3 - Personal computers are for personal use at home or at work. The four categories includes the microcomputers, the minicomputers, the mainframe computers and the supercomputers. Am so thankful. Power supply unit. the article is much helpful. Examples include the keyboard, monitor and disk drive. An illustration of desktop computer set comprising all the categories of computer hardware. So what are these categories of computer types? Alfred Amuno (author) from Kampala on October 10, 2017: Thanks Chad, hope it really is beneficial to the young fellows. Classification of computers according to operation can be dome into three man parts. Motherboard. They can be great for commuters as they are still powerful but very easy to carry about in your bag.Laptop - Bigger than a notebook and heavier but still portable. In simple terms, we could divide this into four categories: input, output, processing, and storage devices. What once required a large room now fits in your hand and connects to other computers around the world. The central processing unit (CPU) or accelerated processing unit (APU) reads instructions stored in this memory and executes them as required. Arithmetic and logic unit: The ALU is responsible for all arithmetic and logic operations like addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, and comparison logic operations. Question: What Are The 4 Types Of Stages? Thanks friends. Most of the beginners confused about types of Computer Applications and It is not easy to divide computer applications into any exact categories. Follow you and follow you. They aid in feeding data such as text, images, and audiovisual recordings. Computer hardware refers to the physical devices that make up a computer. Secondary memory is labeled as such because data stored within secondary storage media (usually disk drives) do not communicate directly with the microprocessor. Its what I was needing for solve a problem. Every computer system requires at … Software developers. Super Computer. on March 25, 2017: kelvin tatenda chirefu on March 19, 2017: thank you so much man its so helping . Hard disk drive (HDD). Yes, Baptists believe. Mouse. In simple terms, we could divide this into four categories: input, output, processing, and storage devices. Chad Crouch from South Africa on October 09, 2017: Nice article for learners. Most computers need all of these components to function. They come in several varieties and are made for different uses. It is the stage where raw data is transformed into information. Once data has been processed, it can be used for useful purposes. Mouse, touchpad, touchscreen, multi-touch screen, pen input, motion sensor, graphics tablet, interactive smartboard, and fingerprint scanner. Alfred is a long-time teacher and computer enthusiast who works with and troubleshoots a wide range of computing devices. Answer (1 of 14): There are actually only three types of computers currently. Viral Prajapati from Ahmedabad on August 28, 2017: Great way to explain here..All basic and important information are cover with video and images, It's a really good.. Its a great note. Question: What Kind Of Vinegar Do You Put On A Jellyfish Sting? How do I access a shared Google Drive? Your pictures of a computer really drive home your points. Question: Who Said There Is No Peace Without War? A microphone is an example of a sound input device. knowledge of computer is more and more usefull, Wow!I really appreciate your help and now I can answer my activity thank you so much. Melkamu Nemesha from Ethiopia on August 29, 2018: wow .. amazing it is very important to know how much is helpful. ssetabule patrick all way from uganda on March 19, 2020: i want to thank you for the wonderful information . This is wow! Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. Thanks, great articles..it's help me to know more about computer hardware..thanks dude. These computers are the cheapest among the other three types of computers. Can help young lads with homework. What are the 4 basic components of a computer? Storage is sub-divided under primary and secondary memory and is either volatile or nonvolatile. Quick Answer: What Job You Can Do From Home? PC The personal computer (PC) defines a computer designed for general use by a single person. Janu Cap from Ha Noi on September 09, 2016: Thanks for Alfred Amuno! There are Four Different Computer Types We have four different computer types classified according to their performance, power, and size. Hardware devices can be classified into four distinct categories: Most computers need all of these components to function. These are:Notebook computer - These can be as small as a physical notebook, hence their name. Well known manufacturers of Micro-computer are Dell, Apple, Samsung, Sony & Toshiba. There are five main ones: supercomputers, mainframe computers, minicomputers, microcomputers, and finally mobile computers. It helped me a lot. Quick Answer: What Percentage Of The US Goes To Church? What jobs can you do at home with no experience? III, Personal Computer Types. The second one is named digital and finally the third type of computer is called hybrid.An analog computer is best described as a machine that can deal with a tremendous amount of mathematical calculations and can also handle infinite fraction values. Access Shared, How do you stop ivy from growing? 5 years How long do PC’s last on average? Primary memory usually refers to random-access memory (RAM) but can also refer to all memory that works in tandem with the processor. an operating system What does Software do in a computer? They are used by government companies, airline companies for bookings, insurance companies and banks. Examples include hard disk and solid state disk drives. Do software developers work long hours? Ahmed Abdikarim Hirey on October 19, 2018: So much benifitable for me thank you very much, im so confused how can i link this to creating a digital game. The four types of computer software include systems, application, malicious and programming software. Can eating too much crab make you sick? We know the different types of computers now, but what categories of computer components exist? Webcam, digital camera, digital camcorder, TV capture card, biometric scanner, and barcode reader. Examples include optical disks, flash disks, and external disk drives. Do Baptists believe in the Trinity? Laptops are among the most common types of computers. Output is the culmination of a cycle which starts with the input of raw data and processing. Mona Sabalones Gonzalez from Philippines on July 17, 2017: wow, you sure know your techiness). Theatre performance. Question: What Do Software Developers Do All Day? An AMD microprocessor is an example of a processing device. Keyboard, mouse, headset, gamepad, printer. The microprocessor is subdivided into three important units, which work together in order to accomplish its function. A typical supercomputer can solve up to ten trillion individual calculations per second. The keyboard is probably the most commonly used input device. How many categories of computer are there? Softcopy output includes the intangible experience. The three categories are analogue, digital and hybrid computers. Good work. Components that manipulate data into information are categorized under processing. i have learnt a lot from your work keep it up . What are the five main categories […] This category of computer is the fastest and also very expensive. At present there is no clear definition available to categorize computer applications.