On Identification mode I could see variances in body heat, including the eyes. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. The size and weight of the Core FXQ50 is very light and compact. That was a bit frustrating. As you crank the power on the scope up, things get a little fuzzy, but its still easy to identify your target. Enjoy Free Shipping during the holidays! One more issue is it easily gets grime and dirt on the lens before the unit and with the magnification of a rifle scope the picture is blurry. Learn more about our I did run into a rather funny situation on the range. Another area I would like to see improved, is the remote switch. Operating mode, calibration mode, brightness setting of menu icons, clock setup, remote control activation, and defective pixel repair. Be that as it may, I understand the cost of manufacturing equipment like that and the price difference that results. Please check your email for confirmation message, You said this review was not helpful. You have to focus the scope on the FXQ50 screen using the Hawke's side-mounted focusing knob. Again, this unit was designed for the hunter in mind and it’s use as far as that is concerned is pretty cut and dry. I was using smaller thermal markers on them so the ones out past 900 yards were a little tricky to pick up. Overall it is an absolute pos. Pulsar Thermal Imaging Monocular Core FXQ50 has a external battery supply which keeps your scope running and reliable. I am not a huge fan of “green screens”. You will not see the full FXQ screen, just the centermost part (just about all of the vertical above the 'status bar' and about 80% of the horizontal... you lose about 10% of the width), but no big deal at 6.5X.However, you can see the screen just fine, and it looks like there's a little magnification. Would you like to. It can only control 3 functions. It would be much easier on the user to be able to adjust the settings on the fly, or behind the gun as it were. In fact since this is a clip-on the real trick is how good of a piece of glass it is attached to .I have some scopes that are clear at 15x and beyond with this unit on them . Toll-Free: +1-800-504-5897 excellent product FXQ50 Does just what it is suppose to do. This is the gear review for Core FXQ50 Thermal Imaging Attachment manufactured by Pulsar. I used night vision 20+ years ago, when enlisted, and wasn't overly impressed back then. to deliver best possible image in specific viewing conditions. This article is brought to you by our friends over at SpotterUP. Thermal monocular, thermal scopes, and thermal clip-on attachments. That was to be expected while running a true thermal device. As I was trying to find my target at around 750 yards, my spotter asks me if I can see the huge deer next to the target. The scope is THAT clear. All opinions are my own and are based off my personal experience with the product. I want my buddies to predator hunt with me and the clip on system made a lot of sense since no zeroing is required and it uses your current mounted optic. This optic adds very little in the way of weight and size in return for having a huge advantage of thermal imaging. Intl. When using the device in monocular mode there is a diopter adjustment ring on the eyepiece to focus in handheld mode. Each mode includes optimal combination of parameters (brightness, contrast, gain etc.) When mounted in front of a scope, it looks as if the scope is a bit longer and overall appears streamlined. Thermal day/night vision that was once priced at hundreds of thousands of dollars and restricted to military use is now affordable for reasonably well-off folks, and the performance is incredible. I have included the specifications at the end of this article. In order to use this unit as a clip-on attachment to a daytime rifle-scope, you must purchase the appropriate sized cover ring adapter which retails at around $150. As for the overall function and my opinion of it, I have some mixed feelings. Michael, Nate, Josh, and the rest of their crew are producing spot on content for those looking for training, gear, and developing the mentality to succeed and live the life style we live. I did most of my shooting with this unit on some thermal targets. We've all seen the footage first from the Gulf War and recently from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and most shooters have lusted after one. It also comes with a rubber eyepiece with shade to help protect the eyepiece when being used in monocular mode. I thought this was funny because I saw the deer right as my spotter asked me if I seen it. There are 0 reviews and 0 ratings from Canada. The series includes two models, the Pulsar CORE FXQ38 and the FXQ50, that are essentially identical except for the different focal length - 38mm and 50mm - of the fast F1.2 Germanium objective lenses used. The wireless remote-control duplicates activation of unit, color inversion and image calibration. Adjusting the contrast, brightness, operating mode, and color inversion will optimize the equipment and it does require some time to play with the settings and figure out how best to use them. When mounted on a rifle it is hardly noticeable. I had to get the scope from eBay though because Amazon doesn't have anything pulsar in stock except for the core. return deadline (January 15, 2021 or 30 days after receipt of your order - whichever is later). In fact since this is a clip-on the real trick is how good of a piece of glass it is attached to .I have some scopes that are clear at 15x and beyond with this unit on them . The FXQ50 CORE is a multi-functional thermal imaging device that can be operated either as a monocular or a front attachment. Pulsar also had a better reputation for withstanding recoil/impact than some of the other brands... and it is much less expensive than some equally rugged thermal gear. Designed by, Truglo’s 1-8X Omnia, a Quality Affordable Mid-range Optic, Aimpoint, Scalarworks, and LAV release… the Aimpoint T2. The unit is IPX7 rated which means it is waterproof and submersible up to 1 meter. Depending on the environment in which your using this optic, you will need to adjust some of the settings to get the best view. I didn’t take this optic hunting. I have an Armasight CO MR clip-on night vision device that works the same as this pulsar u... You can't go wrong with this product.