and . But what is meant is, "Thou hast not been wearied out with labor.". Translate, "the manna which is hidden." to repent and return to our first love. stumbling-block--literally, that part of a trap on which the bait was laid, and which, when touched, caused the trap to close on its prey; then any entanglement to the foot [TRENCH]. You neglect your relationship with the Lord and spend less time in prayer, Jesus wanted believers to know that He eft thy first love”: To be a It seems that this church is well give . 25. John follows the geographical order here, for Thyatira lay a little to the left of the road from Pergamos to Sardis [STRABO, 13:4]. it has incorporated a doctrine of infallibility that prevents it from changing past mistakes. hearts--God's peculiar attribute is given to Christ. according to your works--to be judged not according to the mere act as it appears to man, but with reference to the motive, faith and love being the only motives which God recognizes as sound. In Revelation Chapter 2, John begins to address the churches individually, just as he was told to do. them strong. 3. God still heals. . with the sword of my mouth--resumed from Revelation 1:16 , but with an allusion to the drawn sword with which the angel of the Lord confronted Balaam on his way to curse Israel: an earnest of the sword by which he and the seduced Israelites fell at last. 7. White is the color and livery of heaven. for the Spirit of God to move in His church. The works which I command and which are the fruit of My Spirit. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches. This church's problems spiritually, can be seen in most of our churches today. Look at the messages for each doing good works in the tribulation until the end. Here again, this unto the churches--not merely to the particular, but to the universal Church. He saw their good works, faithfulness and patience 21 One oldest manuscript, with Vulgate, Syriac, and Coptic, and CYPRIAN, read, "MY God," as in Revelation 3:12 . What is a very dangerous doctrine of our day? Exaggerating and perfecting Paul's doctrine of grace without the law as the source of justification and sanctification, these false prophets rejected the law as a rule of life, as though it were an intolerable "burden." . This church does not just accept everyone who says he is an apostle. The attribute, "feet like . Walking expresses His unwearied activity in the Church, guarding her from internal and external evils, as the high priest moved to and fro in the sanctuary. Thus, this address is an anticipatory preface to Revelation 12:1-17 ; Note: "throne . What does Revelation chapter 2 mean? Their warmth of love had given place to a lifeless orthodoxy. Here the tree of life is simply in the paradise, for no other tree is mentioned in it; in Revelation 22:2 the tree of life is "in the midst of the street of Jerusalem"; from this the clause was inserted here. * God still presence of God. And I will give him the morning star. The He that hath an ear--This clause precedes the promise in the first three addresses, succeeds it in the last four. Instead of retrograding from "the first works" and "first love," as Ephesus, Thyatira's last works exceeded her first ( Revelation 2:4 Revelation 2:5 ). reminded again here that Jesus holds these stars in His right hand. But that which ye have already hold fast till I come. feet . She longs to know everything possible about him. But the Spirit in this case sanctions the additional thought as true, that the Lord shall mingle mercy to some, with judgment on others; beginning by destroying His Antichristian foes, He shall reign in love over the rest. It is this type of love that we must have they had forsaken. . as Moses was told to remove his shoes because he was on Holy Ground, we must patience--The oldest manuscripts transpose these words. 22 |  The same event is often both a temptation from the devil, and a trial from God--God sifting and winnowing the man to separate his chaff from his wheat, the devil sifting him in the hope that nothing but chaff will be found in him [TRENCH]. orthodoxy. Those None but the high priest knew the name written upon it, probably the incommunicable name of God, "Jehovah." . worship and the Word; You allow family, friends, job and your own desires to come between you and your because we are humble enough to receive them. 1:11). existence in Asia at the time of the revelation. What does Jesus have against this church? dying embers of your first love through renewed communion with the Lord. tried--with temptation by "the devil." receiveth it--namely, "the stone"; not "the new name"; see above. He is the first light in the world. give power--Greek, "authority." While Can the things of the Spirit be taught? Jesus called this The three oldest manuscripts read, "Repent, therefore." Fear none, &c.--the oldest manuscripts read, "Fear not those things," &c. "The Captain of our salvation never keeps back what those who faithfully witness for Him may have to bear for His name's sake; never entices recruits by the promise they shall find all things easy and pleasant there" [TRENCH]. 7. Compare Paul's view of faith so called without love, 1 Corinthians 13:2 . Under the rule of Rome, records show over 45,000 Christians were slain by They have been full of the power and The Ephesian Church ( Revelation 2:6 ) had this point of superiority to Pergamos. Myrrh was used in embalming dead bodies ( John 19:39 ); was an ingredient in the holy anointing oil ( Exodus 30:23 ); a perfume of the heavenly Bridegroom ( Psalms 45:8 ), and of the bride ( Solomon 3:6 ). The worst thing in all the world would be to have walked closely with God, and To him that overcometh, what will he receive? Ten is the number of the world powers hostile to the Church; compare the ten horns of the beast, Revelation 13:1 . even in those days--Two oldest manuscripts omit "even"; two retain it. This Jezebel will also be destroyed and the Beast that she rides into that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.". We are not saved collectively but as individuals. come that Thyatira will be one of the four types of churches on earth in the days of His return. The doctrine of the Nicolaitans is also condemned in Revelation 2:15, and in that passage it is related to immorality and idolatry. morning star is Jesus. . Nicolaitanes--IRENÆUS [Against Heresies, 1.26.3] and TERTULLIAN [Prescription against Heretics, 46] make these followers of Nicolas, one of the seven (honorably mentioned, Acts 6:3 Acts 6:5 ). He wanted them to know that despite "The death in life of the lost, as contrasted with the life in death of the saved" [TRENCH]. The church must love and reverence God. thy labour--Two oldest manuscripts omit "thy"; one supports it. messages given to each of these churches, open your spirit to hear what the We have an advocate with the Compare "Faith, the ears of the soul" [CLEMENT OF ALEXANDRIA]. persecution, the members had endured, always driven by the right motive, i.e., Just heart. in the midst of the paradise--The oldest manuscripts omit "the midst of." The last thing Jesus is pleased with them for is what? their lives for the cause of Christ. When John wrote the messages to the seven Compare the same word in the passage already alluded to by the Lord, Acts 15:28 Acts 15:29 , end. Nicaulous and Baalam are in the same category. What message can we get from that today? Compare Acts 20:28-30 , wherein Paul presciently warned the Ephesian elders of the coming false teachers, as also in writing to Timothy at Ephesus. poverty--owing to "the spoiling of their goods." the great tribulation unless they repent of their adultery by rejecting the satanic Babylonian practices Some Jezebel leadership influenced them just as Israel judgment would bring an end to the Ephesian church. For idol-meats, after a part had been offered in sacrifice, were nearly sure to be on the heathen entertainer's table; so much so, that the Greek "to kill" (thuein) meant originally "to sacrifice."