That is my following Key Bindings. By assigning shortcut keys, aka. The Config File is located under the same Document ShareX folder using JSON format. r/sharex. It also allows uploading images, text or other types of files to over 80 supported destinations you can choose from. 21 Shortcuts for ShareX 12.2.0 (Windows) Platform: win. By Default, installation is tick all the following check boxes but for me, I don’t like clutters on my desktop or Context Menu (Right Click) so I uncheck all checkbox except the following which start SHAREX utility when my windows system starts. One thing I liked about Gyazo, though, is that I could just click it on my task bar and it would automatically begin a region capture. Also on the main windows, we can see all keyboard shortcuts with the functions. Please Check the ShareX tool is running in the background in the taskbar or just open it once more from the start menu. The most difficult task is to capture the Scrolling Page with windows inbuilt tools in shareX all you just need to open that document or website from taskbar right click on that tool and select scrolling capture. And next to that setting we can configure upload tasks also. hotkeys, it will be more convenient for you to deal with all types of recording on ShareX. Whenever I use region capture, I want it uploaded automatically. In the left side window, we can see Option “Hotkey settings” click on it will bring the option to customize keybindings for sharex. As the Default, the Share X is running in the taskbar which can be directly accessed from the taskbar so no need to run it again and again. Create a shortcut with the parameters configured to how you want sharex to behave and then put that shortcut in your quick launch bar. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, You can check to uncheck the option or leave the default as per your preference and click Next. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The following Screen shows where the program will install click next. You can see I have disabled upload option but in the future, if I require direct upload it can also be enabled by a simple click. You can select Keys as per your preference or it can leave default for me those key bindings work best. For me at first, starting the shortcut key Ctrl and PrtScr is used so the warning was there I just clicked OK. set a hotkey to both start and stop screen recording ShareX is an all-in-one tool that can help you capture screenshots, do screen recordings, and … User account menu. After downloading, run the MSI file for installation. After closing the Keybinding window we can see on the main menu our current keybinding for any future reference we just need to open sharex and get Shortcut keys. But it’s very easy to use utility for day to day activities but has more customization as we compare with Market tools that are available with a price tag. Sharex provides an auto-upload function which is handy if we need to share a screenshot with someone the image is uploaded on an image hosting site and the default behavior copy uploaded URL path to our clipboard which can be used to share links by just pressing Ctrl and V. For me, I like to disable auto-upload for that just take one screenshot and the following popup will appear which gives the option to disable auto-upload. 2. Like an idiot I managed to delete my ShareX config without a backup, and now I'm struggling to remember how I achieved this before. It also allows uploading images, text or other types of files to over 80 supported destinations you can choose from. it has more functions highlighting Capture Windows a portion of area for complete text with one click upload add text or marking with arrows rectangular or circle in your screenshot. save capture to file on a network shared folder (smb from my pc) generate a URL using my domain (because the files are shared by NFS to the webserver) ShareX tool can be used to take scrolling screenshots, one click upload and record screen on your Windows system. Uploaded by bonwag, updated on 7/9/2020 by . I looked around and couldn't answer these myself, so forgive me if they're stupid questions. Copy the image to the clipboard so I can paste any document like word or PowerPoint for current examples directly in my blog. If you capture just the active window or a region of your screen, then those snippets must be saved manually or they are lost from your clipboard when you save the next snippet. Can I get ShareX to automatically take a region capture when I click it on my taskbar? Close. It’s best to save a customization config file somewhere safe so in the future, if you installed ShareX again or in a new system just paste the config file and all your customization keybinding will work the same way. You can set up a timer to delay capture, select whether or not to add the cursor in screenshots, and even perform OCR on the text. I leave it to default as it creates subfolders Year and month-wise very easy to find something. Other Tools; C: C rop image up . Default Screen Shot Gives Multiple Option where we can Highlight and select Area. Just click on install which starts the installation.