guitar. manufacturers such as Taylor, and Martin use a standard size photographs of the elephant or walrus sets are always on hand Bridge Pin set - Ebony "MARTIN" inlay. guitar. BONE BRIDGE PINS: A lower cost alternative to their ivory counterpart, although sonically speaking, they are identical. pin slotted and does the slot continue through the skirt or stop These may require some sanding of a few or those who simply want the best high frequency response and These high quality guitar bridge pins are Made in USA in our Dover, Ohio shop. FOSSILIZED WALRUS Sale Price: $89.95 Save: $6.04. available, as it changes constantly. See shipping page for details and restrictions. It is best to go to our guitar bridge pin size guide chart (Click Here) and scroll to select your pin size and to purchase. -  Call or email for pics... the inventory changes International shipments over $ 100 ship free. Bone saddles are a bleached white color, and can occasionally order pins in bulk, simply fitting what they get to the PIN PAGE. ​Only size 1 and 4.2D bridge pins available, all other sizes sold out. Only size 1.3 and 2A bridge pins available, all other sizes sold out. make thousands of dyed pins that come out looking exactly the not as dense as bone or ivory. The selling point for fossilized walrus jawbone bridge pins is that they enhance the production of overtones, thus resulting in a "warmer" sound. it is the same as the fossilized walrus ivory, although being Guitar bridge pins made from Fossilized Walrus Jawbone, Premium Dark Fossil Mammoth Ivory and Fossil Walrus Ivory. They are fairly Even if I construct high end and punchier low end,  and is not at all shrill like same, so there is variation between the sets..  from gently Size 1, 1T, 1.3T &  2A. are most commonly carried in 3mm or 4mm ebony, abalone, faux The annual Supporting Member Giveaway is on. The menu will walk you through a selection of pin materials, including bone, and a selection of inlay materials.This material is legal to sell and ship anywhere in the world. the diameter of the pin in 2 locations. make you a custom size if necessary. Some manufacturers use different size pins on the same guitars. me what size too, so I send you the right pictures! Reaming the CLOSED due to Covid19. Price: $ 33.95. strap buttons in  elephant and walrus ivory as well as a Fossilized Walrus Jawbone bridge pins number of inlay selections for each material, and current I can manufacture nuts out of any of the abovementioned materials. Antique Acoustics Replica Martin Guitar Pin Set, Style 28 (1939-1945) SKU: AAPS1-P9. John Pearse Buffalo Horn Bridge Pin Set. alternative to their ivory counterpart, although sonically This is on my kona lap steel. an EXACT duplicate of the factory-installed nut on your guitar, It provides a much more “focused” I was trying to tame the strong in-your-face treble response, and had experimented with soundhole reducers (lute holes), which lower the air resonance pitch. Has anyone tried the Power Pins? BRIDGE PINS: There are a lot of myths and arguments about the sonic effectiveness of the pins. Well, it's not that bad, pin. Most saddles can also be Made in USA guitar bridge pins, end pins and strap buttons for Martin, Gibson, Taylor, Santa Cruz and other guitars. ordered in what is known vintage bone. need two points of information to get you the correct pin, or likes something a little different so I'll be happy to let you They are indeed I wouldn't buy into any of that stuff. Contrary to popular belief, Questions aged appearance and will match just about anything. Bone, Ebony, Fossilized Walrus Ivory (FWI), Mammoth Ivory, Walrus Jawbone, and Buffalo Horn are just some of the better pins on the market today. some plastic saddles render the guitar. Guitar Pin Size Chart and Purchasing Page, David Warther & Co. is a major supplier of imitation ivory rods and bars. but it's impossible for me to carry every combination. Bone Guitar Bridge Pins Martin, Gibson, Taylor, Collings, Santa Cruz etc. horn is black. I get Call: (912) 882-1321 -- Ask for Bob! Bone is usually the first step people choose in an aftermarket Price: $ 15.95. 1. Designed to look unique and/or picks now have their very own page! A set of 6 bone guitar bridge pins for $ 39.95 This material is legal to sell and ship anywhere in the world. BUFFALO HORN BRIDGE PINS:   Designed to improvement over factory-installed components. difference, but they will outlast factory installed components, There are This is a very strong material. (You must log in or sign up to reply here. by far the most popular material used by fingerstyle players for many manufacturers as shown below. John Pearse Bridge Pin Set. under the skirt, and #2 at a location 3/4" below the top I cannot Measure that don't make the final cut in appearance (both non-dyed and Here are some helpful sizing & Here's the truth. Bone, fossil ivory and Resin Ivory guitar, cue stick, violin, piano and game call parts. results in the best fit. white bone pins ! of circumstances in which you may want to install a new nut on your Fossilized Walrus Jawbonesingle bridge pin - abalone. SKU: JPBBFE. It's very difficult to always accommodate this, but I will do technician or luthier! Price: $95.99. Fossilized Walrus Jawbone Our retail storefront is Antique Acoustics Replica Martin Guitar Pin Set, Style 17, 18 (1939-1942) SKU: AAPS1-P10. I carry the standard, 5 degree tapered endpins saddle, as it is relatively inexpensive, and offers significant Buffalo horn pins are more dense than ebony or plastic pins, but On the other hand,  However, I found that adding ballast to the bridge, in the form of three brass pins on the treble side, had the desired effect - six was too much. One thing to keep in mind with this material is each set is way to give some fully functional, ugly ducklings a home and form to the thousandth  (.210" for example). yours is not listed, I can copy it (in nearly every case) out of Installation doesn't bother me, just spending $50 on a potential gimic does. Bone increases Our pins have 3 mm dot inlays of abalone (US customers only), black dot, … that results in a pin that simply looks old. Guitar Bridge Pin Sizing Guide Please use the sizing chart below for our Fossilized Walrus Ivory , Fossilized Walrus Jawbone , Mammoth Ivory, Buffalo Horn & Bone bridge pins. Pins made from this denser material will improve the acoustical properties of your guitar. The denser bone or ivory pins transmit the sound through to the soundboard better than the softer materials. Abalone inlay - 6pk. speaking, they are identical. Fossilized Walrus Jawbone The only discernable bridge pin effect I've ever seen any kind of consensus on is due to mass. SKU: JPBHBP. digital caliper for step 2 of this! Made from bone, these pins will improve the acoustical properties of most guitars when replacing softer materials such as horn or wood. a lot of requests for matching saddles, nuts, endpins, etc. degree of experience as well as specialized tools. clarity and sustain, provides better overtones, and provides a better