So I'm just going to hold it gently. Enter in your email and password to create a FREE account. Cut a 20” square of muslin and batting. Next stitch 3 half circles along each side of the center as shown in the Quilting Guide. Subscribe. Nina. Designer and Midnight Quilt Show host Angela Walters shows you how to use machine quilting rulers to achieve consistent results, whether you’re aiming for straight, curvy, round or allover designs. Looking for more quilting design inspiration? "Well, another important thing is how to hold it. Join me for a brand new FREE video series, Echoes & Curves. Hi, I'm Jennifer, here at the American Patchwork & Quilting sewing studio with Handi Quilter ambassador Angela Walters. Please let me know if you need more help. This is how I group, number, and save my paper pieced pattern on EQ8. Purses, totes, and shoulder bags--we have all the free bag patterns you need! It may not be perfect at first, but with practise it will get better. Press seams towards the strips. Ruler work is a little more effort, but adding that to your machine-quilting techniques that you've mastered is definitely worth the effort. How to Quilt Feathers with Free-motion and Rulers. Consistently stitch versatile, modern quilting designs using specialty rulers. Give yourself time. "Thanks for sharing those tips for straight-line quilting and ruler work, Angela. Stitch a 4” circle around the “Spirograph” Circles and then a 6” circle. It will never be that hard again. "So even the professionals had a learning curve. A long-arm quilting ruler isn't the same as a rotary cutting ruler or anything like that. Videos and instructions from the ruler manufacturers. School supplies were on sale so I decided  to purchase a few binders to store my  quilting rulers and supplies. And again, like we talked about, if you're doing a vertical line, just hold your hand there and run it along like that. If at first it seems too hard, don’t give up, practise as much as you can, take classes, use internet resources and keep that first attempt to look back on. "Terrific." Stitch a circle ending with needle lowered into the start point. Clean finish one of the 18 1/2” edges on each backing piece. Subscribe to this blog. "Now, do some people mark on their quilt tops?" The pillow is quilted using rulers. So, as always, I will be giving general advice that is not specific to any particular brand. Measure your shank distance; To find out which shank height your machine is, remove all the feet and shank attachments. Choose from two thicknesses: 1/8-inch for home machines or 1/4-inch for longarm machines. The back of the pillow was channel quilted. This will give you a flavor for the Instructor and the skills or project that you’ll learn in the Class. Any template has sides that you can pretty much guarantee your quilting will mimic the shape. "It's really not as hard as it looks." • Cut 16 pieces 6 ½” long. "Right. And this is not an old ruler, so this has been around. use poor quality needles and threads and expect great results. Set up the sewing machine with the Straight Stitch Plate, Patchwork Foot #97D foot and a #80 Jeans Needle. Lower the needle into the center and pull up the bobbin thread. Ruler quilting, however, is not new, long arm quilters have been using rulers on their quilting frames for a long time. See more here. keep to simple designs at first. How I create my pdf paper pieced quilt patterns without merging several pdf files I created this and other videos like this one to help some friends. "Yes, if you're quilting long straight lines like cross-hatching across the whole quilt, you probably would want to mark that because once you start going, it's hard to keep that parallel line going." It's 2x12". Stitch a 3 1/2” x 2” strip to each side of the eight 3 ½” Squares. Popular instructor Carol Ann Waugh returns to Craftsy for more fiber fun. The foot does not engage with the feed dogs – your hands become your stitch regulator. "Right, the death grip where you have your fingers all tensed up." Designer and Midnight Quilt Show host Angela Walters shows you how to use machine quilting rulers to achieve consistent results, whether you’re aiming for straight, curvy, round or allover designs. As I touched on before, it is all about the accuracy. No. Then, prepare for curves ahead as Amy guides you through using curved templates to create classic egg-and-dart and pumpkin seed motifs. Using a straight ruler, stitch a straight line on the four diagonal lines from the edge of the outside circle to the outside corner of the four corner squares. I’ve got Bernina acrylic rulers and the proper quilting foot, but where can I download and save your “Free-Mo Quilting w/Rulers” PDF instructions for repeated reference? You actually have a thicker ruler. Copyright © Wonderwall 2016. Allpeoplequilt is part of the Meredith Home Group. Let me show you what will help your ruler quilting. Expectant mothers and little ones will love these handmade crib quilts! I just want to demonstrate how you might hold it. Also, if/when you are a Craftsy Premium Member, you will have access to all then-active Classes. Stitch 4 “Spirograph” circles. Review the Class Preview video, and the various written descriptions of the Class and each Lesson before you purchase, so you have a good understanding of the Class content. School supplies were on sale so I decided to purchase a few binders to store my quilting rulers and supplies. You’ll be able to see all Class participants’ questions and input to take part in this virtual dialogue among others who have viewed the Class and are willing to share tips, answers, or ideas. This is a good size to use (this is the one that I usually use). On a mid-range or home sewing machine, they would have guides that you can use on the bed of your machine. Lower the needle into the center and pull up the bobbin thread. A few paper pieced designers I know create amazing, detailed patterns in Quilt Assistant then transfer the design over to Electric Quilt because they love the option of using different fabrics to color their designs and the option of providing their pattern in colored pieces. But when you're working on a long arm, you don't really have those spaces, but you need to make straight lines sometimes in your quilting, so you're going to share with us the tips for that." I still make mistakes from time to time. Now I like quilting straight lines." Each side of the pillow should look as pictured. Remember that." It's usually about a quarter-inch thick. Thank you for your comments Hunny. So, you have figured out the type of rulers and the foot that are needed for your machine. Instead, you just want to have a nice, light grip. To add the last detail, stitch an additional diagonal line in each colored corner square. After an overview of essential techniques, find out how to use straight quilting rulers to create versatile all-over quilting, dynamic crosshatching and more. Well, we've got a sample here. See Full Overview. Rulerwork is done by attaching the Adjustable Ruler Foot #72 to the machine. In an attempt to avoid this situation, please review the Class Preview video and the various other written descriptions of the Class and each Lesson before you purchase, so you have a good understanding of the Class content. However, today, I'm going to share a few words from my friend Amy Johnson who blogs over at Amy's Free-Motion Quilting Adventures. Quilting with rulers... and a whole lot more! I'm going to start quilting now. "Right, because there is a little bit of play in the bed of the machine because it's held up with the tension of the roller." The paper pieced block is 10x10 finished size and he is free,  My summer gift to you. Pull up bobbin thread and secure. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This refund is available if you request it within 30 days of your Class purchase. Let the quilt be your canvas – create beautiful, mosaic quilts using instructor Jan Krentz’s diamond motif techniques. will not be accessible. Using one of the quilted pieces, fold 4” on the clean finished side to the inside. Whether you seek to create your own fabric, give new life to old items or just play with colors, The Art of Cloth Dyeing is the class for you. To finish quilting the pillow, use a straight edge ruler and stitch lines ½” apart around the outside edge. The designs you create are not limited to those that you can freemotion ‘draw’ with thread. There are hundreds of different templates and rulers on the market, so how do you know if they will be suitable for quilting with rulers on your domestic sewing machine? "Yes. A poorly wound bobbin will cause lots of problems. All newer-model smartphones or other mobile/tablet devices with an Internet connection are able to play the Class videos. Just be sure to Log In for access to MY ACCOUNT. Learn stitches and shading to make colors and patterns pop in your collage or portrait quilts. Any Class you buy will be accessible to you always. What is different now is that, with the introduction of the ruler foot for domestic machines, more people can use rulers in their quilting than ever before. Press the seams towards the strips.