This is the problem most students face, and it’s why A-Level Chemistry sits at number 3 on my list. to summarise, A-Level Psychology requires proficiency in, and science, and also needs a capability to retain information. Read on for an in-depth description of just how hard it can be…. I believe Geography can act as a bridge between the STEM-based Maths and essay-based History. All three of these languages are far from the English language, and therefore are very difficult to master. . The subjects are: – Mathematics and Further Mathematics – English Literature – Physics – Biology – Chemistry I suggest you that must choose those subjects which you have studied in your matriculation or O levels and you want your further educational and professional career in the same subjects. So you’re at the stage where you need to choose what A-Levels to take. Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) offers many different subjects at AS and A level to suit the needs of a wide range of students as they prepare for tertiary studies or work. Not only is there a ton of maths, but the actual physics content is difficult to understand. Subjective, I know, but I would say maths highest, then physics and then chemistry. Where possible, I have given the date of the last exam for that subject. If that doesn’t sound like you, this might not be what you want to take at college. A-Level Psychology is the dark horse of the A-Level world – underestimate it, and you could find yourself missing out on the grades you want. A-Level Computer Science is a high-risk, high-reward A-Level. Simply take a look at this list and decide whether or not these A-Levels are for you – they’re all high risk, but also high reward. This does mean that when you are practising past papers, you may come across some questions that are no longer relevant to the syllabus. # Indicates a subject that is not available in all the administrative zones, so you will have to check for your specific zone. Maths. Unfortunately, this is what most students who take A-Level Psychology do. Not only do you have to memorise content from the books, but you also have to revise the context and feature that in your essays and exams. The front cover will also state when the particular syllabus will be examined. An easy way to tell how hard a subject is, is the GCSE requirements, you can do computing… Read more », In what world would you say that further maths is easier than physics, do you take either? Bookmark this page and use it as an index and quick reference for all available AS/A level subjects! . This means that you have to go through a complete learning process to grasp the fundamentals of A-Level Chemistry. A-Level English Literature is a difficult A-Level because of the content, and how much you have to write. This means that you have to go through a complete learning process to grasp the fundamentals of A-Level Chemistry, A-Level Further Maths is insanely difficult, and is a huge step up from both GCSE Maths and A-Level Maths. Geography is super easy (I did GCSE and I assure you the content is very similar). A-Level History is similar to GCSE history, but it’s just a, requires an affinity for extended writing, and a good memory, . A-Level Psychology is a bit of an oddball, but can actually be deceptively difficult. I think that there is a fair bit of Maths in Geography, and Geography I’ve heard goes well with History since they’re both essay-based subjects. Being able to manipulate numbers and use important equations is a big feature in A-Level, more so than in GCSE. of the science A-Levels are very difficult. way more likely to miss questions due to you forgetting what you’ve learnt. This leads to problems when it comes to your exams, as. . If you didn’t take it at GCSE, then you would need to really commit to it, as it is very essay based. This will not work, as A-Level Biology is harder and more demanding than any GCSE. For context: I got a 9 at GCSE in all… Read more », What a wasteman taking religious studies wtf, I think that this list is pretty accurate – 50-50 maybe. In fact, 40% of the marks in your A-Level Physics exams come from maths alone. Are Computer Science and Biology actually that difficult ? . Albeit quite popular, this A-Level is surprisingly challenging. . All responsibility for materials and resources published on and provided through this website lies with Imago Education (Pty) Ltd. I was just wondering, do you think History, Geography and Maths are a good combination, even if all of them are facilitating subjects? Choosing A Level subjects can be a daunting prospect, not least so because there are many subjects to choose from. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thinkstudent_co_uk-leader-3','ezslot_8',132,'0','0'])); Without at least a grade 8, you’ll find it incredibly difficult to understand the content in A-Level Further Maths.