A large number of safety studies have been conducted, and no adverse effects have been reported. Acesulfame-K definition is - a white crystalline powder C4H4KNO4S that is a cyclic organic potassium salt, has a sweetness much more intense than sucrose, and is used as a noncaloric sweetener in foods and beverages —called also acesulfame potassium. Acesulfame K is not metabolized by the body and is excreted by the kidneys unchanged. Como dije en el artículo de la Tartracina (Amarillo 5) , no estoy ni a favor ni en contra del uso de aditivos sintéticos en la industria alimentaria. Overconsuming the sweetener and/or ingesting large amounts at one time does, however, have the potential to negatively impact your health. Seguimos analizando los aditivos más polémicos en la ‘sociedad alimentaria’ y que más quebraderos de cabeza traen para los naturistas de la alimentación. Acesulfame K is a rel­a­tive­ly unknown ingre­di­ent for ordi­nary con­sumers but is per­ceived as far from ‘nat­ur­al’ and often appears in ‘lists of foods we should avoid’. Acesulfame K has been approved for a variety of uses in more than 90 countries. How Does it Work? El acesulfame de potasio, que también se conoce como acesulfame K, por lo regular se utiliza en combinación con otros edulcorantes bajos en calorías, ya que … Let's dig in. And acesulfame potassium is going to be one of those ingredients. Partly because the body can not absorb ace­sul­fame K but allows it to cir­cu­late in the blood until it comes out the nat­ur­al way. So you will want to keep watch for ace K or acesulfame K too. Approved by Dr. Robert Cook - At this time, various studies have concluded consuming acesulfame potassium in small amounts is not bad for you, and shouldn't cause any long-lasting harm. Acesulfame-K: A non-nutritive, non-caloric sweetener which is also called acesulfame potassium (K stands for potassium).Approximately 130 to 200 times sweeter than table sugar, it is a white, odorless, crystalline substance which is not metabolized by the body. El acesulfamo potásico es un aditivo edulcorante artificial que no contiene calorías. acesulfame-k, ¿aditivo perjudicial? While scanning the ingredients list, you want to be sure that you are searching for not just the acesulfame potassium name, but the other names that it goes by as well. Status.