John 3:16 KJV. Then he withdrew to the entrance of the cave. And although to expose her condition at her young age to the public gaze was more painful to her modesty than her failure to find a lodging, still she meekly followed her husband through the crowds. And when we discuss the Gospel, it's not shiny ornaments, sparkly snowflakes, or magnificent choirs. Jesus' birth is the moment when God stepped amongst us, showing us how to live, and ultimately dying for our sins as the perfect sacrifice in our place; the Lamb of God. Today was my first meeting with my WOW group and I volunteered to be a small faith group leader. The Church began to commemorate the event with a special feast … because, on the contrary, the very fact that it is routine discloses something fresh and radiant about everything we call routine and ordinary, it gives new depth to the unremarkable details of human life… (Homily for the Nativity of the Theotokos). Awakening and coming near, he perceived his Saviour in her arms and at once prostrated himself on the ground with the deepest devotion and humility. But in daily life it also means believing and treasuring the words of Christ present in my conscience. It is more than asking Jesus go come into our hearts; it's actively choosing to live differently than our sinful hearts desire. MRS. MIDWEST 2020       HOSTED BY WIX.COM, a feminine homemaker blogging on women's issues, This full truth, with repentance, salvation, and sanctification, the good, the bad, and the ugly, is all mirrored in the. Most of the time the loving Mother of God head her divine Son in her arms. The more I ponder Mary, the more I recognize that voice inside me urging me to make the choice of selfless love not as merely some psychological function, but as the word of the Lord. Many people passed by and stared at here as she sat there so patiently and humbly in her long white dress and veil, with her hands folded on her breast and her head lowered. It need not be explicitly “religious”. Mary was kneeling, with her eyes raised to Heaven and her hands joined on her breast. Christmas is the moment when God's plan to save humanity was set into action; Jesus was born, the Savior of the world walked amongst us, and God made a way for us to be saved from our sins, forgiven forever, and accepted into Eternal life with the triune God. Reflections on The Nativity Story - (Warning: Spoiler) Today, after doing some experiments in lab, I went out with my crusade friends to watch the movie The Nativity Story . That could have been a very ordinary day in Nazareth but I am certain that, her parents, St Joachim and St Anne were excited, as were their family, neighbors and friends. They told him what the angels had announced to them during the night, and they said that they had come to offer their gifts and veneration to the divine Child. Then he led the shepherds into the grotto, where the Blessed Mother of God was sitting on the ground beside the crib in which the beautiful Babe of Bethlehem was lying. Heaven meeting earth, glory meeting darkness, and forgiveness meeting sin. Her countenance emitted rays of light, like the sun incarnadined, and shone in indescribable earnestness and majesty, all inflamed with burning love of God. Once during these happy days after the Nativity, while Mary and Joseph were alone, absorbed in contemplating the Christ Child, their donkey came into the stable and suddenly knelt down on its forelegs and bowed its head to the ground before the Babe in the crib. Imitate your mother. At one end of the village they found a big tree, and under the shelter of its spreading branches Mary waited and rested for a long time, first standing and then sitting with their legs crossed under her. In the Latin Rite, too, December 8 and January 1 are Marian feasts, situated near the beginnings of Advent and the civil year respectively. At this point an ox from the neighboring fields entered the cave with the ass. For there has been born to you today in the town of David a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord. Return from Mystical Advent Reflections to Blog Page. HOMILY/REFLECTION ON THE NATIVITY OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST (CHRISTMAS ). Therefore setting up the Nativity scene in homes and in cities is a strong sign of faith, capable of awakening a world that is running the risk of forgetting the eternal realities and focusing only on what is passing.