If you are searching for a water to water plate heat exchanger, water to air heat exchanger with fan, or any other kind of wood boiler heat exchanger, check out Alternative Heating & Supplies wide selection of quality products. Coming from Prince George, Family Place Road is the second road on the right past McBride Timber Road. Kit, Space Heater Transition Cabinet, 100K. IQS Directory provides a comprehensive list of water to air heat exchanger manufacturers and suppliers. Typically, water to air heat exchangers are designed in plate, flat plate or plate and frame configurations; these designs are commonly used to transfer heat between liquid and gases. Example - Water to Air Heat Exchanger made in Copper. Description. A heat to water exchanger is commonly used in condominiums and apartment buildings for residential air conditioning, heating, and dehumidification. Brazetek tops the competition in the industry by using straight seamless tubes with brazed-on U-bends instead of a continuous piece of seam-welded copper tube bent at 180 degrees. Typically, you find these types of heat exchangers in outdoor boiler applications when hooking up a unit to an existing forced-air furnace. 18" x 20" Water to Air Heat Exchanger, 1... 16" x 18" Water to Air Heat Exchanger, 100,000 BTU (Dragon Quality). Compact and lightweight design ensures maximum heat transfer by utilizing a series of 3/8" copper tubes with a high density of aluminum fins. Width: 14-1/2"; Height: 15-5/8"; Thickness: 3-3/8", This 75,000 btu Water to Air Heat Exchanger is excellent as a supplemental or space heater and features 3/4" copper sweat inlet and outlet. As hot water or other suitable solution enters the supply manifold of the water to air heat exchanger, it is separated into the tube coils, which carry it throughout the heat exchanger to the return heat exchanger. Finally, water to air heat exchangers transfer hot water through copper tubes. Sort By . Whether a rough-finish tin model for a shop or a stained wood ply or melomine box heater for your great room, we can do it all! Also, any size exchanger can be custom built into the stand alone heater of your choice. This Heat Transfer Calculator is intended to be used to approximate a heat transfer system and is not intended to provide engineering recommendations. Width: 15-1/4"; Height: 17-1/2"; Thickness: 5-1/2", This 80,000 btu Water to Air Heat Exchanger is rated for a double garage or small workshop and has 3/4" Copper Sweat inlet and outlet. 12" x 12" Water to Air Heat Exchanger, 6... 12" x 24" Water to Air Heat Exchanger, 120,000 BTU (Dragon Quality). 7529 Standish Place Suite 340, Derwood, MD 20855 | Sitemap, {"server_url": "https://www.opinew.com", "shop": {"id": 9920, "name": "Alfa Heating Supply"}, "review_publishing": "email", "buttons_color": "#dae1e7", "stars_color": "#FFC617", "theme_transparent_color": "initial", "widget_theme_style": "card", "navbar_color": "#000000", "reviews_card_border_color": "#c5c5c5", "reviews_card_border_active": false, "star_bars_width": "300px", "star_bars_width_auto": true, "questions_and_answers_active": true, "number_review_columns": 2, "number_reviews_per_page": 8, "preferred_language": "en", "background_color": "#ffffff00", "text_color": "#3d4852", "secondary_text_color": "#606f7b", "navbar_text_color": "#ffffff", "pagination_color": "#000000", "verified_badge_color": "#38c172", "widget_show_dates": true, "display_stars_if_no_reviews": false, "fonts": {"navbar_reviews_title_font_size": "1.25rem", "navbar_buttons_font_size": "1.125rem", "star_summary_overall_score_font_size": "2.25rem", "star_summary_reviewsnum_font_size": "1.5rem", "star_summary_progress_bars_font_size": "1.125rem", "image_gallery_title_font_size": "1.875rem", "reviews_card_main_font_size": "1rem", "reviews_card_secondary_font_size": "1rem", "form_headings_font_size": "0.875rem", "form_post_font_size": "2.25rem", "form_input_font_size": "1.125rem", "paginator_font_size": "1.125rem", "qna_title_font_size": "1.5rem", "badge_average_score": "2rem", "badge_primary": "1.25rem", "badge_secondary": "1rem"}, "badge_stars_color": "#ffc617", "badge_border_color": "#dae1e7", "badge_background_color": "#ffffff", "badge_text_color": "#3C3C3C", "badge_secondary_text_color": "#606f7b", "badge_shop_reviews_link": "http://opinew.com/shop-reviews/9920"}. 20" x 20" Water to Air Heat Exchanger, 1... 18" x 18" Water to Air Heat Exchanger, 120,000 BTU (Dragon Quality). Heavy-duty 18-gauge Galvanized Steel Casing, 1” Sweat Copper Inlet/Outlet Standard on All Models, Residential and light commercial buildings, Forced air heating and cooling (liquid or water to air heat transfer applications), Liquid chilling (air to water or liquid heat transfer applications), And many others with liquid to air or air to liquid heat transfer applications.