These days, we are able to play TV and computer games on the whole new level; all thanks to the artificial intelligence application. IBM Watson is the one of the known and best healthcare technology which is based on simple questionnaire and responds according to the disease like x-ray reading. The Artificial intelligence has completely changed the way medical science was perceived just a few years ago. Artificial intelligence is used vastly in almost every field of the life. In this regard, artificial intelligence has a special place in all the advancement made today. Read also: Types of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence is rapidly growing technology in modern world. These technologies are very important and are playing an important role in different fields of life. Below we are going to read about the vast importance of artificial intelligence: Hadoop, Data Science, Statistics & others. Improves decision making 2. This application is also used in the management of most companies to get their tasks efficiently done on time. The day to day tasks of the banks such as transactional and financial operations, stock market money and their management, etc. Error free and efficient worlds are the main motives behind artificial intelligence. Most of the activities take a lot of time and efforts from the employees and at times there is also a chance of a human error in these activities so to speak. You may also like: Application of AI in Robotics. In order to perform various activities in the industry, many of them are using artificial intelligence to create machine slaves that perform various activities on a regular basis. These are used for the research and analysis purposes. From virtual reality games to the modern games which are there today, this is one industry where artificial intelligence has taken the biggest leap. Its importance lies in making our lives easier. AI system is used to give a specific shape to an object, move objects from one place to another, etc. A large number of healthcare institutions are using the artificial intelligence machines for better and fast diagnoses the diseases in the patients. They are being looked upon as tools and techniques to make this world a better place. It covers all technical fields to simplify and lessen the human burden which leads to make the better decisions. He has thorough experience in Core Banking, Finance, Software Products and Robotic Process Automation since 2001. With the rapid growth in technology and development, we can expect a lot more exciting features and uses of AI in the future . The artificial intelligence machines has abilities to learn from its past experiences and feels comforts for new inputs and perform those tasks which a human want to perform. In this technology, the machines are able to do some of the simple to complex stuff that humans need to do on a regular basis. It is used to keep all the records of an employee, the crucial data of the company is stored and can be easily extracted at the crucial decision making time. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There are artificial intelligence software available for driver monitoring. These machines tend to speed up your tasks and processes along with a guaranteed level of precision and accuracy and therefore this is what makes them a useful and important tool. With the use of AI system in this process, the institutions are able to achieve efficient results in a quick turnaround time. There are a lot of features from booking the tickets to the takeoff and operation of the flights that AI takes care of. The scenario of automotive industry has complete changed since the indulgence of artificial intelligence in the industry. The day to day tasks of the banks such as transactional and financial operations, stock market money and their management, etc. The strategic implementation of artificial intelligence in the bank helps them to focus on every customer, and provide them quick resolution. Air transport is one of the most systematic transportation systems, and it will not be wrong to say that air transport cannot survive without the use of artificial intelligence. How AI Helps Banks and Financial Service in... Impact of Artificial Intelligence For the Future of... How Machine Learning Technology is Used in Banking... Best Artificial Intelligence Platform for Financial Industry, Top Trends in Banking and Financial Services in India, 11 Types of Banking Services Provided by Banks In India, The Role of Digital Banking in India – Importance of Digital Banking in India, Role of Core Banking Solutions in Banking System, How AI Helps Banks and Financial Service in Improving Their ROI, Impact of Artificial Intelligence For the Future of Banking Sector, How Machine Learning Technology is Used in Banking Sector.