This skill also conveniently replaces Basic Synthesis, it’s better on all levels. The list below lays out Weaver leves from level 10 to level 45, with the amount of XP required to gain individual levels immediately above the minimum acquisition level. This is especially true for the first 3 bosses in wing 4 since they're either standing still most of the time, or the other members are doing the mechanics for you so u can focus on dps rotation. Rare Artifacts - 9 Dream Ribbons Level 1-10: Scorpions Crossing; Level 15: Horizon; Level 20 – 25: Quarrymill. The rotation guide is a bit daunting of a read. I don't have a lot of gold to keep buying new sets of gear so I'd like to just stick with one build that will work ok for what I'm doing at the moment. Keep in mind that this is an approximate list that assumes you level for every "yellow" item created. You will fail exactly one in ten of these attempts due to most synthesis skills being at 90% success rate. Weaver in the early game can't risk dying as dying in the early game can stun his progress in the long run. At the top of the leve card with the info on when you except there are little pictures so you can tell which is which. So having just read all these guides, I have 2 questions. Barrier really helps. Careful Synthesis II: Like it’s lower level sibling, the ultimate weaving skill is unexciting. GSM is my first 50. Weaver players should avoid spells that disallow weaver to escape in dangerous situations like any spell that can, Weaver is very item dependent, but is very hard to kill once he gets a. Weaver is one of the most difficult heroes to lock down,d to stop but this elusiveness can be countered by disables, Weaver is great at kiting and killing melee carries (such as. This can be used when teleporting to escape or when teleporting to defend something. For example, if the triple turn in gives you 2K xp per turn in, while the single gives you 4K xp per turn in, you would think of going the single turn in leve route. A Single leve asks you to turn in 1 item/set to someone in the same town. ► A 1h30 comprehensive & detailed Guide, for both beginners & advanced players Keybinding & Settings 1:24:14 EDITORS : DoNotD / Illithex When retreating, a confusing tactic is to run towards the enemy, then use Time Lapse to return to the original spot and escape in the opposite direction. Thanks for this, helping a bunch getting back into the game and trying out weaver! You will want to focus on Triple, as this allows you to turn in multiple items per 1 single leve quest. (note, using maurader/zerker gear as don't want to switch stats quite yet). Great contribution to the community, tyvm! Sometimes, triple tends to not have as a high experience value, but when you turn in HQ, you get double the XP per turn in (3 times), so in essence, you get more XP than a leve with a single turn with higher xp reward. They’re generally useful to all players, since you can craft various tradecraft armor and fieldcraft armor. Thanks a lot for guide. Hovering over the recipe or item name will give you item info. Epic Artifacts - 28 Dream Ribbons, Warning: The above link to Amazon is for the best book we have read in a long time. Press J to jump to the feed. Ultimate Sword Weaver Guide (PvE Open World - PvP - WvW) A 1h30 comprehensive & detailed Guide, for both beginners & advanced players Subtitles are available in multiples languages, activate them on YouTube Settings. I can survive pretty well with full zerker Sword/Dagger weaver (fire/arcane/weaver) - not to mention FA Tempest Dagger/Warhorn, which is arguably the best Ele build for open world PvE. This is a risky maneuver, however, as you most likely won't be at full HP when you arrive.