Selection procedures 2. 47 Disproportionate Stratified Sample Stratified Random Sampling Stratified random sample – A method of sampling obtained by (1) dividing the population into subgroups based on one or more variables central to our analysis and (2) then drawing a simple random sample from each of the subgroups Reduces cost of research (e.g. Cara Pemilihan Sampel: Undian Kalkulator, tekan tombol : Ran #, untuk mengeluarkan angka acak Komputer, misal di Excel: fungsi = RAND( ) Tabel. political polls) Generalize about a larger population (e.g., … 3. Disadvantages If sampling frame large, this method impracticable. View and Download PowerPoint Presentations on Middle School Students Simple Random Sampling PPT. 4. The cost of sampling is less with systematic sampling than simple random sampling. simple random sampling. Simple random sampling is always an EPS design, but not all EPS designs are simple random sampling. Find PowerPoint Presentations and Slides using the power of, find free presentations research about Middle School Students Simple Random Sampling PPT Its process can be easily checked, while it is difficult to check the process with simple random sampling. SIMPLE RANDOM SAMPLING Metode pengambilan sampel yang memungkinkan peluang terambilnya suatu unit sampel adalah sama besar. 2. Minority subgroups of interest in population may not be present in sample in sufficient numbers for study. It is easier to apply and less likely to make mistakes than simple random sampling.