Spider-Man: Miles Morales Trophy Guide & Roadmap, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Speak to Randvi Bugged? Not all weapons will feature firing modes, though; most of them will only let you fire once per each button click. All rights reserved. Submachineguns: Early in the game, you'll run across a number of submachineguns, such as the Viper 5, mostly in the hands of the military or well-armed bandits. Now that you have the military documents, head back to the Garbage. When you reach the Bar zone, the first thing you’ll want to do is actually find the eponymous bar, where the Barkeep awaits the documents. Inside the Hospital we can find 7 Supplements in the Lab area, before heading through the Exit-door where many cables run through. You can right-click on the Akm to dismount the grenade launcher and affix it to another weapon, if you like. When the cutscene ends, fight your way through the soldiers that come into the facility. Artifacts are usually to be found near dense concentrations of anomalies, which can sometimes make it lucrative to explore near them. Upon entering Westons Pharmacy, there are an 2 supplements on the right hand side from the entrance. Inside this room, you can find 18 Parts, an Artifact and a Trading Card. You do have support here, so if you need to, simply wait back in the back and let the soldiers and bandits kill each other off before cleaning up the mess. However, rumors of great treasures in the area around Chernobyl - now simply called The Zone - lured in numerous mercenaries, called stalkers, who braved the mutants and radiation in the Zone in the hopes of striking it rich. These mercs won’t really attack you, and instead will wait for you to move ahead and kill them. If you head towards the green dot on your HUD after finding the second locked door, you’ll find that a Pseudogiant is blocking your path to the access code. Pick them up and save them for interior fighting. In the same building you find 15 Supplements in the kitchen and 4 Parts on a dining tale. See the buildings on the southern side of the road? It'll apparently give you different endings based on certain character attributes. Exit, then load that game. Whew, this chapter was long but made bearable by this guide. You don't want to wind up like these stalkers here. There should be a group of bandits near the entrance to the zone that you will need to take out, but it can be difficult to see in the dark. That’s where annoying men with gauss rifles will be shooting at you from. If you can get an enemy’s attention and lure him towards you, you can simply wait for him to come around a corner and blast him a couple times for a quick kill. After you accept the second part of this mission from Wolf, he’ll give you a pistol, some ammo, and tell you to meet his friends near the bandit hideout to the north. Finally outside of this area, we need to cut through a nearby park to get closer to the Hospital. Sometimes these can only be turned into characters like Sid who are going to be inconvenient to reach. We never really bothered with them, ourselves, mostly due to the weight issue. Although his text screen will probably pass by too quickly for you to see, Fox will point you to a man named Gray, who’s up north in the Garbage zone. The military soldiers themselves will drop things like the Viper 5. Homage to Half Life? As you exit through to the center of the Wild Territory, a gang of mercs will crash a military chopper and surround the science team that you’re supposed to be interfacing with. Lukash apparently stands at attention all day long. Wolf is located in the small camp near where you start the game. Best to stick with your GP 37, if you’re still using it, or another assault rifle, and go for headshots. The consciousness group will teleport you outside of Chernobyl, into the "backyard" of the facility, so to speak. None of these missions over a material reward; you simply get cash for your efforts. If you talked to Guide in Cordon, then spoke to Doctor in the Agropom sewers, you should have this mission in your log. What Barkeep didn’t tell you was that there are actually two opposed questgivers in the Army Warehouses district. You can return to Sid to pick up a side mission for a little cash. The exit to the underground will place you right smack in the middle of the Agropom Research Institute headquarters, which is where you need to be to find the military documents that Sid wants. For other Chapters see The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough. Apparently the gang of bandits have captured one of the Duty soldiers and will be holding him for ransom, but if you ambush them before they can reach safety, you can free the soldier and hopefully get rewarded. Mole is over in the Agropom Research Institute area, so you’ll need to head west from the hangar that Gray is in in order to move out there.