(Beekeepers typically keep their bees near certain plants exclusively, to ensure that the bees get nectar from only those plants.) The final color can vary from clear white to light amber to amber. Raw honey has been neither heated nor filtered. Clover honey is, in American supermarkets anyway, pretty much regular honey. 3. It's fine if all you want is more alcohol and lightness. Raw Honey. Aloha , Whether a honey is Raw or not is completely in the hands of the beekeeper, not the ‘type’ of honey that it is harvested the nectar that the honeybee gathered it from . Where sweet clover is grown there could be hundreds of acres of blossoms within the flying range of a hive of bees. Clover honey is the mass-market, super filtered honey you buy at the supermarket. If you must buy honey from the big box store shelves, you can bring the honey home and put a dab on the fingertip of your thumb. If the honey runs, it is most likely mixed with corn syrup because raw honey is thick and won’t be runny. Flame Test The color of clover honey depends on the type of clover that generates the nectar and the geographical location of the plants. Orange blossom honey is generally light in color. Local, wild, unfiltered wildflower honey will have much more flavor and aroma and it's the far better choice when you want some honey flavor in the beer. If the honey stays in a droplet, you have real honey on your hands. Pure honey may also be labeled as clover or raspberry honey, depending on which plant the bees derived their nectar from.