Students should therefore be comfortable in understanding that articles are a type of determiner. 11 Times Tables – Videos, Songs, & Activities for the Classroom, Concrete Pictorial Abstract (CPA)- A Guide for Primary School Teachers, Top Education Blogs – Our Emile Blog Named as One of the Top Education Blogs in the UK. These refer to something we’re pointing at –, These Possessives. They are said to “mark” nouns or noun phrases (a posh way of saying determiners are followed by a noun/noun phrase). (many / much / some / any), 5. 5. 12 Times Table – Great Activities for the Classroom, Maths Terminology for Primary School Teachers & Students, Articles. Comparatives and Superlatives for Primary School Teachers, Possessive Pronouns for Primary Schools Teachers, Noun Phrases Expanded – Everything a Teacher (or Parent) Needs to Know, Relative Pronouns – A Detailed Guide for Teachers. Working in pairs distribute sentences featuring different determiners and ask them to circle the determiners: Two minions are sticking their tongues out. ��=����)�"� .�'�����˜\���b.urN����l.w2k�ޟ���ɔ!�a��R'���� �K�N�$��NN�= P'7q��w��Q �O�i|����Z���y���������I�(R�%5� ��roR�( N7�`Ar1N=v*9S�? ?����?�O�_���|��IB�����p5]�"�b�#�/_��|��Y~����K�f�������{~z�O�������uY�Xl�X�ƣ�fi6 Determiners are words that precede and modify nouns. <> friends. Exercise #6 . Underline Possessive Determiners. endobj We haven’t got …………… (some / any / many / much), 4. “this” is acting as a pronoun as it is the subject of the sentence. That evening, he spent three times the amount he had anticipated! You ate only ……………… rice. endobj endobj Possessives include my, your, his, her, its, our, and their. Explore what went wrong here. When the meaning is general, an indefinite article is used. Last week, he took her to quite an expensive restaurant. �5�z�b��Ib�n!�\!� ��B�B0��cBOB9G�~s��BhK��-��+���߽W7W���`sITA��/�\Δ�j��K1�4%����˚�X��b.m Showing top 8 worksheets in the category - Year 6 Determiners. ���#}r���߮�+�bFϴ(��^�8ep��t9�:ƴ��>5�f���*�>37TA5�����ǘiL"E�%x̴��Dz�[email protected]#���Pjq�F�]I�a�1-� �$5*��[A���>�_�,2}nq��rG��ܵ�|}�2�����>�@L �C�̯[�.%G#��0�R,;-7�{F(-�wF �f�V�#�[�@� j��N �{2�u���4�@t�&B�|r. These refer to a specific or general thing –, Demonstratives. Determiners are words placed in front of a noun or noun phrase to make it clear which object is being referred to. 2. Selecting the correct determiner depends on your understanding of the distinction between countable and uncountable nouns. Can I have one of those please?. 10) Put the toy back in its place. 17 0 obj<> When they choose one, tell them they choose the wrong one. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. DETERMINERS WORKSHEET. Bon Appetit – With Flowers. endobj (Answers: his, the), Jennifer went to _____ shops to see if she could find ______ present for _______ parents. ‘Four birds flew past the window and landed on a tree’. The heavy rain flattened their sunflowers. endobj 3. (your / yours), 3. endstream (Possible answers: the/a/her) The national curriculum does refer to articles and to determiners separately. Underline all the words which are determiners in the sentence below. endobj x�c`� There are three singular articles: a, an, and the. Simply put, determiners are words like 'the', 'a', and 'both', and are used to reference nouns. On the other hand, the is a definite article, and is used when the speaker is referring to a specific noun. Complete the following sentences using appropriate determiners. For example: My students are well behaved. It’s really easy to get confused between determiners and pronouns as they can be the same words and depend solely on context. Any time means no time. By sylviepieddaignel Here students have to write a an or some before the words and match them to the pictures tolearn or revise mixed food vocabulary some ... 2,602 Downloads . Determiners Solved Exercises Examples for Class 9 CBSE. 13 0 obj<> In 1. Copyright © Oxford University Press, .All Rights Reserved. 3. Last week, he took her to quite an expensive restaurant.