in my little smoking sausage experience. We had some Prasek Beef Sausage the other day. Learn about the basics, as well as some of the most popular sausage varieties. Many of the great BBQ places in kc buy BBQ sausage from krizman's in strawberry hill (west of downtown). And their polish is best in town too. Next, the chorizo will be cured, fermented, and likely smoked for at least a few weeks (although, there are varieties that are not smoked). Andouille sausage powers this tasty spicy black bean-sausage soup. Their uncooked garlic link and wedding link are great. Andouille Sausage Originally from France, andouille is a smoked sausage made from pig chitterlings, tripe, … Also referred to as black or blood pudding, blood sausage is not an exaggeration. Apart from the red Mexican chorizo, the Toluca Valley region has also developed another, unique chorizo that’s green in color due to the addition of tomatillo, cilantro, and chile peppers. Press J to jump to the feed. Many varieties of smoked sausage are uncooked like Polish sausage and then there are varieties that are fully In Texas you'll see more Beef sausage but there's still a lot of pork and pork/beef sausage. Seeing how this is a sausage born in the Mediterranean, many Loukanikos are also made with a blend of pork and lamb. I guess the smoke flavor is the standout flavor, but what do restaurants tend to use? Using a Traeger to smoke sausage is an easy way to get flavorful, smoky sausages.No matter what kind of sausage you are aiming for, Traeger will smoke the meat to perfection. Get it free when you sign up for our newsletter. Prasek is damn good. Man I've seen all kinds... pork, beef, beef/pork, some with cure, some without. Instead, it’s a fresh and succulent sausage, great for pairing with traditional accouterments like sauerkraut and potato salad, or unique ones like curried ketchup. Mexican chorizo is typically made from ground pork, seasonings, and chile peppers, since importing pimentón is often expensive. Nürnberger Rostbratwurst: Scented with fresh marjoram, these pintsize pork sausages (3 to 4 inches long) are typically served by the half dozen, with sauerkraut or potato salad and mustard or horseradish on the side. It's not a bbq restaurant sausage but the best sausage in Texas is Pollock's sausage. in KC it's a pork sausage, likely polish. The beer brats beat out the spicy Italian by a lot (and I love spicy), but that kielbasa rope was some of the best sausage I ever had. Grill it fresh or cure and cold smoke it before serving. It's traditionally stuffed into a casing, but can also be sold in bulk for forming into patties or crumbling into sauces. Chorizo was originally developed in the Iberian Peninsula, or modern-day Spain and Portugal. Cold Smoking Sausage Smoke flavour is more effectively imparted to meat when it is raw. Never really seen any other sausage at a bbq joint. Meat starts to cook at 50 or 120 F so the cold smoking process takes place (below 30 C or 85 F) exclusively with raw meat. From here, herbs, garlic, white wine, and pimentón, or smoked paprika, will be added. With our cookbook, it's always BBQ season. The Polish enjoy kiszka, made with pork and barley, while the Spanish make morcilla, a pig’s blood sausage blended with rice and seasonings like pimentón, depending on the region. The most common kielbasa in the west is kielbasa polka, which is seasoned with marjoram, stuffed into natural casings, and hardwood smoked.