Smartwater is a better way to keep hydrated instead of consuming soft drinks that are loaded with calories. There seems to be an on going issue with the taste of Smart Water. I’ve done thousands of tests for this. In some cases different pH levels will result in more favorable taste, but in other cases it … Smartwater has a pH of 6.97, which makes it slightly acidic. What Is the pH of Smartwater? ORP, or oxidation reduction potential, is another way of saying antioxidants found and measured to be in that water sample. Smartwater is actually tap water that has been vapor-distilled. Is Smartwater alkaline? It’s best to start with bottled water between pH … In reality, there’s no reason to go above pH 10 when choosing an alkaline bottled water brand. What brand of bottled water has the highest pH? SmartWater. vapor distilled, electrolytes for taste and ionized with a 9+pH take inspiration from the clouds and stay hydrated with crystal-clear smartwater. taking cues from mother nature and then adding electrolytes for taste, smartwater brings crisp and pure drinking water to a whole new level. By efficiency, I mean that for a particular pH-level [usually about 9 to 10 pH] an efficient water ionizer will produce a higher than average ORP (oxidation reduction potential). That being said, allowing a water to maintain its natural pH is far more healthful than creating an artifically alkline pH through ionization or electrolysis. It is free of calories and doesn’t contain any sodium. Unique quality: Vapor distilled water. The answer is yes and no. or the fact that we’ve added electrolytes for taste and infused each bottle with antioxidant selenium. Are the Smart Water pH Levels Affecting Taste? every drop of smartwater antioxidant tastes pure and will leave you feeling refreshed. Voss’s pH comes in at 6.0 which is actually on the acidic side of the pH scale (7.0 is neutral). The question is can the pH levels of Smart Water affect taste? The brands with the highest pH of 10 are Qure, Ten, and Essence. it’s everything you want from a bottled water—pure, hydrating, and crisp.. it might be thanks to the fact that it’s vapor-distilled through a process inspired by the clouds.