For it is precisely in this artificial, man-made realm—a social realm in which people make up stories and tell them to one another; make up selves and present them to one another; make up the ceremonies that consecrate their doings—that mankind remakes itself into something that fulfills all the potentialities of our nature that nature alone can’t make bloom. When I also learned some years ago that academic paleontologists at that time couldn’t hope to get tenure if they questioned the theory that a giant meteor explosion had caused the extinction of the dinosaurs—thus providing a model of what a so-called nuclear winter would produce—my own skepticism took on a certain wryness. And this is the knowledge—a knowledge, one might say, that resides in our souls as well as in our minds—that great literature embodies. This is where the thesaurus helps. It is not about your problem and your research questions; it is about their problems and the solutions that are proposing. Research usually means finding something new: a substance, a formula, or an invention. Not knowing what he was doing, he certainly didn’t intend to commit these crimes. Some journals are published in hard copy only, others in both hard copy and electronic form, and still others in electronic form only. One study found that across a variety of professional journals in psychology, the average number of sources cited per article was about 50 (Adair & Vohra, 2003)[1]. As your goal is not to replicate the work of others but to propose (and evaluate) an innovative idea, this will help you in preparing and clarifying the landscape where your future work will be positioned. It may be classified according to a variety of systems, including language and genre. If yes, what are the advantages and limitations? For example they may propose a Qualitative or Quantitative approach and within that type they may focus on something different. For the rest of this section I will assume that your research topic is narrow enough and has multidisciplinary aspects. Like most such databases, PsycINFO is usually available through your university library. Some problems (usually the most fun) transcend a single domain and are called “multidisciplinary”. The research literature in any field is all the published research in that field. It also discusses common pitfalls and how to get literature reviews published. At one point, literature reviews were more controversial in qualitative work, primarily due to the advice from Glaser & Strauss (1967) in Discovery of Grounded Theory that it was preferable to do the literature review after the data collection and analysis. 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A type of scholarly book in which an editor or small group of editors recruit many authors to write separate chapters on different aspects of the same topic. Your literature review should integrate a wide range of sources such as: Books. However, each domain of research has their “preferred styles” for solving their challenges. Therefore, I want to learn from your experiences in this area of research. Check with your supervisor if your research question is focused enough. You can also do a general Internet search using search terms related to your topic or the name of a researcher who conducts research on your topic. Several basic principles can help you find the most useful sources. A quarterly magazine of urban affairs, published by the Manhattan Institute, edited by Brian C. Anderson. There will be plenty of room for expressing your opinion and your ideas in other parts and phases of your thesis. I am curious to know if it is possible to test hypothesis using a qualitative approach? What is the right life for man? These are considered unreliable because they are not reviewed by other researchers and are often based on little more than common sense or personal experience. Different types of publications have different characteristics. Look at your #data in an objective way. Waves on the shingle pouring, Fine, Dickens says; let’s go out to the American frontier (which he actually visited in 1842). Double-blind peer review is helpful because it ensures that the work meets basic standards of the field before it can enter the research literature. Published by Elsevier Inc. There is many useful information and drawbacks in each studies, so I will say it is up to you (the authors) to decide which literature you want to refer to. Are the data that I have good for the methodology that I would like to use for validating my results? But there is more; let’s start by considering the following categorizations: Categorization is the first step on how to use the literature review for your research. Reviewing the research literature means finding, reading, and summarizing the published research relevant to your question. The primary method used to search the research literature involves using one or more electronic databases. It can tell you if a research question has already been answered. So let me end with an early novel of Dickens’s, Martin Chuzzlewit, which has something to say about just this question. Please note that some file types are incompatible with some mobile and tablet devices. Be sure to ask a librarian if you need help. An electronic database covering thousands of professional journals and scholarly books produced by the APA. And New Year and Old Year met, More recently, however, most qualitative researchers have now abandoned the idea of waiting to do the literature review, because that is both artificial and unrealistic. You may find that researchers may focus, for example, in Neural Networks and in Data Mining techniques. Thanks Jawab Abbas your answer is an eye openner. Information Management, Computer Science, Economics, Finance and more. This approach for categorizing relevant works suggests to forget completely about the objective and to focus “on the how”. Let’s, for example, consider the domain of “Internet of Things”, in particular the problem of “Privacy in Internet of Things“. Matter enough for deploring, If you were to enter “memory for early experiences” as your search term, PsycINFO would return only six records, most of which are not particularly relevant to your question. If you start reflecting on all these aspects you will have a lot of questions in your mind. The Use of Theory o ne component of reviewing the literature is to determine what theories might be used to explore the questions in a scholarly study. Is gap explored or constructed ? Look at your #data in an objective way. In a world of uncertainty and chance, where so much is out of our control, this is the only way we can assert that we are moral creatures with free will, whose doings have meaning, rather than being just part of the mere flux and confusion of brute creation. Research cannot be conducted without due process. Science enough and exploring, What do the high-handedness of Menelaus and the anger of Achilles produce? If literature review is not strong in such research does it mean that the study is a weak one? If the problem that you are considering is in this category you want first to clarify with your supervisor a few aspects of your research. Can anyone think that the studies of Margaret Mead or Alfred Kinsey tell us anything nearly as true as Ovid or Turgenev? In any case, the editor forwards the reviewers’ written comments to the researchers so that they can revise their manuscript accordingly. The main exception to this rule would be classic articles that turn up in the reference list of nearly every other source. Thus #speeding the #learning curve. Qualitative researches tend to generate knowledge and theory then what is the expected role of literature here? Nevertheless, let’s see how we could use each one of the categories for addressing the particular problem that is related to our thesis. Alternatively they are just focusing on a sub-problem like, for example, on the quality of the data that their sensors are collecting. Given that there are nearly four million records in PsycINFO, you may have to try a variety of search terms in different combinations and at different levels of specificity before you find what you are looking for.