On the surface, the controversy sounds trivial; PC gamers are generally upset they have to use a different app to launch games on Epic’s platform, unlike the exclusivity arrangement on consoles that stipulates consumers own an entirely different piece of hardware. Following comments made by Epic Games Store chief Steve Allison during the Game Developers Conference in March that suggested Epic might wind down the approach, Sweeney later clarified that the company took time to think it over and decided it would continue securing deals so long as publishers and developers appreciated the terms. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney also says his company will be covering the costs of these refunds, so as not to deprive Ys Net of development funds it raised via Kickstarter to help complete the game. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Some backers of action game Shenmue III’s multimillion-dollar Kickstarter campaign are upset that it will launch exclusively on Epic’s Games Store, scuttling plans for … However, now we’re learning that the refunds aren’t coming from the developer, Ys Net, nor are they coming from Kickstarter. Epic is funding the cost of all Kickstarter refunds resulting from Shenmue III’s move to the Epic Games store, so that refunds won’t reduce Ys Net’s development funding. In October last year, Apple launched the Apple AirPods Pro for $250, but you can grab a pair at a considerable discount. To be more specific, you can now buy Apple’s Airpods Pro at a p... Back in September last year, Jabra announced the new Jabra Elite 75t, the successor to the popular Elite 65t true wireless earbuds. This isn’t the only Shenmue release issue that’s popped up recently. You’ll also be able to transfer your PC version to a PS4 one if you so choose instead, while those who want Steam keys one year after release, once the exclusivity window closes, can request them in the survey. https://t.co/mSGdbzYPJ5. Too bad the entire affair was based on a false premise. Epic To Pay For Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Refunds Amidst Exclusive Controversy Shenmue III is finally offering Kickstarter backers their refund for not providing promised Steam keys, but refunds are coming from an odd source. That said, it doesn’t look like Epic’s strategy of securing exclusivity on popular titles is winding down any time soon. If the Epic strategy either succeeds in building a second major storefront for PC games with an 88/12 revenue split, or even just leads other stores to significantly improve their terms, the result will be a major wave of reinvestment in game development and a lowering of costs. In an upcoming survey, the trio plan to offer refunds to any backers upset the game won’t be available on Valve’s Steam storefront at launch, after Epic secured exclusivity of the PC version of the game for its own marketplace. Spoiler: it’s great! Sweeney also says that this situation shouldn’t occur again in the future, as Epic plans to communicate refund and Steam key policies upfront to avoid these late-stage predicaments. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. "Epic is funding the cost of all Kickstarter refunds resulting from Shenmue III’s move to the Epic Games store so that refunds won’t reduce Ys Net’s development funding," wrote Sweeney. Deep Silver, which also had a rocky launch controversy earlier this year when it had to honor Steam preorders after Epic secured exclusivity on 4A Games’ Metro Exodus, is clearly interested in such deals. It’s also ... OnePlus is about to hold a huge sale today. Just last week, he wrote in response to a Twitter user, “We believe exclusives are the only strategy that will change the 70/30 status quo at a large enough scale to permanently affect the whole game industry.” And he claims it’s working, as evidenced by the studios and publishers willing to work with Epic and the resulting sales and revenue metrics from Epic’s store. This week the company launched a steep discount on the $99.99 software, bringing it down to only $59.99.