However, other people are better studying in the evening. Again, all this was not that much an attempt to satisfy my narcissism as it was a way to give back by helping others who face similar life choices and telling them that such stories can definitely have a happy ending. Either through Facebook or Linkedin, I would find myself giving advice to them. Get Can Old Bachelor Degree Credits and Courses Transfer Toward a New Online Degree? If you don’t want to relocate or commute long distances, then you college choices may be limited, especially if you want to obtain your degree in person. Write your own article when you have finally made it, so that you can help others too! Each school has different rules on transferring credits based on your previous school’s accreditation, your grade in the course and the age of the college credit. Or I would simply get easily distracted and start thinking about my life choices. Give me a sec to explain myself…, When I was studying to become an Android developer through the Nanodegrees from Udacity, one of the key aspects of the learning process was the Discussion Forum. They just have lots of experience. There are many kinds of engineering courses available at university. Among some thousands of people who try to learn, giving their best. I was able to be more productive in the morning, after I had had my breakfast. Admire them? If you want to become an engineer, you’ll need to get a degree in an engineering discipline before you can get a job in the field. This in-between-jobs period was stressful but it was totally worth it. You are not the best but you’re good enough. What Are the Educational Requirements for Becoming a High School Math Teacher? At first, I was overwhelmed because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to become a developer. As months passed by, there were times I felt I wasn’t progressing enough and I knew that there was no turning back — I had to make it, I had to get a job! Pick up their brains? I mean, how good can it be when you get answers from people who are supposed to be in the same level as you? You can try setting aside specific days and times to study, while other times could be spent only with family without school interruptions. I hope that this article can help you find a little extra motivation and “can-do” attitude. Although the majority of students in an engineering program will be in their 20s or 30s, it’s not uncommon for adults to get an engineering degree later in life. If you have interest in several disciplines, you could choose based on the job outlook projections for that discipline. First of all, I found a lot (I mean, a lot) of comfort reading about the stories and struggles of other people that were in a similar position to mine. After leaving my previous work, studying and finally managing to start working as an Android Developer, I realised that there were more and more people thinking of making a career change and pursuing what they love. These programs remove the barriers of having to attend a physical campus. I would take my laptop and go to my favourite cafe nearby, get a delicious cup of coffee to congratulate myself for my efforts so far and I would usually successfully continue from where I had left. Obtaining an engineering degree later in life can be challenging because you may have a family or job to balance while attending school. Although I quit my previous job and started learning to develop Android apps, at first I wasn’t convinced that I would make it. People from Udacity reached me and asked me if I would like to be featured in one of their blog posts because they found my story potentially inspiring to others. And no matter what, don’t get overwhelmed by people who say things like “you have to study 10 hours a day” or “online courses are stupid, what you need is read those books and do those projects”. If you have a family, you will need to have their support while attending school and establish a balance between your studies and family time. What helped me was communicating my concerns to my spouse and my friends, in other words to the people who knew me well and wouldn’t discourage me from continuing (I also had to “block” lots of people who had a negative attitude about my career change). So there’s no point in comparing ourselves with them. A ‘statistical” approach is all you need, imo: In the Nanodegree I was talking about, we were about 10.000 students. I was also asked to participate in an AMA session regarding Nanondegrees. Becoming an Android developer was the means of achieving my bigger goal, it was an in- between goal that would help me reach my final goal. Sure. At the end, I felt great because I managed to change my life. Auston has also contributed to "Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News. In other words, it helped me stay focused on my goal. ‍ Wake up every Sunday morning to the week’s most noteworthy stories in Tech waiting in your inbox. Odd as it may seem at first, this actually helped me! People who think of making a career change. The answer is no, Why Having A President Who Knows Grief Will Save Lives. You can study for a three year Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) or a four year Master of Engineering (MEng).