This prevents confusion and potential problems which can occur with the shipping service or even customs. No special account needed to start since drop shipping is built into our online ordering system, however if you require further assistance, are not a regular user but need to submit a large batch of orders, we can help. No. These uploads will be stored securely and inaccessible to the public. This is evaluated over a 3 month periord or based on an organizations potential (existing customer base or demand). You can login to the order status page or go to your order history (if you have an account). When you need to have an order drop shipped to your customer, just go there and add the print you need to your cart. We have a separate shipping rate schedule for prints shipping from the Atlanta lab. Rather than include a copy of the receipt, we include a packing slip that simply has the products ordered and does not have our information listed anywhere. There is no additional charge to choose this option and it can automatic or by checking the drop ship box at checkout. Once the permit number is received, the account holder will need to e-mail us a completed and signed copy of the Texas Sales and Use Tax Resale Certificate / Exemption Certification (Not the Sales Tax Permit). Order you submit are automatially added to your accont order history. How will I know when you have shipped an order? Phone & Lobby Hours FinerWorks remains unknown to your customer unless you tell them. Packing slip can have your name or company name. Art prints that are 8×10 inches or smaller can be sandwich between two pieces of cardboard that are cut a little larger than the prints. VAT or Value Added Tax is something not currently applicable in the United States where FinerWorks is located. Monday-Friday 9 AM-5PM CT. Orders must be placed online via our online ordering system, one of our order import options or our api. Can I supply inserts or box labels for orders being shipped to my customers? Select an appropriate shipping container. Though it may seem obvious, among the most important considerations before you purchase an artwork are its dimensions: is the work small and light enough to be easily transported to its final destination, and can the work be supported by the wall or floor on which it will eventually rest? Can I brand or provide a logo on packing slips & outside of the package? If you have additional questions about VAT please consult a tax specialist regarding VAT. For Canvas and Art Paper Prints shipped from our San Antonio Print Studio: For mounted prints we usually ship via UPS. We package all prints carefully protecting them with corrugated sheets, clear plastic sleeves and kraft paper. As long as you have added your business, we will use this information as the sender in place of your order’s billing information. We will update this list if any of these dates can be extended or need to be changed. Submit your Shopify, Etsy, Squarespace or orders from an Excel spreadsheet. Many artists exhibit their art internationally and many sell art internationally ... USPS - Print Shipping Labels - International Shipping labels ; COVID-19 NOTICE THERE IS SOME LEVEL OF DISRUPTION TO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING SERVICES AND SOME AGENTS WILL NOT ACCEPT INTERNATIONAL MAIL. Prints are shipped either flat or rolled, dependent upon shipping method selected, destination and items being ordered. Is the FinerWorks brand hidden from my customers? When you place your order, the final review page has a box where you can include comments. These could include special internal packaging, boxes with your company logo or event the use of branded tape. The other option is to contact us so that we can provide return instructions. Shipping artwork? This also helps us since we must use a U.S. based address on the customs forms. What do I do if my customer says their order was lost or damaged during shipping? This stores the billing and shipping information you intend to use for your orders. Please note, this box only allows for text and letters so you will not be able to enter links to web sites and html. What happens if my customer decides they do not like the print they received? Orders submitted via one of the ordder import systems or via our api will automatially be marked as drop shipped. Prints with a overall sheet size (print size plus borders) greater than 15×19 may also be shipped via UPS. Our Pack & Ship Guarantee ensures the proper packing of fragile and high-value items, including artwork. Framed, sculpture or ceramics - we can help pack and ship your artwork today. Packing these items for shipping takes finesse and skill. You can order prints from these image anytime you want so you do not have to re-upload them each time. While about 30% of our drop shippers use PayPal you can also opt to keep a credit card on file. Otherwise all prints are shipped flat. If you are based outside of the U.S. and want your order drop shipped, we recommend you enter your business information within your account but use our address. They are ideal for protecting your work from finger prints, smudging, dust and scratches as a result of casual handling or storage while also increasing the perceived value of the print. These will be stored in “My Prints Inventory“.