♥️. Really enjoy them We are both what it’s called: “too foreign for home, too foreign for here!” … I made Korean potato salad today. Thank you for reading my story! You started cooking not long ago, but you have such a passion for it, and you are very good at it too! You speak very well! My guess is your Comic Mentor was wrong, if not jealous; I suspect you are much too humble a person to allow yourself to say so, so I will. Hats off to you for not only being able to overcome your depression but to make your life meaningful to others through your love of food. hope to hear more from you, your recipe and more about korea..because i really love korean drama ^^, awww you are SO sweet!! i’ve watched all your videos and i loveeeee it so much. Keep up the great work. Hello! I don’t have my own cookbook yet, but so many of you guys ask me about it so I’ll be on the cookbook project very soon!! Thank you for your entertaining and positive posts. But I can tell you that, it was worth every second of it!! I pray God blesses you with many more years of making videos and cooking to your heart’s content with Jacob by your side. lol Thank you for all the support, love and blessings!! Love your story so I can relate so much to it as I find myself in a similar situation and this motivates me so much to live life fulliest such an inspiration. I moved to US november 2016 to live with my husband at small town and feeling stressed because i dont have any friends here and because of diff time here with my hometown (Indonesia) im from surabaya. Seonkyounglongest, I was brave and tried several of your recipes for a birthday dinner honoring my mom and sister. She works at Chik-fil A and that’s not real food. I’m going to make your beef & broccoli tonight for my family. Just ran across you on FB. I saw that you are in Sacramento, that is close from where I’m from (Fairfield, CA) I hope I get to meet you one day. She began watching Food Network and creating meals with her own style. 2005, I was working very hard for him drawing all the background of Korean History Comic Book (이현세의 한국사 바로보기). . I made fried rice, beef and broccolini, stir fried veggies (I faked it), and your super duper, most delicious, sticky ribs!!!! I just watched your video about you being fake. Hi SK. But I had NO idea how to even use Asian condiments. Seonktoung Longest , you are truly inspiring! Thank you for your sweet words, happy cooking~!! Yes, I went through hard time but it made me stronger and stronger. I haven’t tried all of them but I am getting there.lol! I really enjoy your recipes, style, and personality. So I wanted to do something that makes him happy. Thank you for your comment and Good luck!! He is currently the chairman of KOMACON and a professor at the Department of Comic Animation at Sejong University. warm regards from Indonesia. I watched it again to make sure I didn’t miss any steps. 한국음식에 대한 애정이 남다르신 것 같아요, 저도 리즈씨에게로부터 그런 마음가짐 배워야 할 것 같아요. . i also have tried several of your recipes and it turned AMAZINGGG! Also, I love your knife too, it seems really sharp, and I’m planning to buy a better one like you have. Keep up the good work and i look forward in your future sharing… Love you lots!! I wish I have one of your talent and don’t change like some people when they become famous. I am proud of you. © 2020 SeonkyoungLongest. Your recipes are wonderful. I intend to buy “ZWILLING J.A. Cooking is an art and sharing around the Table is what brings me so much JOY and allows me to share so much Love. !Isn’t this time of year is your favorite? I just discovered your youtube video and I absolutely love it! I am so impressed and in awe of you. I can’t wait to cook Korean food for him! Continued success in life and food. So glad I could be an inspiration to cook!