II. It is not so much His mediatorial life, as affording opportunities for the fruits of His death to appear, and hereby manifesting its incalculable efficacy; as by the transference, as it were, of what gave worth and efficacy in the death, to the activity and energy in the life. Now fancy, if you can, his astonishment, sinking to incredulity, and then rising into a paroxysm of joy, when the messenger says, I am the king’s son; it is my own wish, and my father’s will that I should die for you; take you the pardon, and give me the fetters. We became his friends, laid aside our opposition, and embraced him as our friend and portion. And yet there is a difference. But God’s heart isn’t just to save us outwardly from eternal destruction. Their confirmation; derived from an inference drawn from one to the other. This same gradation is reproduced here from the passage from Romans 5:10 to Romans 5:11, after which the theme contained in the first two verses will be exhausted, and the proposition: "hope maketh not ashamed" (Romans 5:5), fully demonstrated. It is a Presence for us ‘within the veil,’ and that Presence of Christ is a Representative Presence. Copyright StatementThese files are public domain and are a derivative of an electronic edition that is available on the Christian Classics Ethereal Library Website. 2. Brown. Nor among the countless tribes of animals does God, in any case, appear to have begun a work and stopped in the middle. Yesternight was spent in an agony of prayer; and this night he lays his head in sweet peace on its pillow. Such sensations in the bosom are well-near akin to despair. More special development (γάρ, namely) of Romans 5:9. ἐχθροί] namely, of God, as is clear from κατηλλ. The mightiest demonstration of God’s love. There was the medicine, but where was the physician to administer it? Even though many unsaved people profess to love God, God who knows their hearts sees opposition to Himself in them. And all this has been accomplished by the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus as an offering in our place. Undoubtedly, so long as this development remains unfinished, the sinner is still the object of divine compassion, inasmuch as God continues to regard him as His creature destined for good. BibliographyScofield, C. I. Aaron was commanded to make an atonement for the congregation, for there was wrath gone out from the Lord. Romans 5:10 For if, while we were enemies, we were reconciled to God through the death of his Son, much more, being reconciled, shall we be saved by his life; "we were enemies"-God never is the enemy! 1897. See also Matthew 5:24, "First be reconciled to thy brother," i.e. By describing the death of Christ as that of the Son of God, which presents its value more impressively; 4. "Frédéric Louis Godet - Commentary on Selected Books". 8, διαλυσάμενος τὰς μέμψεις, καταλλάττεται πρὸς αὐτήν,—the latter of which meanings, were received into favour with God, must for the reason above given be here adopted) to God by means of the death of His Son (this great fact is further explained and insisted on, in the rest of the chapter), much more, having been reconciled (but here comes in the assumption that the corresponding subjective part of reconciliation has been accomplished, viz. BibliographyHodge, Charles. Lately he was dead whilst he lived; but now “hath he been quickened to newness of life,” and “is alive unto God, through Jesus Christ.” Originally his inner man was a spiritual chaos, without form and void; but now he is created anew in Christ Jesus. He betakes himself to prayer; wrestling with God till the break of day. Since then our reception into favor is ascribed to the death of Christ, the meaning is, that guilt is thereby taken away, to which we should be otherwise exposed. 1. This is evident, 1. 1. If God’s Son by death could reconcile His enemies, how much more by His life will He complete and perfect their salvation, now that they are His friends. 2. Hath He changed rebellion into loyalty, He will never fail to reward with the smiles of His approval the acts of loyalty cheerfully and submissively rendered. the relation between Romans 5:3; Romans 5:5 in John 3. This, however, is accomplished not merely through His intercession (chap. ‘It is Christ that died, yea, rather that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us,’ Romans 8:34. It is impossible for the human mind to conceive of anything more convincing. https:https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/hmc/romans-5.html. The nature of Christ’s work in heaven is a pledge for the final safety of the believer. Commentary by J.C.Philpot on select texts of the Bible. He died when we were sinners who needed a Savior. Raised to the throne of Egypt, Joseph saw why God had permitted him to be sold into slavery and cast into prison. His life. For in Scripture reconciliation always comes from God’s side. "Abbott's Illustrated New Testament". The ground of this argument (a majore ad minus) is the irresistible fact that the thing which has been done was at once inconceivably difficult and repulsive, whereas what has to be done is in all respects the reverse. What a proof of this we have in the treatment of Christ by man. Would it be consistent with the all-perfect character of Jehovah? Jay. Thou hast taken away all Thy wrath; Thou hast turned from the fierceness of Thine anger,’ Psalm 85:2,3. Tittmann’s distinction between διαλλάττειν and καταλλάττειν (see on Matthew 5:24) is as arbitrary as that of Mehring, who makes the former denote the outward and the latter the inward reconciliation. By His life; His mediatorial life; that life in which He is now living in our nature in heaven. Busy, guilty, fancy conjures up a dreadful retribution. This is what He referred to when He said, “Because I live ye shall live also.” Had He not risen, our hopes would have perished in the same grave. For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by his life. Romans 5:10 Bible Apps Romans 5:10 Biblia Paralela Romans 5:10 Chinese Bible Romans 5:10 French Bible Romans 5:10 German Bible Alphabetical: be been by death enemies For God God's having him his how if life more much of reconciled saved shall Son the through to we were when while NT Letters: Romans 5:10 For if while we were enemies we (Rom. When we were enemies - The work was undertaken while we were enemies. To offer a preventative I have chosen this passage, from which I would observe--. The ground hereby laid for hoping that He will do all that remains to be done. c. Christ died for the ungodly: Paul mentioned the idea of a substitutionary sacrifice with the word propitiation in Romans 3:25.