This is probably why lychees are linked to scaly skin, like the texture of the fruit, although if you think about it, it doesn’t make sense. It can also refresh our body and also source of energy. As for the other fruits, there is really nothing wrong, medically, with eating these fruits in any amount. Checklist of hospital bag essentials, The inspirational story of a new mom at 40, 5 things I like about Thomson Medical Centre, With local content and daily health motivations, this is THE app that you need for a great pregnancy. To maintain balance during pregnancy, it is good to avoid getting either too hot or too cold. The best words of support during labour, 5 reasons to keep having sex while pregnant, Perfect partner! Mount Elizabeth Fertility Centre: Giving hope to many parents-to-be, Struggling to get pregnant? It is a condition that can lead to serious effects for both you and your baby. These range from reduced swelling and risk of pregnancy complications to relief from morning sickness to better skin. Following baby naming conventions - getting the birth certificate right, 6 low-calorie confinement recipes every mum-to-be must know. Most people discard the seeds of the watermelon when consuming the fruit. Watermelon: considered overly cold, makes your baby’s head swell, Bananas: considered overly cold, can cause baby to “slip out”, Lychees: considered overly heaty, causes scaly skin, Longan: considered overly heaty, causes bleeding, Mangoes: considered overly heaty, causes bad skin, Papaya: can cause miscarriage or difficult birth. Many women go ahead to eat these fruits without experiencing any problems. Make sure you like us on Facebook and stay up-to-date on the latest from Pregnant.Sg! And watermelons are thought to give your baby a big head, but once again this isn’t really backed up by fact. Find out when it's time to see a fertility specialist. Unripe payaya also contains plant chemicals that behave like prostaglandin and oxytocin that brings on labour. Even though pineapple and unripe papaya contain small amounts of chemicals that aren’t good for pregnant women, they generally shouldn’t be dangerous unless you eat large amounts. As the name suggests, 92% of this summer fruit is water. Learn more about infertility in Singapore, Cord blood banking: Your questions answered. Why a water birth delivery may be right for you, 10 things you should NEVER say to your pregnant wife, Don't forget the...! A glass of watermelon juice gives energy and good for morning sickness. Overdue: Can you eat curry to bring on labour? and stay up-to-date on the latest from Pregnant.Sg! RELATED: 8 foods you should reconsider eating while pregnant. In this series, we explore common pregnancy myths, where they come from and whether there’s any truth in them. Prevents Preeclampsia: Watermelon contains high lycopene levels that help reduce the risks of preeclampsia during pregnancy. Watermelon, thus, is a great fruit for pregnant women. Pregnancy myth: Eating fruits like watermelon and pineapple are harmful. 7 Parenting tips that all mums and dads should know! There may be some truth to some of the myths though. Techniques for a great pregnancy massage, Who can deliver a baby? Life after giving birth! RELATED: What to eat to get rid of your pregnancy symptoms [EXPERT]. Because watermelon contains Vitamin A, B6, C, fiber, magnesium, and potassium. You might think that fruits are a great thing to eat when pregnant but if you’re Chinese, you might have been given a long list of fruits NOT to eat. Cause of first trimester pregnancy Is it safe to eat ice cream during pregnancy Connect by text or video with a U.S. board-certified doctor now — wait time is less than 1 minute! Why I didn't practice Chinese confinement, 7 easy ways to get in shape after giving birth, The importance of staying fit while pregnant, Diaper bag for trendy parents – the Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Diaper Bag. Healthy recipes for mums! Watermelon is a water-rich fruit purported to offer many benefits during pregnancy. Here is a list of common fruits pregnant women are supposed to avoid and why: While in medical science, there is no harm to eating fruits in general, as fruits are a great source of nutrients and vitamins, the “cold” or “heaty” descriptions of the fruits above have long been established in TCM. 6 natural remedies to get you through morning sickness, 8 foods you should reconsider eating while pregnant, What to eat to get rid of your pregnancy symptoms [EXPERT], 5 ways for dad to bond with your unborn baby, 5 places in Singapore to go out with baby for the first time, Listen dad! It can be provide healthy. Posted by Lisa Poh-Knight | May 29th 2013. Watermelon has many health benefits of watermelon during pregnancy. Bananas are thought to make your baby slip out but really, it is your cervix that determines this. Can Traditional Chinese Medicine help me get pregnant? The Chinese believe that what you eat manifests itself in your body. Pineapples: considered overly cold, considered poisonous. All of the health benefits of watermelon during pregnancy can be turn back as a disease if not consume right. Watermelon is also packed with several minerals and vitamins that help with the baby’s vision, brain, nervous system, and immune system. Boost lactation with Mo' Milk Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies! Some pregnant women swear that watermelon is all they can keep down when morning sickness kicks in. Eating plenty of the fruit in any form lessens the chance of having a … These seeds, however, are packed with nutrients that can be … If you love these fruits, and they are a big part of your diet, you shouldn’t cut them out. TCM fertility diet - 11 TCM foods to get pregnant, Why can't I get pregnant? 15 silly celebrity baby names you should NEVER choose! The best nursing rooms in Singapore - voted for by our readers! How to choose a paediatrician for your child. While we offer the scientific answers to all these myths, we’ll also look them from a cultural perspective and offer practical tips. The role of a midwife in pregnancy, birth and beyond, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital’s lactation consultant shares her top breastfeeding tips, Mums, regular health screenings can help keep you and your loved ones healthy. Watermelon has amazing health benefits. Cord blood and cord lining banking - what is it and why should you consider it? It has high water content which reduce the blockages in veins and also reduce swelling. Say goodbye to nappy rash with Bepanthen! How to give baby signing a go - Singapore style! 5 tips to prevent sudden infant cot death. Fruits are after all very healthy and a great source of nutrients. Watermelon is also an excellent source of vital nutrients, including Vitamin A, C, B6, magnesium, and potassium. Watermelon seeds are crunchy and equally beneficial and can be consumed whole. Watermelon during pregnancy period is a must to have this fruit. RELATED: 6 natural remedies to get you through morning sickness. Fann Wong on motherhood: How does she really feel about being a mum? You might think that fruits are a great thing to eat when pregnant but if you’re Chinese, you might have been given a long list of fruits NOT to eat. Pineapple, for example, contains small amounts of an enzyme called bromelain, which can cause contractions. These are fruits that are associated with terminating pregnancy and bringing on the period.