Structural metal studs incorporate much heavier gauges of metal. Various revisions and editions followed the original issue, and by the third edition (1953) this book had become a pretty good treatise on the “Fairmont Method” of dealing with sheet metal repair. Flanged and brazed panel patches are also frequently found under bubbling paint. Clamp or hold a straightedge or square along the cutting marks and score a line with the tip of a sharp utility knife blade. Metal studs come in the same widths and thicknesses as wood studs, but they are hollow and feature a C-shape opening on one side. The best approach is to find some old body panels: doors, fenders, hoods, etc., and damage and repair them yourself to get the feel of the thing. ... You can use the same trick to cut metal studs… In addition to inspection, the application of logic will yield an understanding of the sequence in which direct and indirect damage occurred. The thin finish nails used to attach baseboard to wood studs will not penetrate metal studs and screws can leave large holes that must be filled with matching wood putty. Strength is often added to low crown panels by adding supports, or sometimes by forming them in the pre-stressed (monocoque) construction that is occasionally borrowed from aircraft design for advanced automobile design. Photos that accompany this chapter make this point with regard to a 1/2-inch-wide strip of 22-gauge body steel. Yet with all of these possibilities, the damage that I most dread is that done by people armed with minimum knowledge, bad attitudes, heavy hammers and the misconception that they are in the body repair business. In contrast, low crown panels are quite flat and have very little curvature north, south, east and west. During framing, line up the precut holes in the studs for running future wiring or water supply lines. Crimpers are usually available for rent from hardware stores or construction rental stores. Upsetting can be dealt with in a repair situation and is, in fact, sometimes purposely induced to overcome the effects of stretching. In the case of the infamous paper clip, it is possible to bend it almost back into a straight wire if the work-hardened legs of the bend are supported close enough to the center of the bend during the reforming operation. The Fairmont Method prescribes unlocking large expanses in sheet metal that are not deformed beyond their elastic limits by working only on those areas that are. In any case, The Key… is a good place to start the study of sheet metal work. If you want to construct a load-bearing wall with metal studs, an engineer must examine your home’s blueprints and determine the optimal gauge of the metal tracks and the spacing of the studs in order to bear the weight of the structure above the wall. Instead, the metal on either side of the original bend will ultimately deform before the bend is completely removed. This allows for the installation of wallboard and other wall sheet products that come in standard sizes. (951) 369-5204 [email protected] It illustrates how work hardening occurs, and what its effects are. Ridges, as the name implies, are areas of raised metal, which stand out in a linear formation. Standard steel studs available at home centers use 25-gauge steel… It is also possible to hammer it flat on a vise or anvil. A particularly common variant of this problem occurs in restoration work when cars with very flat doors have had those doors fill with water and rust out for several inches along their bottoms. An example of a small panel fabrication and of section welding are shown and described in the photos and captions that accompany the text of the next chapter.