The British tea gives out the aroma of lemon and since most of the manufacturers use herbs, flowers and spices, you would get hint of sweet-smelling ingredients. The British like to add lemon and sugar. There are so many teas in the world and sticking to just one variant may seem like a boring thing to do. It helps in boosting your energy. Earl Grey tea has multiple benefits and it smells and tastes great. Then, steep tea bag for three minutes. Let us quickly go to the characteristics of Earl Grey tea. Thus, this tea provides robust cup of Earl Grey tea with natural citrusy subtle flavor. The Americans like the tea with milk and sugar but the British drink it the original way which is with lemon and sugar. The bergamot helps in aroma-therapy and soothes the mind and body. Numi Organic is a world renowned tea merchant and all the tea products of Numi are certified by USDA organic, Fair-trade certified, Non-GMO project verified, Carbon free, Vegan, Gluten-free, Halal and Kosher. Get up-to-date information on weekly flyer features, Rollback & clearance items, exclusive products, and Walmart offers. Further, we aim to make the exciting world of teas accessible to people to experience and indulge themselves into the finest teas. We advise you to use spring water for the best flavor. It can help you to fight the oral infections which mean it is the right tea for your dental health. They also wanted to draw the attention of the trade merchants. The aroma of the tea fills your senses, and you reach out for another cup of tea. If you are a tea aficionado, then you must give it a try. Majority of the people are concerned about the caffeine content in the Earl Grey tea. However, it dulls the tea and does not bring out the authentic flavors of Earl Grey. It helps in protecting your heart from the unwanted cholesterol. This classic tea blend is prepared by using top quality organic Ceylon black tea leaves, cornflowers, bergamot oil and natural flavor. Pure Lea Earl Grey tea is Sri Lankan Ceylon black tea with citrus notes; a smooth cup with crisp and zesty citrus topnotes and a floral aroma. The flavors really come about when you use loose tea leaves. It was supposed to be a present for the great Charles Grey, who was the Prime Minister of UK from the year 1830 to 1834. Manufacturers may make it with Indian, African or Ceylon black tea. Once the tea has been processed, the tea makers blend it with different flavors such as herbs, spices, and flowers. Well, they use milk and sugar. It provides smooth and delicate taste which is citrusy flavor. Loose leaf Earl Grey tea is arguably the most revered tea in the world and its origin represents a pivotal tipping point in the history of tea in Britain. Tealyra Cream Earl Grey Tea If you are really looking for good taste and refreshing aroma then Tealyra Cream Earl Grey tea is … How do you make it? Looks like you have got cold! Tealyra has rich experience of tea blending and they use best quality organic teas as base tea in their tea blends. You would notice the difference once you start buying different brands. Ever since I took the first sip of this amazingly unique tea, it became part of my life. Vahdam Teas is the first vertically integrated tea brand of the world and it delivers its product to the customers of 76 countries of the world. It will ease your muscles and your head would feel calm. Your email address will not be published. It became popular after the English started to publicize it. This is easy! The citrus extract helps to burn the fat stored in the body. You must not use tape water to make this tea. It’ll definitely boost your energy, refresh your mind and make you feel relax throughout the day. Personal information provided may be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with ourPrivacy Policy. TeaOCity is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and its partner websites. Majority of the manufacturers use oil of bergamot. They have that experience and exposure and still today they are providing finest quality Earl Grey tea to tea lovers of the world. (Winks! What is the history behind it? The Chinese tea experts or masters used to experiment a lot with different types of flavors. Are you really looking for the best Earl Grey tea brand which is USDA certified organic? This tea helps you to keep your body hydrated. Pure facts. It depends on the manufacturer whether they use synthetic or natural bergamot. The black tea is a blend with bergamot providing top citrus notes for an even, fresh taste. Ingredients: Ceylon black tea (97%), natural flavouring (1,5%), marigold petals, blue cornflowers petals. Drinking a warm cup of tea can fill your mind with positive thoughts. It’s a whole day tea brand and you can drink it anytime of the day. The story is that the servant of the 2nd Earl Grey saved the life of the son of this Chinese man from drowning and so, as a gesture or a gift, he invented the Earl Grey tea. This helps make teas with an unmistakable character and delicate flavour and fragrance. There is no mystery behind it! There is no specific way of making this popular tea because each and every manufacturer makes their version. Or, you can have it as plain hot tea. If you liked it then show us some love by liking it and sharing it with your friends and family members. The Chinese used bitter oranges, jasmine flowers, Lychee fruit and different fragrances to enhance the flavor and scent of the tea and wanted the beverage to be unique. This is the British way of drinking Earl Grey. This helps make teas with an unmistakable character and delicate flavour and fragrance. Bid farewell to constipation because Earl Grey tea helps to relieve constipation and other digestion problems. If you really love tea then your tea journey without Tealyra Cream Earl Grey tea is incomplete.