Kodiak is obsessed with being beefy, inhaling his sushi so fast he doesn't even taste it. This really really REALLY needs lots of edits. As the Uchiha continued to grow angrier and more violent from the distrust of the village due to the suspicion of their involvement in the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's Attack, Shisui approached Hiruzen Sarutobi revealing the truth to the Third Hokage. Shisui was one of the few members in the clan's history that was able to awaken the Mangekyō Sharingan. Deliciously strategic action-RPG-puzzle battles await! The game has a playable demo for the Nintendo Switch version. Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido is a puzzle adventure game developed by Indieszero for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. [6], In an interview with a local university, the founder Masanobu Suzui commented that the company plans to "make new products that has never been created before". Bearing stark resemblance to his ancestor Kagami Uchiha, Shisui also had short, unkempt, dark-coloured hair, black eyes and a relatively broad nose and well-defined eyelashes, that were turns upwards at each end. Also, unlike most Sharingan-based genjutsu, this technique does not require eye-contact between the target. Shaberu! [9][10], In June 2011, the company released DualPenSports as their first title for the Nintendo 3DS. It is because of this devotion that the police did not believe he could have committed suicide. The first general that is encountered, who arrests Franklin. Takezo's Combo Bonus lets you deal more damage in combos. Befriend Sushi Sprites and use their powerful skills in battle. Hellzo and Ghozo summon overturned sushi rice tubs that get in the way as they cannot be selected to link with. [1] The game was released worldwide for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch on June 8, 2018. Trusting Shisui, seeing as he is Kagami Uchiha's descendant, Hiruzen allowed the Uchiha to spy on his clan for the village. [17] However, this failed when Danzō stole his right eye. Development began when Nintendo producer, Hitoshi Yamagami, asked Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE director, Kaori Ando, for ideas on new Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch software, Ando pitched an idea for a game about eating sushi. The main source of power of many Sushi Strikers. Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido is an action-puzzle video game developed by indieszero and Nintendo. Jinrai states even he doesn't know what goes on beyond the gate and the end of the game has both Musashi and Jubay waiting near it, hoping for the day she'll return. Along the way, Musashi and Jinrai encounter members of the Sushi Liberation Front, a resistance force opposing the Empire's subjugation and its hoarding of sushi. Sushi Sprite" area from just Ghozo into Hakkan, Konkan, and Ghozo, due to how he recived a different sprite in areas 1, 2, and 4. Once Tiburon leaves, Musashi confronts Masa (T. Axelrod), the leader of the Sushi Liberation Front, on the matter, and is incensed to learn that the soldiers of the Sushi Liberation Front are trained to discard the rice and eat only the tastiest part of the sushi, in order to improve their abilities. Bakuzan's Autoshoot Shutdown disables the opponent's Autoshoot mechanic, causing such stacks to vanish instead of launching at the user and thus requiring the target to throw stacks manually. He utterly loves sushi filled with wasabi and forbids anyone eating sushi without it. Sushistriker Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. until ultimately ending up at the "Facility" where he was force fed wasabi for one too many screw ups. During the planning phase, Koichi Hayashida, the Director of Nintendo Tokyo Production Department who participated in the "Nintendo & Dentsu Game Seminar" in his student days together with Masunobu Suzui, called up Suzui to partner up on the game development. If you see something missing, feel free to add it in and help some people out. In the anime, however, these lines are broken instead of whole. That is because you can change your favorite sushi in the "Striker Specs" page in-game. As Jubay, he joined the Empire after seeing corrupt how the SLF was, thinking that they would provide Sushi for everyone. After seeing their skill, he allows Musashi to join the group and help push the Republic forces further into Empire territory. Being their main ally and partner, he is likewise targeted by the Empire due to being a rare Sushi Spirit. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Characters/SushiStrikerTheWayOfSushido, Welcome to the character page for Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido. Last seen fleeing after Musashi beats him and isn't seen again afterwards. In 2019, he won the Super Mario Maker 2 invitational tournament at E3. His Susanoo demonstrated the ability to unleash a barrage of chakra needles from its chest at an incredible speed to swiftly strike down a large group of targets. The game was developed in collaboration with Square Enix, after development of Theatrhythm Dragon Quest was wrapped up. Thus, Musashi sets out to take on the Empire and rescue Franklin. A traveling Sushi Striker that Musashi meets while out looking for food. Musashi will eat the sushi off the plates, and the plates will attack the opponent, causing their health to decrease. Immediately after the war ended a year later, Shisui witnessed his friend die on a mission, consequently awakening the Mangekyō Sharingan as he felt responsible. Sushi Strikers Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. It's Jubay's offspring that does the same to him later. 704Games. When manifesting its humanoid form, it takes on a fiendish look to it with a red tomoe in the centre of its chest. [10] In the anime, his velocity and mobility was so great that he could leave behind multiple tangible after-images that could strike with actual force and could also move undetected by sensor ninja. He is also shown using Fire Release through his tantō and kunai for more potent and longer-ranged attacks. Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido (JP) is a puzzle adventure game developed by Indieszero for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch in 2018. Crowkan's Blackout turns all of the plates black and disables the darkening of incompatible plates when linking. Once it's full, you go into Jubilee Mode, which means higher-quality sushi on the conveyor belts and more damage gets dealt for about 12 seconds. Either way their story is the same; they were orphaned during the war of the Sushi … His prowess was so widely known that an entire squad of Kiri-nin quickly chose to flee upon learning of his presence rather than to confront him. Rosekan's Fancy Striker increases the rank of sushi coming out of your lanes. Although confused by the concept, he and the team eventually worked to flesh out the concept, conceiving the characters, the general premise for the game, as well as writing the story. 1.8 m
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. The Emperor of the Empire. [17] Shisui's effort to erase his very corpse was successful as even Kabuto Yakushi noted that he was unable to locate it in an effort to reincarnate Shisui for the Fourth Shinobi World War. [8], The company went to develop many titles for the Nintendo DS such as Electroplankton. [13] Despite leaving a note, claiming that he was tired of carrying out the clan's duties, the police suspected that Itachi had murdered him and used his Sharingan to forge the suicide note, since suicide was very unlikely for someone of Shisui's character. In a world without fish, you play as the character Musashi, who fights to take back sushi from the Empire, who hoard it relentlessly. Shisui was perplexed that the clan would not deter from the coup d'état that they were planning and soon became greatly concerned with the consequences that would follow their actions. This was around the time when development of the "Nintendo 3DS Guide Louvre Museum" was just completed, therefore the company was able to commit to the project. Honokan's Plate Breaker destroys the top plates of the opponent's stacks with each stack throw you do. In doing so they learn the ultimate sushi striker art, Sushido, which is vital in countering Tiburon and Octavius. Gourai is an unobtainable sushi sprite.It is first seen when the player battles general Tiburon and is retrieved by Emperor Octavius.Its skill can... Chamleva is a sushi sprite obtained by battling the extra stages in the palace.You need 40 stars to unlock the extra stage here. Sushi Strikers is an action-puzzle series developed by Nintendo and indieszero released early June of 2018. Citing even if they love sushi, family still should come first. [9] Unbeknownst to the clan, Shisui in reality sympathised with Itachi, not wanting the Uchiha to go to war with the village. He also wore what appeared to be a harness for his tantō which ran across his chest and fastened over both his shoulders.