Do not add cream until ready to reheat to serve. Cut the tail in half lengthwise. Submitted by: AURICAL, This came out great but the quantities are based on whatever vegetables we had in the fridge. Get our Taste of the Sea Cookbook, FREE, when you sign up for our newsletter. By the way, only bake these until the tops are browned and the inside is just hot. This is a decadent lobster bisque that is surprisingly easy to prepare. Showing 1-18 of 585. This recipe has directions for both, so you can prepare your lobster roll your favorite way, or try the two side-by-side for a delicious afternoon tasting. 11 Best Lobster Recipes for Romantic Dinners, Allrecipes is part of the Meredith Food Group. I used a nice light sauce on this iconic special occasion dish--lobster thermidor--rather than the thick, cheesy sauce popular in the '80s. Nothing beats fresh, citrusy lobster salad on a hot day after a long afternoon of boating—or really any time! With heavy cream, butter, and of course, lobster, it's perfect for a chilly day. Have fun with this. I made up this recipe because my hubby wanted to try a lasagna made with lobster meat. Article. Serve over linguine. I grew up in Nova Scotia where seafood was cheap. Mix the masala powders, salt, ginger-garlic paste and lime juice in a bowl. This recipe includes instructions for boiling the lobsters, but you can make this with leftover lobster meat or frozen tails, too. New Year's, birthdays, dinner parties, or any other special occasions call for this impressive meal. This stunning lobster dish is surprisingly simple to make. Another one of grandma Puglia's treasures! It is known as cajeta in Mexico, manjar blanco in Peru, Chile and Bolivia, and arequipe in Colombia.Submitted by: DIET-DELIGHT, I love apple pie, deep dish apple pie, Dutch Apple pie and apple sauce, but none of the store bought items fit in my diet. And what's even better, you can prep these ahead of time and just pop them in the oven when your guests arrive! Just a note on the lobster tails in supermarkets: if they're not frozen, they've been frozen and then thawed. This is the recipe passed on to me from my Aunt Doris (who in turn had it passed on to her). I used a nice light sauce on this iconic special occasion dish--lobster thermidor--rather than the thick, cheesy sauce popular in the '80s. Including preparations for both whole, fresh lobster and lobster meat, you can enjoy the decadent-tasting shellfish for many different meals and any occasion. Even novice shellfish fans can cook up a simple grilled lobster tail recipe guaranteed to please any crowd. Quick & Easy Graham Cracker TreatSubmitted by: THELUVBUG, A fast, filling, and delicious way to start your day.Submitted by: EILEENGB, A delicious Italian dishSubmitted by: W8CRUSADE, This is absolutely delightful. You really can’t go wrong! After years of making basic mac and cheese, this version with shrimp and lobster is an indulgence worth making for those special to you. The lobster flavor from the shell infuses into a rich and delicious tomato sauce. You could certainly do this recipe with lobster tails instead of the whole lobster. A special treat at Thanksgiving. I serve this with salad and hot, buttered French bread. Remove lobster meat from the shell. Goes great with melted butter, lemon juice and garlic. I thought a few changes would add a little something and it also made it much healthier. It takes some time but trust us, you'll love the results. Find a simple and easy lobster recipe that's sure to impress everyone. This has become one of our traditions on Valentine's Day with a fabulous tenderloin steak. So, bypass the 'fresh' for the frozen, which are fresher. Seafood is local favorite on the East End of LI due to its fishing community. Use fresh lobster if you have it, but frozen lobster tails work well too. This is actually one of my daddy's recipes. If you've never prepared your own crustacean, never fear: We have tips on how to choose and cook these spiny critters, too. Fresh seafood is best. It's excellent served over rice or noodles. Best if made the day before you want to serve it. )Submitted by: LEANINGONHIM, Lower fat version of the ethnic delight!Submitted by: ALIFIT. But don't be fooled this simple recipe is one of the best out there. Adding a piece of seaweed gives the meat a nice, briny flavor, but feel free to omit it if you can't get ahold of seaweed or don't like the sea-forward taste. This dish whips boring mashed potatoes into a seafood frenzy with the flavor of lobster. Some use normal flour dough, while others add cornstarch or even cassava flour for a more delicate crumb. Now, lobster is a treat and costs a fortune. A feast for a special dinner or Valentine's day. But switching up your side dishes can bring a refreshing change to a classic comfort food dish. Chunks of rich lobster meat, plenty of vegetables, and a creamy corn base make this chowder an excellent main-dish option with a side of crusty bread for dipping. Elegant for dinner parties or a romantic dinner for two. !Submitted by: TABATHA9748, It's not an ice-cream shake but it tastes just as good with only 119 calories a cup!Submitted by: BETHISBEAUTIFUL, Slim-fried Cabbage with garlic, onion, & red pepper flakesSubmitted by: NEP2NFLY, Full ingredient & nutrition information of the, Lobster Tail with Zesty Garlic Butter Calories, Creamy, Chunky Crab and Shrimp Soup Calories, PrairieHarpy's MegaChocolate Protein Fudge II, PrairieHarpy's MegaChocolate Protein Fudge II Calories, Egg and Crescent Breakfast Bundles Calories, Cheddar Bay Biscuits - Red Lobster Imitation, Cheddar Bay Biscuits - Red Lobster Imitation Calories, Shrimp & Lobster Vegetable Stir-Fry Calories, Alfajores Peruanos (Peruvian sandwich cookies with a filling of dulce de leche), Alfajores Peruanos (Peruvian sandwich cookies with a filling of dulce de leche) Calories, No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake Delight Calories. This is my family's favorite Christmas dinner. Excellent lobster pasta . Want to learn more about our products? Add comma separated list of ingredients to include in recipe. A dash of sherry and nutmeg gives it a deeper and even more sophisticated flavor. lobster lovers that love Italian dig in! This is a standard recipe in Maine, especially if you live in a seaport town. A little honey adds a sweetness that contrasts well with the tart vinegar and sour orange juice for a delicate flavor that your guests will love. Member Recipes for Louis Kemp Lobster Delights. This is a quick and tasty way to make DELICIOUS broiled lobster tails...YUM! By using The Spruce Eats, you accept our, Must-Read Tips for Selecting and Storing Fresh Lobster, Tips on Buying, Cooking, and Eating Spiny Lobster, The 7 Best Lobster Delivery Services of 2020, How to Throw a Restaurant-Style Seafood Feast at Home, Satisfying Lunch and Dinner Dishes for Hot Weather, 14 Grilled Seafood Recipes to Cook All Summer Long, Our Top 10 Tips for Cooking Fresh Lobster, Top 10 Easter BBQ Dishes for the Grill or Smoker. This is a creamy, rich, and decadent recipe for an 'over the top' addition to any meal. Classic Lobster Salad. I used my grill pan for cooking inside. This recipe is great for those little frozen lobster tails and when you only have a few minutes. For a light appetizer to kick off a fancy dinner party, try these broiled lobster tails with orange and champagne vinegar mimosa dressing. Serve over buttered toast or in freshly baked puff pastry shells. I've paid over ten dollars for one of these lobster rolls in Cape Cod and it wasn't half as good or half as big as the ones my Mom taught me to make. Lobster tails turn out delicious when cooked sous vide. The shells will turn bright pink or red and the flesh will go opaque all the way through once they reach doneness. Lobster tail with a New England-style cracker and crabmeat stuffing. You get the idea. Serve it for an upgraded barbecue or backyard party side. For a seafood stew that comes out hearty enough to make a meal, look no further than this decadent lobster stew. So, I made a combination of all of them only without the sugar, starch or fat. Enjoy one of our great recipes straight from the Louis Kemp test kitchen today! Kids just love them. This luscious and easy to prepare salad features succulent lobster tossed with yellow bell peppers, crunchy celery and spicy onions all in a creamy base.