There is nothing which does the devil's work half so well as the unholy life combined with great profession.(W. WILFULLY NEGLECTED.1. This is a law of our being, the great principle, according to which the All-wise and Almighty Ruler of the world dispenses His gifts. The depths and mysteries of Satan are quite different; the mystery is short, but the interpretation long, and the opening of the mystery very tedious.3. Some other expressions of this kind are only applications of prophecies or declarations of certain prophecies being fulfilled (Jude 1:4 1 Peter 2:8). Some have more memory of this darkness than others. God, however, is not a God of confusion but of order, and was careful to confirm that burden and thereby to give His sanction to discipline.(R. "I will give." Man is related to eternity.(Homilist. Christian excellence is an attainment in contradistinction to an impartation. He will perfect all, put all beyond the reach of the tempter. The devil does his best to keep our attention fixed on what we have gained. Neither μετανοεῖν nor μετάνοια is used in St John’s Gospel or Epistles. Because their retributions are delayed.IV. A DEFINITION OF TIME. Man is related to eternity.(Homilist. The dignity of Christ, the efficacy of His sacrifice, the triumph of His mediation, the fact of His advent and coming again in glory, we are to give up only with our liven "Hold it fast" implies that there are certain means and instrumentalities to be employed. A. II. Some wander in it longer and plunge into it more deeply. "Hold fast till I come." Note THE VICTOR'S STARRY SPLENDOUR. 22, 23).VI. Christian excellence is an ATTAINMENT.1. They were addressed to the legitimate wearied longings for rest and fulness of satisfaction for oneself. (4)Of seductive influence.2. Generally speaking, when error is worked into a system, it must have an air of mystery thrown around it, and be supposed to conceal something which cannot meet the vulgar eye or be known to the uninitiated. It is, therefore, not surprising to find the same method applied to the highest and noblest kind of power, known as moral and spiritual. C. Hughes, M. III. Some have more memory of this darkness than others. Christ is pre-eminent in His offices. But there are no mysteries in the Word of God, but what have a key to open them, and an index to point them out.2. By this we should probably understand all that is included in "the faith once delivered to the saints"; "the sum total," as it has been expressed, "of Christian doctrine, and hopes, and privileges." HIS LOVING RECOGNITION OF EVERY COMMENDABLE QUALITY (ver. WHAT A SADLY LARGE PROPORTION OF PROFESSEDLY CHRISTIAN LIVES ARE NOT. III. (See Hebrews 2:3.) Here again it is possible to suppose that the contrast of tenses has the force it would bear in ordinary Greek, that the remembrance of the fall is to continue after the instantaneous change of purpose and conduct. When Christ came the world was in the darkness of guilt, with only light enough to read the sentence of conscience, but none to see how it could be reversed. (2) Agencies are in constant operation here that threaten its destruction.III. )Space to repentJohn Trapp. When He thus comes —(1) He crushes for ever our enemies. Lastly, have you obtained an interest in the promises?II. Constant in its faith.4. In a sense, it is the gift of God; not in the sense in which life and light and air and the seasons of the year are the gifts of God, blessings that come upon us irrespective of our own efforts, but rather in the sense in which the crops of the husbandman, the learning of the scholar, the triumphs of the artist, are the gifts of God — blessings that come as the result of appropriate labour. It is in great measure acquired by mental application, and comes from painful, persevering endeavours to master some of the branches of art or science. At the same time, FOR ITS LARGEST AND TRUEST ACCOMPLISHMENT WE MUST LOOK ON TO THE GRAND AND GLORIOUS FUTURE. And though, in Scripture-phrase, it is to the delusions of Satan that this moral incapacity of men is frequently ascribed, yet this is never spoken by way of excuse, but always, on the contrary, of high aggravation.IV. Clarke, D. D.). When the whole substance is composed of gold and silver and precious stones, intrinsic value belongs to every particle and to every grain, so that its very dust is carefully preserved. BibliographyBenson, Joseph. Has not the past decade shown marvellously rapid movements in the Church of our own land! A continuous progress towards and in all good of every sort is the very law of the Christian life. How much that is! Light introduced upon any object supposes always that there be eyes to view and to discern it by that light. To hold all these fast may be summed up as holding Him fast, as our Divine Lawgiver and Redeemer, our great Priest and Sacrifice, our in-dwelling Spirit and life. Some wander in it longer and plunge into it more deeply. https: Milligan, D. D.Jezebel was a heathen princess, the first heathen queen who had been married by a king of the northern kingdom of Israel. He will not let us keep the defects of our qualities. We may be compromising our high and evangelical principles by unworthy and undignified concession to the errors of others, as effectually as did those deceived Christians of Thyatira; and there will never be wanting a Jezebel or a doctrine which that name will denote to assure us that it is right so to do, and that we thereby gain a universal esteem which will help us to extend our own particular views and influence. Then year by year it spreads a broader shadow, and its leafy crown reaches nearer heaven. Now, mark what were called "thy works" in the beginning of the letter are called "My works" in its close. The laws of Christ, they are to be held fast, not one forgotten or neglected; the promises of Christ, they are to be held fast, not one forgotten or neglected; the helps of Christ, they are all of them to be held fast, and used in the varied and continued necessities of this mortal life of temptation. Whatever there lies in the heavens, the germ of it all is this, that we are as Christ, so closely identified with Him that we are like Him, and share in all His possessions. Our Lord pronounces the things whereof Jezebel and her followers made their boast to be deep, but they were not the deep things of God, but of Satan; there is a spirit which searcheth the mysteries of godliness; and there is a spirit which is busy in diving into the depths of evil under the pretension of seeking out causes, until it becomes what may be termed mysticism. Not appointed of God to be wicked, but foretold by the ancient prophets that such persons would arise. We are Divinely called to repentance.2. The gospel furnishes you with the examples of righteous men, who have retained their spiritual possessions even in the midst of multiplied difficulties and dangers.2. "Thou hast been faithful over a few things; I will make thee ruler over many things"; and, linked along with the promise of authority, the assurance of union with the Master: "Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord." There is still another thing to be remembered, and that is, that if we are to have this progressive godliness we must put forth continuous effort right away to the very close. —The first and last worksA. This announcement, you perceive, prescribes the term of your endurance. The earthly effort till the heavenly reward. In short, this promise to Thyatira is being continually fulfilled in the present life.II. A. 163, 164), as though the transgressions of the people hindered his appearance. "What I say unto you, I say unto all, Watch." The other phrase in the text, "He that hath an ear," signifies he that hath understanding, that hath ability, that hath capacity to apprehend what is spoken (Matthew 19:12). 2. The gold ring and the gay clothing goes a great way. H. And who can set limits to the increase of grace? These doctrines, which John calls the depths of Satan, appear to have been the dogmas of men, and the conceits of sophisters in religion, which were intended to render godliness more fashionable and agreeable to the taste of corrupt professors; and they differed from the simplicity of the gospel in the ease they promised to those who embraced them.