Hiking trails in state parks lead to beautiful vistas and waterfalls, or by wetlands bubbling with life, or through dark, old growth forests, and to uncountable adventures and chances to see wildlife. Trail. : Remind children that if they are lost, it is best to stay in one place, someone will come looking for them. A hiking boot which affords ankle protection and reduces water penetration is recommended. This wildfire was ignited by careless burning on April 18, 1990. The Quehanna Trail is a 75-mile loop trail in the Moshannon and Elk State Forests. Nearby City: Thornhurst, PALength: 26 total milesSkill level: StrenuousTrail type: Loop. During the summer of 1977, the YCC developed numbered stations showing various points of interest for the hikers of this trail. However, extensive development along the Allegheny River caused the Aspinwall-Freeport section to be abandoned. 2,629' Down This is the perfect shorter hike for someone looking for a taste of what the Michaux State Forest has to offer. The group marks the main trail with painted 2" x 6" yellow rectangles on which is a 1" horizontal red stripe. Playfully named by its original trailblazers, the Youth Conservation Corps during 1976, the Lost Turkey Trail is an interesting passageway through the forest west of the Allegheny Front. Length: 5 mi • Est. The following trails are designated as State Forest Hiking Trails: For the hiking enthusiast that wants a true challenge, DCNR’s Bureau of Forestry has teamed up with the Keystone Trails Association in recognizing any hiker who completes the entire 798 miles of the State Forest Hiking Trail system with the coveted State Forest Trails Award. Dressing appropriately can help protect you from the sun, insects, thorns (briars), and branches. We arrived to inches of ... State Forest State Park has a little bit of everything. The east loop is 36 KM long and suitable for a two-day backpack. Protect clean air, clean water, and public health and conserve working farms, forests, and natural lands. 12 Easy Trails. Before glacial activity took place in the present canyon area, the headwaters of Pine Creek took a northeastern drainage course. The rocky Knob trail is a loop trail approximately four miles in length. In cooperation with DCNR, sections of this trail are maintained, in part, by volunteers from the Quehanna Area Trails Club. Detailed trail maps and guides are available from: Susquehannock Trail Club P.O. The John P. Saylor Trail is realatively flat with gradual climbs in elevation. The Loyalsock Trail is known for its many fine vistas. State Forest Hike by Full Moon Jan. 30 The Black Forest Trail is a rugged trail with many vistas as the trail winds up to heights overlooking Slate Run, Morris Run, Big Dam Hollow, Naval Run, and Pine Creek. The vast majority of this challenging hiking experience is within the big woods country of the Susquehannock State Forest. The trail is approximately 34 miles long. In cooperation with DCNR, sections of this trail are maintained, in part, by volunteers from the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club - North Chapter. They are also open, exposing skin to insect bites and scratches. Nearby City: Stroudsburg, PALength: 45 total milesSkill level: ModerateTrail type: Loop. 410.76 m Up In cooperation with DCNR, sections of this trail are maintained, in part, by volunteers from the Mid-State Trail Association. Share Nine out of ten trees in the path of the wildfire died as a result of the burn. Add Your Trails, Hiking Project is built by hikers like you. 292 Kilometers. In some spots, the trail follows the very rim of the canyon, so watch your step. 5,652' Down Branch Trail. The main orange blazed trail begins on the western end at Parker Dam State Park. NOT OKAY! Get Baker Trail details. Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources, Bureau of Facility Design and Construction, Conservation & Natural Resources Advisory Council, Rock Run (one of the prettiest streams in Pennsylvania), Vistas that look into the McIntyre Wild Area, A path sheltered by hemlocks next to a gurgling creek, Bog areas which contain some plants not common to Pennsylvania.