Similar to the Theatrhythm Final Fantasygames, there are three different playable game modes: Battle Music Sequence, Field Music Sequence, and Event Music Sequence. is a rhythm game developed by indieszero and published by Square Enix on March 26, 2015. If you are not yet registered, you may click here to register. The header says "Clear Rewards". Theatrhythm Dragon Quest (シアトリズムドラゴンクエスト, Shiatorizumu Doragon Kuesuto ?) A dummy results screen. It incorporates many elements from the series in place of Final Fantasy elements ", and "Obtained Silver Orb!". Square EnixPlatform: Theatrhythm Dragon Quest is the first non- Final Fantasy entry in the series, and contains music from Dragon Quest I through Dragon Quest X. While details are scarce, we do know the game is due for release in Japan on March 26, 2015 and retails for 5,800 yen. Theatrhythm Dragon Quest (JPJapanese: シアトリズムドラゴンクエストRomaji: Shiatorizumu Doragon KuesutoMeaning: Theatrhythm Dragon Quest) is the first Theatrhythm game based on the Dragon Quest series, released in 2015 on the Nintendo 3DS exclusively in Japan. Clear and fail variants of a placeholder screen. Neues Videomaterial wird schon bald erwartet, wenn die Jump … Here's the First Trailer for Theatrhythm Dragon Quest. Ein offizieller Releasetermin für den Westen steht noch aus. Theatrhythm Dragon Quest is Coming to 3DS. März 2015 in Japan für den Nintendo 3DS erscheinen. Der neue Ableger der Theatrhythm-Reihe, den Square Enix nun angekündigt hat, verlässt nämlich das Final Fantasy-Universum und taucht stattdessen in die Welt von Dragon Quest ein. There are some minor differences as, being a Dragon Quest game, you can change classes freely and unlock advanced jobs (ie. indieszeroPublisher: unlock Gladiator after leveling … The three lines below translate to "Obtained Purple Orb! Dec 10, 2014. 3DS1221 - Theatrhythm Dragon Quest (Japan) (Japan) 3DS1221 - Theatrhythm Dragon Quest (Japan) (Japan) Description: Image: no image available : Size: 776MB: Download: Register to Download this file: Rating: 5/5 : 1 Vote : Previous; Back; Next ; 0 Comments. This page was last edited on 19 November 2015, at 17:36. Developer: Wie bereits in den Vorgängern werden mehrere Charaktere durch verschiedene Szenarien und Kämpfe gesteuert, indem der Spieler zum passenden Rhythmus die richtigen Stellen antippt. Theatrhythm: Dragon Quest (Musik & Party) für Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo 3DSReleased in JP: March 26, 2015. Theatrhythm Dragon Quest is a rhythm game developed by indieszero and published by Square Enix for the Nintendo 3DS.It was released in Japan on March 26, 2015, and was the first game of its type in the Dragon Quest series and the third Theatrhythm game after Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call. WIKIS. Square Enix has announced Theatrhythm Dragon Quest for 3DS.. Das neueste Spiel der Reihe wird auf den Namen Theatrhythm Dragon Quest hören und am 26. A placeholder portrait of the hero from Dragon Quest III. Alles zum Spiel mit Wertung, Download, Systemanforderungen, Release Termin, Demo und Patch, Tipps, Forum und Lesertest. Theatrhythm: Dragon Quest erscheint am 26.03.2015 exklusiv für die Nintendo 3DS-Familie in Japan. Please sign in to leave a comment. Theatrhythm Dragon Quest - Nintendo 3DS Theatrhythm Dragon Quest 3DS, the game involves using the touch screen in time to various pieces of music from the series, featuring more than 60 songs which are from Dragon Quest I to X Theatrhythm Dragon Quest is the first non-Final Fantasy entry in the series, and contains music from Dragon Quest I through Dragon Quest X.