But the rewards for doing so are worth it. The original mega structures and specific ascension paths will still be locked behind Utopia, so unless you're actually claiming 10% research speed is equivalent to being able to build ring worlds, I think you'll agree with me that the perks in Utopia are still an order of magnitude better. It's entirely up to you. Megastructures are a lamer, less balanced and fun, version of wonders from Civ, and unity/ascension perks are a lamer version of Civ culture or EU4 traditions. Close. It will probably get better with Apocalpyse though, not because of them making some part of it free but rather because they'll build up on it instead of leaving it as it is (which unfortunately happened to Leviathan enclaves whose impact on gameplay is also kinda questionable IMO, at least the trading one's). Get it only if you like the looks and have all the other DLCs. Who cares. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the 4X grand strategy game Stellaris by Paradox Development Studio. It also adds a new ship type, Humanoid, which comes complete with new designs for all standard ship classes, for mining and research stations, for defense stations, and for spaceports. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Alongside a standard Machine Intelligence, you can also play as Driven Assimilators, Rogue Servitors, and Determined Exterminators, each of which alter the core playstyle of a Machine Intelligence significantly. The base game is required for any and all DLC relating to the game. Remember the Humanoids Species Pack up there? I've my concerns about the state of the game but these are generally not related to specific DLCs and talking about the core issues go beyond the scope of this guide. There's a lot that I want to say about the content that is added, but unlike that provided by the other DLCs on this page, much of what I could say would spoil a lot of the fun. More minor things added by the DLC include a suite of ethos-specific Advisor voices, new portrait types for robots that can be applied as part of the robo-modding (which themselves are pulled from the list of portraits Machine Intelligences can use), a new robotic fallen empire with somewhat different interactions as compared to the other existing ones. Alongside the ability to build these, you can also repair any ruined Megastructures you may find in the galaxy, be they the ringworlds of a Fallen Empire, or just remnants of a bygone era. For those of you who have always wanted flagships and planet-killer weapons, these are for you. The upgraded version of the Habitat is the Ringworld, which requires a large stockpile of minerals in addition to the raw materials present in every planetoid in the system to construct. On top of this, Machine Empires have a unique tradition path in place of Diplomacy, and they gain access to several unique Ascension Perks, a system added in Utopia that's becoming partly baseline in the upcoming 2.0 patch. Overall, the DLC offers benefits mainly to robot-using empires and those wishing to play as robots. I see a post asking which DLC should be bought at least once per day on here, it seems. The Humanoid Species pack offers up the new portraits seen here, on the second row. Levaithans will help every playthrough with the curators and creatures whereas synthetic dawn only allows a few more styles of play. Also, no new advisor voices with this one. The ascension paths mentioned above are the biological, synthetic, and psionic paths, each of which is mutually exclusive with the other two, and each of which offers powerful boosts to your empire by enhancements to your population. This one is actually hugely divisive, as you'll see in the comments. The first lets you play as a race of space nazis, dedicated to exterminating all not-us life in the galaxy. Roughly half of these are going to be folded into the base experience, because future DLC - like Apocalypse - will be adding to the list of perks that players can choose from.