I, 121, 1, I, 166, 4, VII, 56, 16, etc. Siṁhalese nāga-dangaya. With the philosophy of putting human experience as a central element in the design, Woods Bagot serves international clientele with future-oriented projects. The author, nevertheless, has neglected a good deal of work that has been done in this field; surprising omissions in the references, for example, are Rao, Tālamāna, Jouveau-Dubreuil, Archéologie du Sud de I’Inde, and texts such as the Viṣṇudharmottara and Śilparatna. See also s.v. Morphogenesis is listed as one of India’s well-known, award-winning architecture and Urban Design firms. Interesting ranking…. If there are more than one partner in the firm then which partners name comes first? Ratha-pojara, the body of a carriage, Jātaka II, 172, IV, 60. Explore what ArchitectureQuote can offer you! The letter quotes a Sanskritic-Pali text defining the shapes and proportions of dāgabas, from the Waiddyānta-pota (Or Vājayantaya) a śilpa-śāstra; well known in Ceylon, but not mentioned in the Dictionary. Āryaka-stambha: not in the Dictionary: but see under āveṣanin, below, and Dictionary, p. 669. Joanna Bacon is the Chair of Awards Group and Board Member at RIBA. The company is a venture capital investment company. Both have been thought to refer to temples, but the meaning dharmaśālā is far more probable, as pointed out by Hopkins, Epic Mythology, p. 71 (ib., 70-73 contains a very valuable discussion of images and temples as referred to in the Epics). Cullavagga, V, 14, 3 and elsewhere has itṭḥa-, silā-, and dāru-pākāras. The much earlier Śulva Sūtras are effectively śilpa-śāstras, though not actually so designated. A creative genius who draws something and then actually makes it a reality. Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei has designed several skyscrapers such as Nishi-shimbashi Square, Hulic Square hotel and The Parkhouse Gran Chidorigafuchi. Pali Dictionary. Rhys Davids: “In that wood they established a Saṁgha-park. Among their best architecture projects, we could mention Siloetten apartment block, Bislett Stadium and Carlsberg Central Office. In 2009, Manit Rastogi was the first Indian to win a World Architecture Festival Award for his design of The Pearl Academy of Fashion, in Jaipur. He leads Morphogenesis and its projects with SOUL in mind: Sustainability, Optimisation, Uniqueness, and Livability. Ben van Berkel graduated in 1987 from Architecture at the Rietveld Academy and the Architectural Association in London. See Bloomfield, Atharva Veda, II, 185, 195; Whitney, Atharva Veda, 525; Zimmer, Altindisches Leben, Ch. Ānanda, son of Vāsiṣṭhī, as above, s.v. Numerous lavatory sites are illustrated in Mem. Pajara, which has, like candra-śāla-vātāyana, the double significance of ‘attic” and “dormer window” (see Jouveau-Dubreuil, passim), occurs in the latter sense in Jataka, III.379 “looking down from an open window (vaṭasīhapajarena) .” Cf. With over 700 active employees, the company generates 175 million USD in revenue. Londhe’s most noteworthy projects include the green building Imperial Tower I&II in Mumbai and the SP Infocity IT Park in Chennai. Hello Vivek, I’m planning to start a Web Site Designing Company”. The modern vernacular equivalent is of course jharokhā. The rendering of kapota by “spout” should be avoided. Showa Sekkei has a revenue of about 5 Million USD and over 200 employees. VI, 2 (not quite correctly translated in S.B.E., XX, p. 106), as follows: kavāṭa, the leaves; piṭṭhasaṁghāṭa2 (=Sanskrit prasthā-saṁghaṭikā, “upstanding pair”), the door-posts; udukhallika, threshold;  uttarapāsaka, Iintel; aggalavaṭṭi,  bolt-post; kapi-sīsaka, bolt (-handle);  sūcika, the pin or part of the kapi-sīsa which fits into the socket in the bolt-post (cf. NORR was established in 1938 by John B. Parkin. These buildings are The Jacobs School of Music East Studio Building at Indiana University and the Science and Engineering Library and Laboratories at Northwestern University. II, 291=Dialogues, 2, p. 328), “even as a skilful turner (bhamakāra) “; the simile, (“drawing his string out at length,” etc. In the early reliefs we see no side doors to ordinary houses, while there is generally a window above the single (front) door. kāyura in Cullavagga, IV, 2, 1, S.B.E. When you are naming your law firm you may just need to put your name out of the mix. On pp. Much information on the social position of craftsmen and related subjects is given in my Indias Craftsman, apparently unknown to the author: see also karmāra and āveṣaṇin, above, and rūpakāra, below. Inscription of Loṇāśobhikā on Mathurā āyāgapata, see VI Int. ), one of the commonest and most distinctive motifs recognizable in Indian architecture from first to last. All you need is to think about the words that can be used as a company name. Raṅga, raṅga-bhūmi, nāṭya śālā, prekṣa-gṛha, etc. I have started with my dream start up, The firm’s projects range between architectural design, technical, electrical and mechanical engineering, renovation and urban planning. Headquartered in Paris, AIA has several offices located in France’s major cities and employs 650 people. Beth Campbell joined Wilson Associates as CEO in 2018.