This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Shenmue is a property of © SEGA inc. All rights reserved. Available for pre-order from Limited Run Games starting November 20 for $49.99 and through general distribution afterward. Available for pre-order from Limited Run Games starting November 20 for $39.99, €40 from BigWax and through general distribution afterward. Announced today in collaboration with YSNET and Limited Run Games, Shenmue III’s soundtrack will see a physical release on CD and vinyl (in 5 variations) plus in digital formats. #Shenmue3Soundtrack #Shenmue3Musics #Shenmue3Bailu Arranged from the album Shenmue III The Definitive Soundtrack, Looks like the signed collection isn't going to sell out anytime soon. I thought they reused a lot of the music from 2 in 3, surprised there's that many tracks on the soundtrack release... Insane collection and really cool collectable. Limited to 500 units only exclusively through Limited Run Games and BigWax. When Will The Terraria 1.4 Journey’s End Update Come To Console And Mobile? this was the final hurrah. I think I recall some interview by Yu Suzuki saying that they finally didn't need to make any new music for Shenmue III (although that was the original plan, as announced in the Kickstarter). very interesting! Comes in a top lid box (similar to recent Generation Series releases from Brave Wave) with liner notes, archival artwork and a digital download code for all 196 tracks. Artwork is not final and subject to change. There will be 5 variations of the vinyl edition: Only definitive with the annoying meowing sound(even tho I didn't find a freaking cat anywhere) overlaid on top. Experience the latest chapter of Ryo Hazuki's epic journey in its entirety with our exclusive release of the Shenmue III Complete Edition for PS4. Shenmue fans can also purchase the soundtrack on CD if they aren’t interested in the vinyl release or if they’ve already sold out. It includes all 195 songs and costs $349.99 / €350 (approximately £270) - but only 500 will be made, so make sure to be an early bird with this one if you want it. Shenmue III The Definitive Soundtrack Vol. Just like the name of the company says, the items are very limited. 1: Bailu Village (GS-020-V1) The 20th milestone release in the Generation Series lineup, this 5-LP abridged set features 82 tracks that play in the first half of Shenmue III, which takes place in Bailu Village. The company has launched the Shenmue 3 Complete Edition Collector’s Edition for PlayStation 4 plus multiple vinyl soundtracks. : N/A. Shenmue merchandise has been top notch recently and surprisingly frequent. The absolutely captivating music from the Shenmue 3 OST. It's just.. really good! Bandcamp pre-orders commence on November 6 and unlock on November 19. Artwork is not final and subject to change. Available for pre-order starting November 20 from Limited Run Games for $299.99 and for €300 on BigWax. If you continue, we'll assume that you are happy with our cookies policy. the Brave Wave article states the tracks are "remastered", so i am inclined to believe that the old 1999/2001 shenmue 1/2 tracks have been "touched up" with current audio equipment to make them sound even better. Shenmue III The Definitive Soundtrack Vol. Pricing will be announced closer to the launch of pre-orders in November. CD EditionThe CD Edition will come on 6-CDs, housed in a special box with a complete booklet of liner notes (in both English and Japanese) by Yu Suzuki and other members of the Shenmue community, as well as archival artwork. All 11 vinyl are housed in a gorgeous sturdy flip-top box set with liner notes, archival artwork and a digital download code for all tracks. It's been a little while since I played the game so I haven't heard the songs in a while, and not just in isolation when I'm not also concentrating on the game. It may not display this or other websites correctly. 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