Generally green in dreams symbolizes sensitivity and immaturity and indicates that what we want or project is still immature, therefore it cannot be realized.Read more…, The green color, in dreams, as in everyday life, is a symbol of hope and continual nature regeneration, indicating happiness and prosperity. You always weigh all pros and cons and solve a problem sensibly. A large mountain can symbolize the prosperity and favor of God on your life, Ps. It is the color of intellect (yellow) and (red) passion. Mountainous regions with high peaks as a setting may pcint to inspirational experiences that bring awe and majestic beauty to your heart. They may bring you big money, fame and welfare. A blighted tree, means unexpected loss, abuse of confide nee. It forebodes nothing bad at all. By daring to climb the mountain we challenge our own inadequacies and free ourselves from fear. Cedar Here are a few specific landscapes that could appear in your dreams, and their individual meanings. All cats relate to the power of the feminine principle. An artificially regulated and controlled space where aggression is not allowed, Dreams of a greenhouse represent that you are in the midst of an intense growth spurt. If you see a mountain across your path and you feel that it is something that the enemy has put there, then it is something for you to remove in the name of Jesus. Having a dream about mountain could also mean that things will go well between you and people close to you such as your family and friends. For example, if the mountain is covered with snow in the dream, it is a good sign. First of all, landscapes all have very different meanings, depending a lot of what exactly is the landscape featured in the dream. Dreams about mountains could represent obstacles that lie ahead of you, ability to conquer difficulties, your capability to face challenges and overcome, hard work, willpower and ability to ascend over circumstances. It is the color of vegetation, calmness, relaxation, and toning. With broken branches, illness. Alternatively, have you been given the green light to go ahead with some business or family venture? If the trees are weak, it is indication of being helpless. Colors It signifies the wisdom within nature.... Ariadne's Book of Dream, Narrow focus toward Oversoul.... Expansions Dream Dictionary, If someone sees himself standing on top of a mountain, it means he will overpower an-other person with a similar rank or position such as his.... Islamic Dream Interpretation, The growing of any unknown greenery in a place where it does not normally grow such as a house or masjid, suggest that a man will come along either to seek in marriage the hand of his daughter or to establish a business partnership.... Islamic Dream Interpretation, The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams, EVERGREENS OR BUSHES AND TREES IN FULL LEAF, PASS (MOUNTAIN), PASSPORT, PASSPORT CONTROL, Dreaming about a female dog bleeding on her period. Muddier shades of dark green sometimes point to envy and greed, as well as a stubborn or self- opinionated attitude. / Find the meanings. Because hills and gentle slopes lack the challenge of steep rocky or icy mountains, in dreams hills indicate that the task of self-discovery may be easier than you think. If you climb the mountain, reaching the very top, your wish will be gratified. When the pumpkins appear green or immature it indicates envy from competitors or rivals in business. • It is also a good picture of how you feel when you come to the Lord with a big prayer request. A mountain seeing as great and huge in a dream points to establish a stable authority and being unrivaled. Dreams of mountains symbolize a victory of the certain instance. Are you trying to achieve full control of the route that your life is taking? And when he speaks he supports his speech with good reasoning and proof. Dry palm trees indicate misfortune. Overturned, burnt, or struck by lightning, signifies vexation, fears, grief, despair. Depth Psychology: Mountains symbolize situations in your life that might cause ruin. Also, your approach won’t mar relations with your partners, for example. Yellow dragon indicates the relaxation and freedom. / If during the flight the dreamer passes over beautiful green fields or forests, it suggests that even if the dreamer is suffering from some setbacks, better times will come soon.Read more…, If leaves are green, it announces prosperity. As earlier said there are so many reasons why you could dream about mountains but each dream you have about mountains usually have their own specific and unique meanings so it is very important that you pay closer attention to what each dream is about. / It can also mean that you’d escape from demanding situations….Read more…, …this person. Falling off a mountain in your dream means that you are tempted to give up on things when the going gets tough. Pink is very fresh color which foretells about sensuality and affection. The Element Encyclopedia. If it is a green dream, the excess means an overflow of vegetative, instinctive life, which can drown out the rest of the personality. It may be easier to understand the meaning of this color if you consider the earth and Mother Nature’s love affair with the color green. Also, it indicates that the matters being handled by the dreamer, present many difficulties, and this is the reason for the concern. When the clothes’ color is black or dark gray it means unfavorable changes (sadness, poverty, disappointments, etc.). It also symbolizes the perpetual birth and the incessant flow of vital energy. It can also be a warning that you need to be patient if you’re awaiting a resolution, this dream indicates that it’s not the right time yet….Read more…, The dream means sarcasm, mockery or laughter from a person who is inferior to the dreamer.Read more…, Dreaming about dragon represents your strong passions and secret desires. If you are attacked by an animal in this dream, it is a sure sign that things are in the process of change, and that it is important that things are renewed quickly. Good news. Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary, (Also see Garment)... Islamic Dream Interpretation. If a person sees himself climbing a mountain it means he will attain high positions.... Islamic Dream Interpretation, This represents the ultimate challenge of endurance, skill, strength and stamina. Could you do with an injection of freshness and hope in your life? / • Just like in real life, it will be a hard climb. If you are driving from the passenger side of a car, then it represents that you are trying to be in control. Without taking a bold step to get things done it might be hard for you to take up challenges so do not let your guard down and work towards becoming the best you can be. Green means go. It often refers to feminine powerand aggression. If we only see apples, then dream means that we choose another kind of purer, more lasting, deeper and more spiritual happiness….Read more…, Green plants in dream is a signal of fame or fortune. Having a dream about mountains can be a sign of great fortune that is about to come your way so you need to be more open-hearted to receive it. / When you have dreams about mountains, you should look for the way in which it pertains to your life before you interpret them. Green or rotten, denotes sadness, violent spasms.Read more…. If you dream of climbing a mountain, then you are traversing challenges in your life, surmounting a goal or challenge. It will come back again in your life.Read more…, Symbolizes the material and biological evolution. If climbing means gaining a higher station, then descending in a dream means losing rank.