create hard and soft selections based off the original color image, create the 3 different black and white versions (or less or more depending on the result you want), merge the versions together using masks and gradient tools. Catalogs of professional author's photographs. From country Ukraine. Амбротипия - 13х18, экспозиция -10 сек. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t tell a story. Moving the HSL colour sliders can change the mood of a photo. The real art is seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. I even think he was inspired by van Gogh’s flower paintings for his own compositions. Experiment with whatever light and equipment you have on-hand. Coming up with a stellar idea for a photo can be challenging. Do you want to tell a story about the strength, clarity, and bold qualities of a flower in black and white? City Киев. Photographer professional Олег. …Go beyond the subject somehow, so that the composition, the lighting, all around, reaches a certain point of perfection. But maybe more importantly: I’m trying to make a case for still life photography to hone your compositional skills and to learn how to really SEE things by showing the work of some famous still life photographers and how they make the ordinary look extraordinary. What makes photography art? Keep it simple; start with objects you’re familiar with. Use Simple Compositions to Make B&W Still Life Photos Stand Out, 5. Photographer Robert Mapplethorpe is another master of photography, well known for his often provocative nude photographs of both males and females, but also for his studies of Calla lily flowers and other flowers. …in my own way, with my own eyes.” – Robert Mapplethorpe. I’m mostly known for my architectural and seascape photographs and if you read my blog on a regular basis you will find many tutorials on how to apply my post processing method of iSGM2.0 to architectural photographs. manually adding highlights, darkening part and create smooth transitions between the indicated areas visualized prior to post processing – this is the most time consuming part. The questions I get asked on a frequent basis is, if they also work on black and white still life photography, portrait photography or even for color photography. You can often compensate that with interesting and dramatic light to enhance the composition and the mood. You can photograph food, flowers, ornaments, toys. Most of Mapplethorpe’s still life photographs is in black and white but I think his color still life work is equally breathtaking. From country Ukraine. The second photo shows the use of selective focus by tilting the TS lens so that only part of the flower is in focus and the vase is slightly blurred. The version that matched my internal vision. It’s often the opposite with still life painters where you generally tend to see many objects. Subject matter is almost irrelevant. You’re moving back and forth from the camera to the subject matter! Planning and researching a black and white still life photo shoot is essential. If you’re uncertain of your composition, remove something from the frame. You’re not bound to a given scene like in photographing architecture or landscapes, where you would get closer or move away from the subject to get the composition that works for you. Seeing leads to more aware perception. 'rmocx.RealPlayer G2 Control.1', If you want to learn more about my method of black and white post processing you can read the free tutorials in the tutorials section on my website. That way, you’ll ‘think’ in black and white and choose the right objects, lighting, and story for your photo.