On my third game, I got the masterwork curated roll. Comment Reply Start Topic. I decided I finally wanted a spare rations and went into Gambit Prime to get one. Grants you +10 range. The Curated Spare Rations won’t dethrone the Midnight Coup but will give it a run for its money. Report Add more answer options. The same goes for hand cannons. A curated roll is a roll made by Bungie similar to a Pinnacle Weapon. #destiny2. ... Because if one of the synths drops for you, you also have the chance of the corresponding Curated Roll - and only on this. And this is an excellent move from Bungie. It comes fully masterworked and has one set roll. This Legendary HC is well-known for its high Impact and nice handling. Granted, other legendary hand cannons have appeared, but the best alternatives will be exotic hand cannons. If you don’t get a curated weapon when you receive the synth, the coincidence was probably not your friend and you have to try it in the next match. A 660 blue piece of armor. Hammer-Forged Rifling barrel perk. Losing all those difficult to obtain Pinnacle weapons will be hard to swallow. Mag capacity boosted +20. Spare Rations curated roll includes the following: Lightweight Frame for increased handling and moving faster while carrying this HC. The most popular hand cannon for PVP, Spare Rations, will be sunset with Beyond Light. User Info: Cosmickadet. Appended Mag. The Hand Cannon - Spare Rations. Chance of getting God roll of Spare Rations Requirements. Details. Spare Rations Hand Cannon - Collecting and banking large amounts of motes Gnawing Hunger Auto Rifle - Slaying a lot of adds quickly ... After my first completion of Reckoning T2 I got the curated sidearm AND a random roll shotgun. You want to know what I get after my first completion? Overflow is really nice with hand cannons low ammo count and Appended Mag is the second best mag perk for PvE. For starters, let’s take Spare Rations. Spare Rations Hand Cannon Curated Roll Boost Rewards. Spare ration curated roll After 72 giant blocker and 16 medals not dropped the curated roll of this weapon yet... English. Max Level Synthesizer. #7. Gambit Prime curated weapons (At least Bug-Out Bag, Sole Survivor, Last Man Standing and Spare Rations) are pretty common as they drop from doing specific things during a match. The Shotgun - Last Man Standing. Keep in mind the only way to get the curated roll is only through Gambit Prime and by depositing 20 motes at once, or 50 the entire game!