Although it is made in the USA, the unit features Chinese made electronics. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. To learn more you can visit my about page or my contact page. Not ergonomic while seated. High build quality There are some drawbacks to the WorkFit-A. Large increase in minimum keyboard height Strong warranty There are some desk converters out there that are very wide (up to 48"), but that don't accommodate 2 large monitors setups, as you would expect, because of their triangular shape. A z shaped base features a single arm that lays flat when you lower the converter and raises vertically when you move to standing height. Well worth the money! High build quality To ensure that your monitors will fit, place your monitors side-by-side (as if they were on your desk converter), and measure the width of the monitor bases - from outside left to outside right. The X-Elite Pro features an innovative air pump system that offers the ability to switch between sitting and standing in three seconds. Built-In wire management At the end of the arm is a Vesa mount for your monitors and a platform for your keyboard tray. A converter may have a five-year warranty but if the moving parts are only covered for two years, then it will get a lower score than a product with a comprehensive five-year warranty. The QuickStand comes standard with a clamp mount that attaches to the back of your desk. Equipped with a full-sized keyboard tray to support a keyboard and mouse without moving any accessories. The Eco comes standard with dual ergonomics and it has a large enough adjustment range for people up to 6’7”. Equipped with a surface large enough to support two side by side monitors. Large adjustment range I was disappointed. Without any modifications to your existing work space, you can enjoy the wide variety of standing desk benefits, like increased focus, calorie burn, and a safeguard against the health effects of a sedentary workday. Long assembly process I would highly recommend the ZipLift and Standing Desk Nation! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I didn't like the way my Varidesk over-powered my desk, or how far back it pushed me when I raised it to the standing position, so I decided to give it away, and invest in the Winston. Raises minimum keyboard height. ❌A little less sturdy than the other models. VertDesk Converter Price: $319.00 A standing desk converter is a product that is placed on top of, or attached to, a desk or table that allows you to stand while working. If you're particularly concerned about space, we do have some smaller models, as well. The double z shaped base is one of the most popular bases and it is the base used by the well-known Varidesk Pro Plus. Having two X’s compared to one makes the adjustment speed more consistent. Features a desktop platform and keyboard tray that are sized to support laptops with keyboard and mouse side by side. Our business will definitely consider them first for any future products they carry. 6 Comments. This model is a favorite of ours, because of the massive size and workspace it offers, at a great price. Read Full VertDesk Standing Desk Converter Review >>, 30 day risk free trial I'd buy it again in a minute. By adding electronics, you’ve changed something from being simple but functional to something that is complicated with a much higher chance to fail. If you think I left out one that is important or have a suggestion for a future article, let me know in the comments below. TRUST me, you'll be SUPER SATISFIED! Things like small space and awkward cut-outs could be a couple of reasons for a lower score.