The spiritual qi of the eyes comes from the brain. The Yellow Emperor, Huang Ti, in 2700 BCE, told Ling Lun to create the “infinite spiral of fifths” music tuning based on the Perfect Fourth music interval as yin and the Perfect Fifth musical interval as yang, according to the 240 BCE book, Lü-shih ch’un-ch’iu ( The Spring and Autumn of Lü Pu-Wei Yang pipe became Yin, and by “increasing” the Yin pipe was transformed into Yang. Birds have very well developed intuition. The music of the space will be done by the various chords. By watching the weather you can increase your chances of encountering migrant birds at a regional migration hotspot, or in your local patch. Then, with their prey close, Green Herons can strike. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. Open views of the sky–although this is a fundamentally different consideration than the preceding three, it is often useful for those interested in seeing birds engage in morning flight (e.g. The energy only flows one way, from the past to the future. Nature is amazing. This is a qigong method, principle, technique and effect. (See Figure 13.21) This may be a key. Aristotle then concludes that time is impossible if the Soul (Light) does not exist!! In this frame, the emission can be interpreted as the causal transfer of energy to the absorber, by invitation of the absorber. A Cedar Waxwing can survive off of berries alone for months, an unusually long time to carry on without the protein of insects. You can learn more about Veery hurricane prediction at Audubon or by checking out Heckscher’s paper based on his findings. We miss the point if we simply focus on blind worship, hand posture and mantras - paying attention only to visible and superficial external effects while ignoring the true essence of these qigong methods. It will be the same for every electron. ", In silence there must be movement, and in motion, there must be silence. Therefore, if they go around in a circle at the speed of light, and take a certain amount of time (their period) to do so, this determines how big their circular path must be. Males are just along for the ride. Yuan Qi arises from Emptiness. Each of these will produce a sound...When you look at the eigenfunctions of the disk, at first you don't see a shape but when you look at very higher frequencies you see a parabola. Nicole Parker Wine, Yes we Learn what Frequency is by ROTE without really "thinking" about the logic of the math. The fact that the birds are perceiving it is enough. The xuan-pin is your numinous aperture. However what emerges, if you know not only the various frequencies but also the chords, and the point will correspond to the chords. "Eddie will finally describe and propose a psychological Aharanov-Susskind-Bernstein effect such as a reversal of spinorial, virtual brain current activity as a consequence of relative self-rotation by 2p." This finding not only accommodates a wide range of tuning systems and musical scales found worldwide, but appears capable of accounting for human judgements of consonance, dissonance and tonal stability/attraction in terms of inherent organizational features of our auditory system ([20]; see also [23–27]), as follows. Zhu Xi "In actuality, the Spirit of the Valley referred to by Lao Tzu can be clearly understood by carefully reading the principle of "Attain the utmost emptiness, Guard carefully quietness" embraced in Chapter 16 of Lao Tzu: "All things flourishing as they do, Each returns to its root. It doesn't look at all like a parabola! excerpted from The True Transmission of Ba Gua Zhang 八卦拳真传 Ba Gua Zhang Zhen Chuan by Sun Xi Kun 孙锡 堃 Tai Chi Chüan: Harmonizing Taoist Belief and Practice - Jeaneane D. Fowler, Shifu Keith Ewers: The triagram Li is fire and predominantly yang, but the important middle line is yin, and so the Dragon is female. Thanks to Zeiss Sports Optics for sponsoring this episode of the American Birding Podcast! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Its Yin half corresponds to the inner line of Li ☲ (True Mercury), and is represented by the celestial stem ji 己. Music is medicine. The point [zero in space] makes a chord between two notes. In … The Yuan Qi is then the universal rest frame of zero/infinite time as the 5th dimension, including precognition as the future and the ability to heal the past. Once it’s released, it’s allowed to do its thing: it carries information, it becomes the medium by which we become aware of what’s going on. Based on what we’ve seen at our #Delaware study site, I can’t quite say the same. "The coordinate system of a phase space lattice has a noncommutative geometry which is fundamentally different from spatial lattices. ) (we take them to be associative but not necessarily commutative for this discussion), we define an invertible shift operator J"...We see that, with temporal shifts, the algebra of observations is non-commutative....The square root of minus one is not really living in a commutative world. Spirits are seminal essence. Nate Swick2020-11-18T13:45:53-05:00November 19th, 2020|0 Comments. The answer is yes." Joe lives in the birding hotspot of Cape May, NJ and has done field research with birds throughout the U.S. and Latin America. So then light has a superluminal internal phonon energy (Yuan Qi) that is a higher frequency as reverse time, with a negative frequency value, relative to external time (that is experienced to slow down). So by embedding messages in light the researchers were able to transmit this message without ever directly sending a particle....holography - was developed to record not only light intensity but also the phase of light," the researchers write in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.."One may then pose the question: Can the phase of light itself be used for imaging? The question on everyone’s mind that sunny Saturday afternoon: What are those birds? Thus the first lUlU corresponds to the first dizhi, that is to say Zi [son] and so on. Some experimental findings show that the arrival times of sound pulses at the two ears can be discriminated with an accuracy of a very few microseconds [1].