To forecast technical changes and weather forecast. 1. The time-scale should be based upon logical conditions for the product. The exponential distribution has a constant hazard function, which is not generally the case for the Weibull distribution. This excludes failures due to external factors (electrostatic discharge, mishandling, intentional abuse, etc. 2. a.Find P(X >410). 3. Families of products used in a similar fashion will fail along predictable timelines. One of the new features of Weibull++ is support for Bayesian statistics. c.Find E(X) and V(X). Weibull Distribution RRX Example Assume that 6 identical units are being tested. b.Find P(X >410 jX >390). Weibull Distribution Example: The shear strength (in pounds) of a spot weld is a Weibull distributed random variable, X ˘WEB(400;2=3). ).Weibull plots record the percentage of products that have failed over an arbitrary time-period that can be measured in cycle-starts, hours of run-time, miles-driven, et al. Example 1: The time to failure of a very sensitive computer screen follows a Weibull distribution … WEIBULL.DIST(x, β, α, TRUE) = the value of  the Weibull cumulative distribution function F(x) at x Versions of Excel prior to Excel 2010 use the WEIBULLfunction instead of the WEIBULL.DIST function. Thanks for the A2A. d.Find the 95th percentile. To describe the size of particles generated by grinding milling, crushing using 2 parameter weibull distribution. Weibull distribution has a lot of uses in: 1. For exam… Applications of the Bayesian-Weibull Distribution in Life Data Analysis [Editor's Note: This article has been updated since its original publication to reflect a more recent version of the software interface.] The failure times are: 93, 34, 16, 120, 53 and 75 hours. Weibull Distribution Example 1 The lifetime X (in hundreds of hours) of a certain type of vacuum tube has a Weibull distribution with parameters α = 2 and β = 3. In this example, the Weibull hazard rate increases with age (a reasonable assumption). Compute the hazard function for the Weibull distribution with the scale parameter value 1 and the shape parameter value 2.