Monday 27 April 2020: The first sewing challenge anyone can enter is the cozy sweater challenge. Listen online, no signup necessary. Linda is a successful bra making tutor and she now offers bra making classes and she’s offering ASG members a special discount. It's great magazine and a great resource for all levels of expertise. If I use the instructions at all, I only use them for construction order. So that's all for today's Random Threads - I'm interested to hear your thoughts on any of the topics I mentioned. ( Log Out /  Read More Why not join. Her patterns can be adapted to different body types. I have been a subscriber of Threads for years, yet lately I only find one or two articles, plus the pattern reviews that I am drawn to. From Jen Hogg, “I can’t remember being taught to sew. One theme that keeps coming up is that being in isolation or lock-down has given people more time to sew. To underscore what a strange year this is, I just checked and my last Random Threads post was way back in April. Thanks for this so much – I was rooting for Jen and love her work. My new favorite is Fiber Nation, the topics are super interesting and the speaker's voice is extremely calming (something I prize in podcasts these days.) And how about the ripoff of the Zadie jumpsuit pattern, which is a great pattern and was copied line for line as a RTW garment by an Australian mfg. The item must be made my you. The other part of patterns not fitting is that we often don't understand design ease and that while the pattern is based on body measurements, not all of us like the same amount of ease in clothing. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Thank you Helene Gassman for preparing this transcript on behalf of the Australian Sewing Guild. Some people find Youtube videos are how they learn and sew. Yes, I do think that telling us oh what a good job you've done now have a glass of wine, etc is patronizing. Shameless! He talks about his love for Fortuny fabrics and how is sewing advice is all about fit and building a few well fitted basic patterns you can go back to again and again where you can make the style changes you want, when you want to. Helen Wilkinson and Caroline Somos host Love to Sew, a fun weekly podcast about making clothes, sewing community, and small business. Let’s fix that! Latest was Sewing Sisters! Fifty Best Sewing Podcasts For 2020. Cookie Statement Terms & Conditions. If you want fabric to be pleated for you, it’s wonderful to be able to find a business that can pleat fabric for you. ugh. Sone-Seere and Sierra Burrell. 10 August 2020: Sarah is the designer behind Pattern Union and she enjoys supporting Australian Sewing Guild members with her patterns. Monday 17 August 2020: Another Australian local supports sewists and Australian Sewing Guild members with special discounts. Pretty! The September sewing challenge is based on the oh-so-simple Harvest Top from Peppermint Magazine is our pattern of choice. Monday 15 June 2020: Louise Sparrow updates us on the success of ASG running online sewing workshops using Zoom. Helen Wilkinson and Caroline Somos host Love to Sew, a fun weekly podcast about making clothes, sewing community, and small business. You can still find these pattern puzzles on her Well-suited blog. I prefer what I call jeans-lite, that is without the rivets and other doodads that make jeans jeans. I wish I could listen to podcasts. Sorry if that sounds harsh. So I’ve compiled a list of crafty podcasts. Now if it is music playing, I don't get distracted. Anyway - if your family is asking what you want for Christmas this might be a good thing to put on the list. Please!!! Claire B. Shaeffer talks about collecting, teaching, and making couture garments. Learn how your comment data is processed. Monday 27 July 2020: Louise Sparrow updates about 1. Our children are both away at university now, so the house is a bit quieter than it was! ( Log Out /  Monday 14 September 2020: A message from ASG Chair, Louise Sparrow. Monday 9 November 2020: Louise Sparrow, Chair of the Australian Sewing Guild has so much to tell us about. We want to see what is being produced in sewing rooms around the nation. Now if only it would rain!!!! It’s free to enter. They do have great coats. Why do they choose those identities? Here is the podcast transcript, thanks to the hard work of Helene Gassman, member secretary of the Australian Sewing Guild. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Caroline is the founder of Blackbird Fabrics, an online fabric store based in Vancouver, Canada and specializing in apparel fabrics and garment sewing supplies. Magazines, unfortunately, same thing. We share your revelatory stories on what has altered your sewing game, and ours too!