On the day of the appointment, the person did not show up, they said he was in a car accident. If you're looking for where to buy Handy online, then you'll have no trouble finding a great option on Wayfair. I paid $173 to install 5 wall shelves. Is this even a company? Just excellent. Handy is the leading platform for connecting individuals looking for household services with top-quality, pre-screened independent service professionals. Nope. Avoid using them at all costs. I'm going to go to my local tv station and show them all of these complaints ! WORST EVER. I scheduled a cleaning and the morning of it was canceled due to a professional calling out (I dont know how they called as there is no phone number for the company) and it was rescheduled for the next day. Consumers complaining about Handy most frequently mention customer service, credit card and cancellation fee problems. He helped me to clean and take the shattered glass to be disposed. From home cleaning to handyman services, Handy instantly matches thousands of customers every week with … They arrived late, left early, did the bare minimum, and did not properly mop the floor, leaving visible mud and dirt in several places. They charge high cancellation fees and doesn't care about the well being or work ethics of their workers. This company sent a so-called professional to do a three hour post move out cleaning for me. For a landscape job the guy was perfect with weeds in rocks but terrible in lawn cleanup - and again brought no tools. The company has little consideration of the customer’s time. GE Appliances†. Terrible experience. They do not use professionals. We’re in this together! This is the I was score that I can give them. That happiness guarantee is total BS. The mfg box Indicates it’s a two person job. The only solution offered was to provide a different cleaner in the future. Great Job! He also damaged one of the lines of an existing one, basically ruining the water pressure throughout the zone. They steal from people, you have been warned! But if you just need someone to clean up a bit or remove boxes or hang Christmas lights or those simple things, they're actually quite good for the price. He cleaned up after he was finished. But some were better than others. The screws were not inside the walls all the way. Don't subscribe! Fraudulent firm. Hahaha! Beware! How to get a full refund and cancel accouont? #1 Couches & Sectionals. The "pro's" can't follow instructions. Can only communicate withe Handy via email and they apologized and said they would tell the pro to contact me. FREE SHIPPING* | BLACK FRIDAY feat. Today is Thursday and the check has not arrived. AWFUL. they just kept them money. My handy worker was awesome Byron showed up early, brought his own tools & adhered to all covid19 guidelines. You’re wise to stay away from this company. © 2020 Reviewopedia. They sell products regardless of whether or not the product is available or in inventory. My next step is to file a lawsuit. Besides many,not all of their cleaners have no ethics. You can't. At this time, Handy.com does have a free downloadable app available for iPhones, and may be expanding their availability to other platforms in the future. Extremely professional and quality service. Fast and efficient! This guy was not a licensed plumber, spent hours watching YouTube tutorials, and ultimately damaged my pipes and cause $4500 in water damage within my walls and ceiling. They are a middle man to hundreds of businesses. This is a horrible experience and they won't even refund my money or apologize? The cleaner will keep more of the money, and you will avoid the giant rip-off that is Handy. We would actually give this company 0 if that was an option. When you book fixed price through HomeAdvisor, you will be funneled through Handy. I would definitely request her the next time. She lives in a gated facility that refused access. Received confirmation of this appointment by text and email. An hour after they were supposed to arrive I emailed "Cody" who claimed that sometimes people claim jobs just hours before and they were still waiting on someone to claim it. After he stumbled around getting it out of the wall and making a mess in the floor, he said he could not lift the new one in. It's disgusting and a waste of my time. Now i am cleaning the house myself and Handy's customer service won't even apologize with a phone call. Just a template email from Christine in their customer service team. It's now 9 hours past my scheduled time, nobody ever showed, nobody will answer my emails. They won't cancel without a fee even though they never provided services, they won't refund my money, you can't talk to anyone. What a pain. Asked me where I would like my bike to be set up made sure I sat on it for the height awesome. Reach us at [email protected] To find more information about reviews and trust on Sitejabber.com please visit. I hired Handy to clean my small condo. Handy was to install a lock, they could not do it. Their cleaners have no showed me 5 times in TWO WEEKS! My mother contacted this service for help cleaning her home. Handy Cleaners STEAL and Handy does Nothing! The promised $50 check did not arrive within the 1-2 week period, so after the 3rd week passed, we emailed the company again on 02/06/2020 to inquire about it. They don't stand by their service or professionals. So far $375.00 has been taken from me by Handy. Christian was excellent at working with us to achieve the desired placement. The response from Ivy Gomonit, a so-called Handy Customer Service, was to offer a $10 discount to the next scheduled booking. Do not buy or schedule services with HomeAdvisor or Handy. With our large selection of home goods, you're likely to find something that you'll love. The ease of making an appointment online was amazing and I didnt have to wait weeks. How did they even manage a 1.04/5 rating? By using Sitejabber, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. They never checked out the job. We were pleased with the technician, his helper, and the finished installation. My suggestion: skip Handy and hire a local cleaner directly. I guess what I'm saying is...Handy is extremely hit or miss. Friday comes and the pro is nowhere to be seen. The washer still isn't fixed after paying him over 200.00 and him coming out 2x's. She unwittingly left the housekeeper alone for 15 minutes to go grab some cash to provide a tip. I am very happy and will continue to use this service in the future for projects around my house. I have so many damaged goods and and a badly damaged wall now and handy just won't respond or make it right.