Twitter remains one of the most popular and relevant social networking platforms on the planet, and the third of our reporting examples drills down into what makes the platform tick – the tweets. Con: Smaller, more budget-conscious teams might find Social Studio to be less useful for them. Though exploring ‘what social media analytics is’ can get rather complex, at its core are three stages: Whether it’s growing traffic, increasing downloads, or building positive brand perception, setting clear business objectives gives your web and social analytics investigation purpose. The dashboard offers reports, notifications, engagement options, and easy downloading and exporting of data at any time. (Experts, feel free to skip directly to the social media analytics tools section.) Are the options intuitive, or fairly clear after a bit of explanation? Once you know what matters and why, it’s time to analyze the actual data. And always keep the long-term ROI in mind as you make your decisions too! Con: You have to create your audience from scratch every time you set up your ads. Oktopost is focused on helping B2B brands to manage, monitor, and measure all of their social media activities from a single platform.. Do you have global social media teams? use this tool to track conversations around their brands on social and make important marketing decisions. How granularly are you able to explore? All of these make social media marketing and management easier and more effective for your business. Brands like DHL, Carlsberg, Puma and Fox Sports use Audiense to discover audience segments relevant to their businesses and make smarter social marketing decisions — especially on Twitter. Oktopost. And like most other social media analytics tools, Meltwater provides email alerts that matter and reporting capabilities. It offers a solid social media analytics starting point. Here we will name a standard process that should make your practice easier: To put your data into perspective for each stakeholder involved, no matter if it's from sales, marketing or external client, you need to know who you are addressing the report to. You can very quickly and easily compare social insights against your business activities/performance, search and track keywords, schedule posts, identify valuable hashtags, influencers, and more. Social media goals should align with your overall marketing objectives. Earnings reports let you track earnings and total views, as well as which ad formats were most successful for driving revenue. Reports can be sent on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis but you need to decide this based on your social schedule. This social media analytics tool is particularly great for companies that have multiple reviews across multiple platforms because it lets you view all your reviews in one dashboard. Price: Free, If your need for social data is limited to Twitter, you can connect a single profile with Followerwonk for free and track and sort your followers to see how many new followers you’ve gained, and how many followers you’ve lost over the past day to 120 days. Audiense21. That matters – a lot. Use Hootsuite to publish and schedule your social media posts. Rival IQ also lets you see what content your audience prefers to see, and helps you discover fresh and relevant content ideas. And why. It takes many forms, but is always about gaining actionable social insights – the intel you need to guide your business strategy. It also depends on the social media data you’re wanting to analyze as well. See Instagram Stories insights reach and impressions, completion rate by story type, and best time to post Stories. Con: Unfortunately, the platform does not have the ability to cross-post between networks. After that, we will present benefits that these reports have on offer and finish with examples and templates from real business scenarios. Plus, the tool’s chrome plugin helps you do all this at once — saving you time. And it will also be apparent if they’re not! What’s more? What time is best to connect with them? Get live updates from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; track mentions separately to identify and engage with authors of value; find and join conversations; see insights for all three social networks in one place; and see and resolve customer issues quickly. But which social marketing analytics tools are “right?” If your budget allows, best-in-class AI-supported analytics are the goal. That way you can get an overview of how your posts are performing but you might want to follow-up with more details. Twitter Analytics Twitter’s built-in analytics tell you a lot about which tweets are succeeding and to what degree – even if they don’t tell you why. Price: Reach out for a custom quote, Boardreader uses search bar simplicity to put you in touch with reviews and forum posts – which are an oft-forgotten part of social media analytics data. Offering key metrics on viewer engagement as well as retention, this social media analytics report template will allow you to improve the visual content you produce as well as tailor it to the needs, preferences, and interests of your target audience. This social media analytics tool boasts an impressive client list, The Top 25 Social Media Analytics Tools [Updated for 2021]. Easily embed and share videos, capture leads, and increase virality using Vizia. We’ve also included web and social analytics comparison tools to grow into – when your early analytics help you succeed enough to invest a little more and take your business further – and capture a more complete social media data picture. v. All-in-One Social Media Reports! TapInfluence9. Do you want to know how your brand stacks up against competitors on social media? Building a monthly social media report is the best way to keep track of your growth and improve your social strategy!. Price: Starts at $10/month billed annually, up to $300/month billed annually for agencies. NetBase Quid is the next generation consumer and market intelligence platform, delivering contextual insights to reveal business trends, connect with consumers, and understand the story behind competitors and the market. Expand your social platform with LexisNexis news media, Power of social analytics for your entire team, AI, Image Analytics, Reporting Tools, APIs & more, Media analytics and market intelligence platform, Enrich your media analytics with social data, AI algorithms, NLP, data sources, and visualization, Comprehensive Social Media Analytics Tool, 6 Built-in Social Media & Analytics Dashboards, 7 Free Trials of Social Media Analytics Tools. Learn everything you can about your audience Create audience personas Meltwater is the go-to social media tool if you want to focus on brand engagement, while also monitoring what is being said about you and your industry online. ., Oktopost has recently partnered up with Keyhole, 5 Social Media Strategies That Succeeded in 2020 [Key Takeaways], The Top 16 Facebook Analytics Tools for Marketers. And rather than simply reporting the number of clicks you drove to your website, you might want to analyze how much of total website traffic is coming from social campaigns. You also get to see stats for individual pins so you can see what’s getting the most love from your audience. It’s a lot of work for little data though and would do best partnered with a social media sentiment analysis tool for benchmarking and moving the right ideas forward. Are they setting the pace for other social media analytics companies and pushing out new updates every couple weeks, or are they struggling to stay relevant? By sparking up meaningful conversations and delivering valuable content with your prospects at times that they’re most likely to respond or react, you will ensure your social success – and in turn, help your business to scale, evolve, and thrive in this cutthroat digital age. Each of the platforms listed here offers a portion of what’s needed to gain a dimensional picture of your audience – but few of them “have it all.” In those cases, what you save in cost might be lost in efforts to cobble together insights from multiple sources. Socialbakers16. Additionally, you can use this tool to publish, create personas, manage your communities, and generate analytics to help you create and optimize social content. Speed of algorithm/API adaptation – How quickly can each social media analytics company pivot to update their analytics tool to keep pace with API changes and such? It helps you listen to conversations on social media, publish content and engage your audience all from one place. Price: $29 – $599 USD per month + custom pricing. Viralwoot is one of the most complete tools for managing your Pinterest marketing. quintly12. This social media metrics report template is created with the help of a dashboard generator, where you can also find numerous other templates and easily start building your own dashboard or report.