Make them unwelcome by mowing your lawn regularly and removing brush. So, you have to get rid … Voles conceal themselves in dense vegetation, meadows and weedy spots. Getting rid of voles is no easy task, as the pests almost always manage to stay away from the public glare until the damage they’ve caused through killing plants and … Voles will simply avoid your “deadly lands” because they can’t find any provisions. Use only thin layers of mulch and get rid of stacks of wood and piles of debris. To keep voles out of the garden, do not mulch close to trees, and do not leave un-turned piles of leaves and lawn clippings around the yard. It’s worth noting that this method is useful in order to prevent “a catastrophe”, but not to fight with voles. How to Get Rid of Voles Naturally. Natural Predators. Voles … Use a Good and Effective and Natural … There is no better way to keep a vole population in check than with natural … Keep mulch around shrubs to a minimum. Mesh and chicken wire fencing is also an excellent way to protect the undersides of raised beds, or on top of newly planted seedling that are just beginning to sprout. Voles like living in mulch, leaf and grass piles and tall ground covers.