NOTE: Karen's latest book The Eczema Detox is now released and is her most updated book on healing eczema with a low salicylate approach. Most people with salicylate intolerance have no idea they are sensitive to this hidden chemical. Supplementation often works gradually and for deep healing to occur the eczema patient needs to be calm, well rested and caring for one's health with healthy low salicylate foods, not sugar-rich, low salicylate junk. My little angel became happy and chatty. For example they react to coconut, avocado and tomato as they are naturally rich sources of salicylates. Amine-rich foods which dilate the blood vessels include chocolate, cheese, wine, fish oils, and fermented foods such as probiotics and yoghurt. Whole foods have been the bulk of my eczema warriors’ diet for a long time, and I thought I was doing them good. Salicylate sensitivity varies for different people, but eczema warriors are very prone to it. If you are sensitive to salicylates, you can end up with similar gastrointestinal damage from consuming the salicylates found in regular foods. Allergic Reaction triggered by Orgran biscuit, Eczema and Immune System – how to heal from within, Conventional vs Alternative Medicine for Eczema, Read more about how intricately the gut and skin are related, 6 Best Eczema Treatments – get relief from eczema itching, How I stumbled upon it when trying to heal my son of his eczema, List of high salicylate foods to avoid if you have eczema, apples (some brands are better than others), berries (all kinds: black, blue, rasp, straw). Salicylates are a natural pesticide/chemical found in some fruits and vegetables, nuts, teas, fruit extracts, wine, herbal medicines, aspirin and spices. Eczema sufferers commonly have adverse reactions to preservatives and pesticides so it's little wonder they can also react to salicylates. Because each person and situation is unique, the advice on this website should not be substituted for the advice given to you by a registered medical professional. Salicylates in foods. So you see why I was so hesitant to remove high salicylate foods for J? He used to touch me and comment that his skin is so different from mine. Bjarnason, I., Williams, P., Smethurst, P., Peters, T. J., & Levi, A. J. We saw a gastrointestinal specialist from our local hospital, had x-rays, stool analysis and allergy testing. It is very well written and its just what many people today need to read! For this group of people, temporarily avoiding salicylate-rich foods changed their lives – they could wear short sleeves again, swim in pools and socialize without embarrassment. Salicylates also have preservative properties which reduce food spoilage. Gut feelings: what happens when your microflora is out of balance? Artificial and natural salicylates are also present in many skin creams and perfumes. How did I know it was salicylate sensitivity? Gut, 27(11), 1292-1297. As mentioned, over the past couple of years my son had occasional severe pains in his abdomen. My sister had eczema the whole time we were growing up together, and she just ate the same foods we did and used topical creams. So today I want to share with you the scientific research on salicylate sensitivity which helped me to formulate the eczema diet program for patients at the Eczema Life Clinic in Sydney. Research shows the excess dilation seen in topical steroid withdrawal patients is caused by excess nitric oxide in the blood. Laura is a contributor and content developer for It’s An Itchy Little World. Thanks for letting us know about this. Salicylates are a natural pesticide/chemical found in some fruits and vegetables, nuts, teas, fruit extracts, wine, herbal medicines, aspirin and spices. So salicylate sensitivity can be reversed. eczema, hives, itchy skin and other skin rashes, irritable bowel symptoms (wind, diarrhoea and/or constipation), allergy symptoms (stuffy or runny nose, nasal polyps, frequent throat clearing), behaviour problems, poor attention span, ADHD, ADD, slow to talk and/or slow growth (in infants/children), sleep disturbances (difficulty falling asleep, night terrors, frequent night waking, sleep apnoea). In fact, salicylate sensitivity (also known as salicylate intolerance), is the most common chemical sensitivity that eczema sufferers present with. The Eczema Diet; What are salicylates. Not drinking alcohol really helps, taking the suggested supplements, and omitting foods with salicylates, histamines and those that spike blood sugar levels. Arms by his side, totally still. In contrast, males had a significantly higher rate of behavioural problems (72%) such as ADHA, aggression, irritability and poor attention span, being triggered by adverse reactions to food chemicals including salicylates. They are in some medications as well, like aspirin. You have given me hope and direction.” – Jamie F. I am not a medical professional. July 24, 2017, Is leaky gut the main cause of eczema? Supplementation may not be a quick fix or a magic pill that quickly suppresses eczema symptoms (as suppression brings out the symptoms in other ways - as is the case with topical steroids). My nine year old son does not have eczema, but a couple of years ago he had mysterious stomach pains which meant he missed about 30 days of school one year, plus he suffered with headaches, constipation, bad moods and the inability to sit still in class. Thank you for such a comprehensive and thorough article. For example, the research on aspirin shows it frequently triggers gastrointestinal bleeding as it causes tiny holes in the gut lining. J Am Diet Assoc, 85(8), pp.950-60. Amines are a naturally occurring food chemical that is the result of the break down of proteins as the food ages or ripens. The diet has been a cure for me. Cool! Just a heads up that this is the only safe heavy metal protocol to this date, and there are a lot of dangerous ones out there recommending things like cilantro, chlorella etc. It's often helpful to avoid wheat and dairy (and gluten if you are sensitive to gluten). Now he finally gets to enjoy stronger and healthier skin, and he truly knows to appreciate it.